Emmerdale Live and Organized – June 21, 2017

Happy Wednesday!  Let’s get back into it. Welcome back to Emmerdale!

Lydia’s dance class is today! *does a little dance in happiness* I adore any funny stories right now, and I get a funny story with my love Lydia? YES.


Careful Cain. Your feelings are showing. *winky wink*

Oh hey! Hello, Moira and Cain. Welcome back to talking.

Awwww! ‘Still the man I married’ YES. Moira still loves Cain! *giggles*

Moira knows Cain. She knows something is up. Interesting. Very interesting.

Finn once again lets the cat out of the bag. Thanks, Finn. No Finn. Don’t leave a secure area. Cain will kill you.

Cain going after Ross? YES. SIGN ME UP.



Yes, call Bernice names. How nice of you.

Robert is NOT to blame for this! Screw you, Ross. You are the worst. Who told you to take that weed for yourself?!?!

Ross doesn’t feel guilty about Harriet. Just covering his back. Robert and Aaron cared about Harriet the minute they heard. You could hear it in their voices.

The White Family

I guess we get a little review of the situation. Thanks show. *shrug*

We were so close to not having an episode with her. *sigh* *sticks tongue out*  She spends so much time at Home Farm now. Why doesn’t she live there? Makes no sense.

Lawrence is lying. Duh.

Funny Rebecca! When I look at you I think the same thing. *vomit*

The Bartons

So, let me get this straight. Ross and Finn are the ones who took over another persons pot farm. They hid that fact. So, that means that is Robert’s fault? SCREW YOU ROSS.

Ross trying to keep Finn quiet. What a great brother.

Is that the same cop that talked to Robert during the ‘witness’ stuff? He must hate this village. Always involved in drama. HA! I think he was at Robrons wedding too for Faith! HA!

Attic Characters/Lydia

Why do I sense Diane will come back with a guy? Poor Doug. He isn’t a bad guy. Just boring right now.

Ronnie and Lisa being judgy and Faith being awesome. I’m so here for this. I love this so much.

I do too Lydia! I dance around like a nerd when I’m upset or nervous. It really works!

Jiggy? I haven’t heard that since the 90s. I love Faith.

“No one puts Dougy in the corner!” HA! LOVE IT.

Sam dancing with Eric. Hehe YES. Lydia and Sam live on!

Faith is me at the bar while drunk. Just saying. *wink*

‘It’s Just Speculation!’


As usual, I heed my warning: DON’T GO ONTO THE MESSAGE BOARDS! It will only spread stupid rumors and cause you unneeded misery!

What do you think? Tell me below or tweet me @AmandaJ718. Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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