Emmerdale Live and Organized – June 16, 2017

Happy Friday!  Everything is happening! Let see how Emmerdale finishes off this week!


“I murdered him” – Foreshadowing I can get behind!

Thank god they believe her! I knew they would! Thank god!

Awww! Faith is mingling with the village! Love it. Gossiping like an old hen! None of them are having that today. Oh, Faith. She will come around.

Perfect song in the background.  REM rocks.

“You are still Rhona” – Very sweet Paddy.


Is this where we cut off his dingle dangle with a dull knife?

Rhona got all women, and Pierce gets all men. Interesting.

Blah blah blah blah. Pierce is just going to lie through this. NEXT


Pierce has to die. NOW.


Yeah, joking and making fun of fans aren’t funny show.

Again, that first scan nonsense is insulting to fans.

Victoria is still embarrassing. NEXT

Victoria needs to shut the hell up.  Why is everything off camera! WHY CAN’T WE SEE THE SCAN. WHY CAN’T WE SEE THE DOCTORS APPOINTMENT. NO SHOW DOES THIS.

Don’t feel bad for Rebecca. I’m getting bored with her at this point. Always in yellow isn’t she?

Victoria is her bodyguard now? Give me a break. Is she about to have a breakdown?


“Everyone wants a piece of me except my own daughters” – Foreshadowing?

Well, here starts the new Chrissie/Lawrence storyline.  Exciting times.

Dean, private eye I assume? New love interest for Chrissie?


Robert doesn’t know how to feel. He doesn’t want to hurt Aaron even more. Aaron doesn’t know how to feel. He doesn’t want to lose Robert. PLEASE TALK TO EACH OTHER. PLEASE. Tell each other exactly where you stand emotionally and go from there. PLEASE. Before this gets worse. God, this is killing me.

The scene feels hollow to me. Like no one was trying. Only Ryan and Danny. Wasn’t well written at all.

I’m not angry. I’m sad now. This is terrible. Look at how he looked at Aaron though. He loves him. So much. I see it in his eyes. It hurts so much. Now he wants revenge for Aaron looking so hurt. I’m ready for that to happen, right now.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

Time is running out! Who will get stabbed next week? I’m taking Ross out of the equation because I think that is too easy. So, is it Adam, Harriet, Cain or Emma (I replaced Ross with Emma just because).  So, place your bets before its too late!

Also, did anyone see that preview clip for Monday! LOVE IT. Smug husbands are back in action, for now at least.

As usual, I heed my warning: DON’T GO ONTO THE MESSAGE BOARDS! It will only spread stupid rumors and cause you unneeded misery!

What do you think? Tell me below or tweet me @AmandaJ718. Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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