Emmerdale Live and Organized – June 27, 2017

Here we are at a special Tuesday hour long episode.  Thanks, soccer! Anyway, let’s see what is happening in the village today!


Oh geez. Everyone is treating her like this?  Just come up and say hi.

Rhona needs someone else to talk to. Mostly because Vanessa and Paddy are trying, but they could only do so much.

Lisa could help. Let Lisa help.

Robert knows a hitman, guys. He would help out family. *wink wink*

Rhona! You have to fight. So many people will be on your side! I know it. I do. *wraps Rhona in more bubble wrap*

“Don’t listen to her. She is a crackpot.” HA! I love you, Lisa. Lisa is speaking the truth today.

This whole Rhona/Lisa scene is perfection. PERFECTION. *THROWS AWARDS AT ZOE HENRY*

“You are the same, Rhona.” – Lisa (YES. You are sweetie. You are.)

I think it’s interesting that Tracy believes Rhona but she didn’t believe Aaron.


Where is Victoria? Why isn’t she at work anymore?

OH GOD. What is Paddy going to do?!?! *Go Paddy! Go Paddy!* *dances around*

YES! I WAS CHANTING FOR PADDY TO PUNCH HIM! *punches the air in victory!*

Doesn’t mean he didn’t hire someone to do the stalking! Come on, guys! Pierce is a slippery guy. He would do that!

Guys. Rhona isn’t crazy. I am on Rhona’s side!

Leo! I love Leo! Adorable little boy.

OH GOD. NO. WHO IS THAT?!?! Pierce’s mother?!?! WOAH.



Yellow! Always in yellow aren’t you, Rebecca.

Is she getting back into the business or just bringing them clients of pretty rich people?  Why not. Just keep her in the Dross circle.

Ross isn’t that lovely but sure…the village is a bit man dry right now.

You push too hard Rebecca. Way too hard. Also, is she wearing that dress Holly liked to wear? Are they using her old wardrobe with Rebecca or is it something more?

Here is a secret. I ship Rebecca and the McCain Bus. *wink*

Why is Rebecca in the middle of this? Why does she care? She barely had any time with Debbie. Shoehorning her in Ross’s business again?

Laurel and Family/Lydia

Laurel and Lydia friendship for life!

Also, Gabby isn’t answering because she is pregnant. (Just my guess)

Oh no. Laurel isn’t doing well. Please don’t hurt Laurel! I adore her.

Nicola has been on a roll today. Look at you. I’m in like with you.

Why are we having all this talk of death and children? What odd topics.

Poor Arthur. After my grandfather had died I had thoughts like that.  I get it. It is a typical reaction after going through a major family death.

Lydia is the best. That is all.

OH. The Emma stuff again. Is that coming back up? Finally? YES! FINALLY! THE VIDEO IS OUT.

Arthur! *pulls out the bubble wrap*


Eek. Jai forgot about his sister. EEK.

I like Nicola and Priya being friends. It’s quite adorable.

Well, that was easy. Cool Priya lets move on to Pete again, I guess.

Awwww, I love the Nicola

“People are either a blessing or a lesson.” – Nicola (I like that line)

I guess Priya has a new friend in tow. Since she is screwing over Leyla, she will need a new friend.

Priya. I mean, you don’t have a leg to stand on right now.  I like how Pete is the worst human being while she was just terrible for one day. Give me a break. I love how Priya who willingly slept with her best friends boyfriend is getting high and mighty. Screw her.

Nicola has a small share of the company! HA! LOVE IT.  I adore Nicola too. For now.


Nope. NOPE. Make it stop. Ross flirting isn’t adorable at all.

“I’m not a piece of meat.” – SURE ROSS. SURE. *nods sarcastically*

I’m Faith. Rolling my eyes at the guy.

Faith is adorable but Finn working at the pub? Ok then.

Ross is a piece of meat for the right price. Shocking.

Finn working in the pub?


I guess I should address this now since it will be a big deal in two weeks.

He is Jason’s kid or brother, and they are going after Aaron/Cain.

That’s my guess.

Eric is terrified. *wraps Eric in bubble wrap*

I care more about Josh than Rebecca. Yeah. That’s a good sign for her. *eye roll*

David looks really good today. Just saying. Like, damn good.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

Here is the thing. People are thinking the worst. They are in this echo chamber of sadness that I refuse to be apart of right now.  So, guess what? You can keep tweeting at me and calling me names or calling me stupid but I know soap operas, and I know that things will be ok.

Breathe. Reboot. Eat a snickers.

As usual, stay away from the message boards they will only cause you misery you don’t need. That is what Twitter is for.

What do you think? Feel free to tweet me @AmandaJ718 or leave a comment below.  Until next time, which is Friday, I will see you all around in Emmerdale.


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