Emmerdale Theory Time: The Whistle of Death

Welcome back to the Tin Hat Society. We are your hosts, Amanda (@AmandaJ718) and Justine (@BeautifulHusbands). Once again, we were thinking over the storyline and where it stands with the other stories doing on in the show.  That is when we found something interesting.

We aren’t the first ones to think Rebecca is going to be one of Lachlan’s victims.  We just needed canon proof. Once again, Emmerdale has provided.  So, we are calling this theory…

The Whistle of Death

Now, as you might remember, we came up with a theory for the mysterious feet that were hanging out with Lachlan during SSW.  After talking to many people, there was an alternative view of the scene.

Those feet were Lachlan’s victims.

So, taken from the wonderful people who comment on these theories the victims would be as follows:

Lawrence, Emma, Rebecca.

Lawrence, Pierce, Rebecca.

Lawrence, Belle, Rebecca.

Either way, The Whites are going to be taken care of by good old grandson and nephew Lachlan.

That is not the only evidence we found to support this theory.  We were talking about the British Soap Awards and how Ashley’s storyline was the big winner. That is when we started talking about Ashley’s death. That is when Justine pulled up the episode.

That is when we saw Laurel reading to Ashley. Each section attached to a certain character.

We have:

Jai looking at a picture of Holly

Vadam hugging at the part where she says “I’d have taken more time for you I’d have been kinder to you.”

Rebecca is after Vadam right after Laurel says “I’d have been kinder to you” (where you still see Vadam) then you see Rebecca walking, and Laurel says “The way you’ve always been to all the people who came to you for help.”

Then there’s this chilling wind sound before we go back to Ashley and Laurel.



What does this mean?

Who did Rebecca help by that point? She did try to help Lachlan stay out of jail.  She did try to be kind to Lachlan during that time (now she couldn’t care less), but during that time she tried to be kind.  Then the wind blows through.  It is cloudy, and the wind sounds creepy.

More proof Rebecca would be one of Lachlan’s victims. She isn’t long for Emmerdale.

What does this mean for the people in the sequence with Rebecca? Not sure. It might mean something else per person/couple. That is another theory.

To review:

Lachlan is acting creepy and could possibility go nuts with a shotgun.

Rebecca is part of the lineup of feet next to Lachlan during SSW

During Ashley’s Death episode, she is seen at the beginning with a cloudy sky and a creepy sounding wind.

We know Rebecca is a plot device meant for Robert and Aaron to work out their demons.  Not only are we suspicious about a possible baby we are beginning to think she will push Robert and Aaron together and then she will be killed off.

What do you think? Tell me below or tweet me @AmandaJ718.  Until our next theory, keep your tin hats shiny and keep looking for more clues on Emmerdale!



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