Emmerdale Live and Organized – June 26, 2017

Happy Monday! We only have three days of episodes this week but let’s have some fun anyway!

Again. No warning for self-harm but a warning for distressing thoughts? Odd, ITV. Very odd.

On an entirely vain note, all the women have amazing hair today.


Charity. Honey. No. Stop. You don’t get it. There is so much going on. Stop being so nosey! Geez.

WOAH. Go, Rhona! I don’t blame her. It’s not Charity’s business.

Paddy backed down so it didn’t get as ugly as it could have been. Paddy is so not Italian. *Pierce would be dead in my family*

Rhonas worst fears are coming true.  Everyone on Pierce’s side because people don’t understand.

Rhona brings up points that a lot of victims think about when they push for their rapists to be prosecuted. This is breaking my heart.

Oh god. Rhona. She is starting to lose it. I don’t blame her either. I’d be like that too. *Wraps Rhona in bubble wrap*



Odd. Cain is protecting Finn? Is that for Emma or for Moira? Protecting Finn doesn’t help Cain out in any way.

RIGHT. BLACKMAIL. I forgot about that. Carry on…


Bernice! Geez. Keep it in your pants. (I get it though. He is good looking.) HA!

How nice! Pete found a way to get it up for Leyla. I’m sure Priya helped though. HEARTBURN.


Thanks for the Jai mention show! *Exposition Dance*

Another reference to the off-screen brother. I’m beginning to wonder if he is on his way back! Surprise visit.

Priya and Nicola friendship? I’d be into that.


Ross is working at Cains garage? Alright then. Right. Blackmailed him. Ross has way too much power. Ross is the worst. Ross needs to be taken down a peg or twenty.

Also, Dross begins again. Yay. *unexcited cheer*


“I can see a future with him.” – Leyla. YOU ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN HIM!

Priya is falling in love with Pete now? Is she? Or is it just feeling lonely? Is she replacing her feelings for Rakesh with Pete feelings? Is it all lust? Lust loves to pretend to be love all the time.

Priya. You aren’t allowed to be angry. NO. You slept with him twice so far. You are the other woman. You don’t get to be mad.

The Pub Crowd

Kerry’s accent is a bit strong today. Having trouble understanding her.

WOW. Listen to all these people. We are all guilty of this. We all believe what we want to believe before getting facts.

Ignoring Ross (something I’m good at doing) having all the women talking about Pierce makes this a lot more interesting.  Now that they know the truth, who will they support? I always support the victim. Will these women do the same or will they question Rhona? Interesting stuff mostly because this happens all the time in real life.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

You get more from honey than from vinegar. Just saying.


(Thanks to The Woolie Weekly for the gif. It is an awesome blog. Check it out!)

As per usual, stay away from the MESSAGE BOARDS! They only cause unconfirmed drama.

What do you think? Tweet me @AmandaJ718 or leave a message below! Until then I will see you around in Emmerdale!

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