Emmerdale Live and Organized – June 15, 2017


Happy Thursday!  Hope everyone is having a great week. I can’t drink during this episode so this is going to hurt. The hour-long episode. Let’s go!

So, I didn’t get my Snickers candy bar (we all need to eat snickers) but I’m going to try and be cool headed during this episode.  Just going to ride all of this out one episode at a time. Enjoy each episode one at a time.


I’m Vanessa. I wake up and need coffee like its air.

Leyla singing. YES. I love it.

Right. Rhona, I know you are brave. You are a very brave woman. You got this!

Attic Crew/Lydia/Nicola

I love all things Lydia so…yay!

Kerry’s impression of Chrissie was great. Adorable.


He cleaned out their joint account. OUCH. Not cool.

Chrissie is all over the place these days. Geez. I love it. Lachlan is not a child. No. He is not. Not in my eyes.

Priya reading Chrissie her rights. LOVE THIS!


Ok. That was quick, let’s remind you of what has happened again scene. Ok then.

I always wanted to see the three of them hang out.  While I know Robert wants Aaron to himself, he has to have a social life. Also, it’s nice to see all three of them hang out. Bring it on!

It is also canon that Robert likes to shop, and Aaron likes to complain about shopping. Love it. Love it so much.

I enjoy Robert and Adam talking, but both of them are making things worse. Stop talking. You are upsetting Aaron even more.  However, I’m here for Robert and Adam: Screw Ups™ but loveable to be friends now. Please.


Bernice is in hell. Oh god. “Glass in your coffee…” Ha. No one is here for Chrissie today.

Gerry is winning me over, and that worries me. He is trouble. Like Lachlan. I can tell.


Just tell them! Paddy and Marlon would have your back in a second! I swear. I know this. Rhona. OH no! Rhona! It will be ok. I know it will be. It has to be. You are a strong character. Just take that first step.

Rhona is strong enough. YES. YES YOU ARE.

Zoe Henry? Yes? All the awards. ALL OF THEM.

It’s out. Now what?


Victoria is still angry. Understandable. Oh, look. Victoria “best friend” is calling. Yay. (I’m trying to be calm and nice. I swear)


Oh no. HELL NO. Paddy! Don’t do this. I know you don’t have all the details but come on.  She doesn’t want Pierce. She is falling apart because of Pierce.


He is getting all the guys onto his side. Evil little….*angry swearing* OH no. They are going to think she was high on pills and lying about the rape. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. There is evidence! EVIDENCE!

Show of hands. Should we cut off Pierce’s dick with a dull knife?


Stop making me like you Gerry! STOP IT. I mean it. *giggles*

I don’t get Belle and Lachlan. I really don’t.


Victoria is bordering on crazy now.  Totally vulnerable. She doesn’t have Adam. Her work is slowing down, and the pub didn’t look that busy. She needs a friend, and she has attached to the worst one.

Give the Sugdens REAL Friends 2017!

Rebecca only came back after getting the massive amount of messages from Victoria. Just saying. (I’m trying to be nice. I am, but I don’t trust Rebecca. Not at all)

I think she is playing her. I don’t trust Rebecca at all. Why would someone with money need to sofa surf? COME ON. I think she is playing the person who is desperate about babies.

Wait? Lawrence called to tell her to come home and that is was ok. Also, Chrissie had her back in every way. WHAT?!?!



Leyla is going to be heartbroken. So heartbroken. My heart. My poor heart. Her poor heart. Hey! That is how to show a friend who is truly upset by what she has done! Just saying.

Manufactured Drama. Yay.


AHHHH! RUNNN! NO. Stay. Make him leave Rhona. You are stronger now. You got this.

Burn him with fire! NOW.

Oh. Look at the handheld camera work. Beautiful. Good for you show! I love that. It works perfectly for this scene.

Thank god. Vanessa is there. Thank God. OH, MY GOD. ASSHOLE.



How interesting that everyone is in one place to see Rebecca. Yay (Bored voice. I’m trying)

I’m sorry but this whole independent stuff isn’t playing well with me. Then again, I don’t like Rebecca, so nothing will make me trust or like her.

Do you know why Robert and Aaron are snipping at each other? They stopped communicating after the reveal episode. They need to start talking again, or else it will get worse. Ugh. Show. Let them talk this out. Talk about anything. Come on!

Is Victoria going to wipe Rebeccas butt too? I thought she wanted to be independent? She has a live in maid and instant supporter.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

Don’t forget to guess who is getting stabbed next week! My guesses? Cain, Harriet, Adam or Ross. Who do you think! Tell me below!

As usual, I heed my warning: DON’T GO ONTO THE MESSAGE BOARDS! It will only spread stupid rumors and cause you unneeded misery!

What do you think? Tell me below or tweet me @AmandaJ718. Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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