Emmerdale Live and Organized – June 12, 2017

Happy Monday! Here we are at the start of another week in Emmerdale.  If I read the spoilers correctly, we are in for a treat (trick as well).  Let’s see what everyone is up today!

I’d love to work in that writer’s room. I love to tell stories (you’ve read my theories!)

Priya/Jai/Attic Characters

“A marriage needs, to be honest, and have trust or its nothing.” –  Jai (has he seen a soap before?)

Feel guilty yet Priya? Leyla is trying to be your friend and look what you did? Sober?

The Barton Brothers/Doug

Oh. Oh boy. This won’t end well for you Ross. (evil laugh)

I love that Doug is part of this story for now.  He is so innocent it’s adorable.

Pete is joining in. This really won’t end well. Former drug dealer? Eek.


Zak has been in the middle of these two for a while now. Does anyone else think Zak might be in danger?

Why is Chrissie so interested in Lachlan’s love life? Is it because she is a Dingle? It’s not odd but annoying. Leave them be. Lachlan will lose it soon enough.

I think Belle is rebelling. Big time.

Oh no! The comic timing on the condom falling out as Zak stares at him (I’m dying of laughter over here).

Charity is a boss. That is all.

Lachlan’s cell mate is interesting. Troublemaker that one. Should be fun. (I mean that too)


WHERE IS BOB! HAS ANYONE SEEN BOB?!?! I was told Bob is ok. Let’s cancel the search party for Bob.

Diane wants to go on a cruise! Trouble in paradise for Diane and Doug! Could we not annoy this couple too? Seriously. IS ANYONE SAFE?

Doug. He isn’t annoying me today. Good for you Doug!

Nice to see Eric smile too. Don’t like the story but itis good to see everyone in a better place.

Oh hey, we are back to this story again. Cool.

Everything was dropped. Ok then. What was the point of that story then?


Lydia remains awesome. I love that we get some backstory from her. LOVE IT. Please keep her Emmerdale. Keep her. She is a gem.

Doug learning to dance shall be fun! Oh no. Diane is going to think he is cheating when he is not. Crap.


Ugh. This hurts. Leyla is too good for Pete. Way too good for Pete. He cheated way too easily for my taste. One mini fight and he were done?

OH GOD. THEY ARE STAYING TOGETHER?!?!? WHAT? This won’t end well. At all. How long will they stretch this out? I just got heartburn thinking of the awkwardness.

They are staying next to them. Awesome. Oh, GOD. Heartburn. HEARTBURN.

Vanessa is a bit judgmental these days. Just saying.

I SAY THAT TOO! Eyes or it doesn’t count. That is really true by the way.

Oh god. This didn’t last long at all. That or she is going to lie or hide it. Geez, just end this relationship already. Its hurting everyone. Bye Rakesh. Bye Pete. I don’t care about either of you right now.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

Yeah. I know someone gets stabbed.  Still, I’m all here for the Robron vs. Ross revenge storyline. Why? Rebecca won’t be involved (unless they find a way to shoehorn her in which…I wouldn’t put it past them) and it sounds like a lot of fun to watch on screen. Very soapy.  I need this type of soap. Crazy, funny and a little scary.

As usual, heed my warning: DON’T GO ONTO THE MESSAGE BOARDS! It will only spread stupid rumors and cause you unneeded misery!

What do you think? Tell me below or tweet me @AmandaJ718. Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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