Emmerdale Live and Organized – June 19, 2017

Happy Monday! Hope you all placed your bets on who gets stabbed. Today is the day the story begins!  Let’s see how this all unfolds!

Oh look, the McCain writers are like fanfiction writers on a normal day. Ha!


The Barton brothers are up to no good.

Ross is grown up an ass to Robron. Film at 11.

Finn is an idiot. I love the keep smiling stuff. That is funny as all hell.

How can a taxi service only have one cab? That is more like an Uber service at that point.


Adam has been spending a lot of time with the boys. Hmmmm…just saying *theory rises*

Love this! Robert and Aaron working together. YES! I love when they work together towards a cause. Yes, not very adult cause but come on. Ross deserves it. He is the worst right now.

The scrapyard has employees other than Adam, Robert, and Aaron? Cool.

“Cuber” – Robert is a big fat nerd. I love him.

They were going to go away! Damn you, Ross! Sigh. Well, there goes Roberts car. I think Robert should get a new car anyway.

I am VERY VERY VERY convinced Adam is the linchpin to this whole story.

Aaron kicking his legs up like a little kid was adorable.

A couple that plots and spys together stays together! *wink*

So Ross and Robert say the same lines tonight. *hums*

The White Family

Rebecca seems concerned about money and not her father’s safety.

That is Chrissies best hair. That is all. She looks very pretty today.

Chrissie cares about her father. Very sweet. Enough to steal his phone. Awesome. (I mean that too. That is smart of her.)


You know what? Rebecca loves to run from Ross but loves to find Aaron and Robert. Just saying. *hums*


Bernice is going to kill everyone in the village. She hates her life so much right now.

Cain is back. More proof. Just saying.

LYDIA and LAUREL! My two favorite people! Love them.

Harriet! So many characters are back finally!

Sarah is quite the grownup. I didn’t think that way at her age. Then again, I was a very healthy girl at her age.


April is too young for this talk. However, I guess we can’t hide everything from the kids.

Leo and April! I’m so happy to see them!

Oh no. OH NO. Leo drew Pierce, didn’t he?

Chrissie/Private Eye

I can’t remember his name. Sorry. I will remember next time.

Chrissie doing it the White Family way. Money Honey.

Tim Richards. Hmmmm….her uncle?


I feel like this whole conversation is set up for something much bigger. Not just the stabbing stuff but stories way down the line.

This was such a fun episode. I loved it.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

IMG_0378 (1)

As usual, I heed my warning: DON’T GO ONTO THE MESSAGE BOARDS! It will only spread stupid rumors and cause you unneeded misery!

What do you think? Tell me below or tweet me @AmandaJ718. Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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