Emmerdale Live and Organized – June 14, 2017

Happy Wednesday!  Tick tock. We are all getting closer now. What shenanigans are the villagers up to today!

Violence? Oh no. Are Rhona and Pierce back?!?

Rakesh/Gerry/Lachlan/Vanessa /Bernice

I learned his name! Thank you to Tiffany and Justine!

That baby has an attitude! I like him!

Bernice getting upset by Gerry. He doesn’t charm her so easily as Chrissie. That’s my girl.


Jai being all devious and smug makes me happy.  I like him like this. Oh god, I have a type, don’t I?

HA! Rakesh is getting worse.


I’m glad to see Rhona back!  Time to get this GOOD story moving.  Bring it home Zoe!

Where the hell did Pierce go? Doesn’t he live in the village too? I forgot. It has been awhile.


Ew! Victoria! No. I don’t want to know about Diane and Doug’s sex life. Come on now.


Lawrence and Ronnie never get away without problems! Sounds like another couple. Ronnie is a little feisty today. I like it.

Wow! Everyone is just laughing at Rakesh. He is a joke.  Total joke.


Paddy and Marlon. Never a dull moment.  I like how they are trying to be normal around Rhona.

Rhona needs to tell them.  They will have her back. They will! I swear.

Oh hey! Everyone is coming out of the woodwork! Hey, Moira. Whats up? Oh. Bye now.

WE GET IT VICTORIA. You miss your fake new best friend. *eye roll*


This is awkward. Oh, so many levels show. SO MANY LEVELS.

OH GEEZ. Aaron got into that safe with no problems. Why can’t Rakesh? Oh, wait. Rakesh is a loser. Aaron is not.  Also, I’m a terrible person for thinking this is ridiculous and funny…right? This is just funny. So funny.

Test him Lachlan! Test him!

Oh. They brought it up. Since Lachlan is a sex offender. I’m glad the show remembered that.

OH. What?!? Priya? This won’t end well. Priya needs to get out of there.  Well…this sounds like a final goodbye.  Bye Rakesh! See ya.

Priya. TIME TO LEAVE HOME FARM. Priya! What did I say? Seriously. Crap.


Our comedy plot ladies and gentleman. Enjoy this. I guess.

Lydia isn’t the village whore. WATCH YOUR MOUTH DIANE.

Oh. OH. Is it like that Diane?!? Our comedy plot. Yay.

Open relationship? How modern of them.  Oh. Temporary break. Still modern of them.


‘It’s Just Speculation!’

*I posted this on my Tumblr when things got too negative last night* 

Robert Sugden went from hiding who he really is to please a father who was never going to accept him, lying, cheating and stealing to survive to someone who is truly in love for the first time, understands who is he is and isn’t afraid of it and is trying to be a better human being for himself and Aaron Dingle (his beautiful husband who he can’t stop loving even if he tried).

There is nothing that can be written to change that.  That is fact. That is canon. Take comfort in those facts as we go forward into this current storyline. Regardless what is inferred by people trying to bring the couple down never doubt that Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle love each other. For Robert is always in Aarons heart and Aaron is someone Robert can only see loving for the rest of his life.

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As usual, I heed my warning: DON’T GO ONTO THE MESSAGE BOARDS! It will only spread stupid rumors and cause you unneeded misery!

What do you think? Tell me below or tweet me @AmandaJ718. Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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