The Color Theory – Emmerdale Style

Welcome back to the Tin Hat Society. I am your host Amanda (@AmandaJ718).  With the help of my friend Justine (@BeauitifulHusbands), we have been talking about colors and clothing choices being used on Emmerdale.  We are not the first to consider this, but we are noticing a trend that we must talk about.

Since my film class days, I have been analyzing the mise en scene (the arrangement of scenery and stage properties in a play) of movies and television shows like it is my job (I would like it to be my job. Hire me). Anyway, lately, there has been so particular colors being used with Robert, Aaron, and Rebecca that deserves to be discussed in full. Read on if you want to learn about Robrons and Rebecca’s Color Theory!

Robert – Blue/Dark Red(Maroon)


Wearing blues equals calm. Our brains associate blue as positive and free.  We see this color as trustworthy something to depend on. 

The Positives


The Negatives


How It Relates to the Scene

Robert is feeling a bit free. Rebecca is not in the village anymore. He is with his husband. He has a game with his husband’s best friend/sister’s husband (estranged). He is having a good time. He is sticking his foot in his mouth but so is Adam. It is a normal day for them. However, he is underneath depressed and spiteful that his life is a mess. He is unforgiving of himself for what he has done to Aaron and his life. He is hurting Aaron, and that is the last thing he wants to do.

One would even say that the shirt is a sky blue. Light blue is seen as honest or trustworthy.  Which juxtapositions itself with how Robert feels about his actions in the past couple of months.  He does not feel that way at all. He is still conflicted and beating himself up.

Maroon/Dark Red

Red is about power and bravery. We associate red with being confident and driven.  We also associate red with being oppressive and anger.  This is a polarizing color. 

The Positive

Serious/Controlled Power/Ambition/Thoughtful/Controlled

The Negative


How It Relates to the Scene

Rebecca is back. He is being forced to face his mistake, and everything is serious again. He is stressed out because Ross is the idiot that we all know he is on the daily. Aaron is getting more upset. Victoria’s personality has disappeared and is now up Rebecca’s butt.  Robert is wearing a color he wore a lot during the affair era. He is controlled but fearful as well of what this is doing to his husband whom he loves more than life itself. He is also resentful of Victoria choosing Rebecca over him (then again, we are all confused by that too).  As time goes on, he becomes aggressive towards Ross, plotting revenge.  He went from feeling somewhat better and in control of his future with Aaron to going back into a freefall.

Aaron – Grey/Black/Dark Blue


Gray is a color associated with depression or unsettling feelings.  It can be associated with a loss that affects the body and soul. 

The Positives


The Negatives


How It Relates to the Scene

Aaron is trying to be different this time. Normally he runs. This time he is going to stay and fight. That means he is going to be mature and stable. Well, as stable as he can be.  He is wearing a lot of grays lately because he is feeling sad. He is feeling indecisive about his and Roberts future. Aaron is holding back on many emotions. He loves Robert. He is upset with Robert. He can be upset. Robert hurt him. However, that does not negate his love.

We have to see how this story plays out before really going into how long the sadness will continue.  Aaron can only stay solid and stable for Robert and himself for so long. Old habits will creep back up in the worst ways.  That has yet to be seen through, but these clothing choices show this could be a possibility.


Black is associated with the unknown. It can represent strength and power but also negative feelings such as depression and feeling aloof. 

The Positives


The Negatives


How It Relates to the Scene(s)

This is his hoodie in the same scene.  You could argue that the black hoodie was a protective layer since I always thought Aarons array of hoodies were just metaphorical shells to protect himself. He has been wearing a lot of black hoodies. So, he is trying to protect and comfort himself while out in public.  This is a given.

*Aaron wears a dark blue sweater in the 6/16/2017 episode.  Dark blue is conveyed as being superior. Make of that what you want. *

Rebecca – Yellow


Yellow is associated with being creative or a sunny feeling.  Bright and happy. It can be considered anxiety-producing for some and conveys a sensitivity to criticism and a retreat from responsibility. 

The Positives


The Negatives

Spiteful/Cowardly/Deceitful/Low Self-Worth/Lacking Compassion

How It Relates in General

When we meet Rebecca, she is mostly wearing Reds, Blacks, and Multi-colors.  As I wrote above, the reds equal control and power. The black coloring is mysterious and strong. She was brought on to be fun while trying to be that strong independent woman the show was desperate to sell us.  After ‘The Incident’ episode her wardrobe changes to mostly yellows. Mustard yellow to be exact. According to a few websites, that shade of yellow means a lack of self-worth or self-respect.

Let me back up for a minute.  Before the turning point in her character’s story, she is feeling powerful and in control of herself.  After ‘The Incident’ she goes out of her way to look brighter and happier while hiding those feelings of lack of self-worth, self-respect, and deceitfulness, spite even?

We see this come out after Robert rejects her the next day.  Her whole attitude goes from sunny to spiteful in a heartbeat.  She starts to throw out accusations and gets bitter about Robert turning back to his husband.  When she thinks, he is deciding to be with her and Robert rejects her again, out comes the spitefulness. In one case, sending Ross after him.

She shows this by lacking compassion towards Aaron and what he is going through.  She is in that mustard yellow around Aaron during her biggest show of manipulation and deceitfulness and lack of compassion. The scene with Aaron as she tries to convince him to leave Robert. She is wearing a very loose mustard yellow sweater. She keeps pushing Aaron with her words and building this case that Robert is the worst person for everyone. Instead of apologizing for her actions and how they affected Aaron (like Robert did the night of the reveal episode) she doesn’t do that. She is spiteful towards Robert, acting like that night was all his doing when it takes two to tango (if we ignore the consent issue like the show).  She is also a coward. Pretending Aaron yelling would affect her thumb-sized baby in her stomach.  Grabbing it at every chance she could, taking the cowards way out of taking responsibility for her actions in this situation.

The show may want us to side with her and think of her as the victim put I believe that is only the outside. On the inside, she is a much darker human being. We have seen it since she met Aaron and it might get worse and spread towards Victoria. Hence why this story might get “compelling” very soon.

What does all this mean?

It could mean nothing. A soap opera operates on a tighter schedule than a prime-time show.  Sometimes they might not have the time to figure out certain clothing choices and colors.  However, with this storyline being the way it is, all we have is the colors of their clothes and their non-verbal actions.  So, I think it is important that we all pay attention to their clothing choices from now on.  It is telling us more than we realize.

What do you think? Tell me below or tweet me @AmandaJ718. Until next time, keep your tin hats on tight and hold on. This bumpy ride of a storyline is not going to be over for a long time.



Here are links to the research. (Check out the websites for yourself. Come up with your own ideas and share them with me and others!)

Blue/Light Blue


Dark Red/Maroon



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