Emmerdale Live and Organized – June 8, 2017

The hour long episode! These are usually good or want me to skin myself alive. I think this will be a good one. Let’s see what everyone is up to today.

Seriously. Is that Paddy with the sheep in that teaser thing in the beginning?


Ronnie has a storyline? WOW. Exciting times for him. Not just Lawrence’s lackey/boyfriend. That is interesting. They are starting to separate him from the White family? Ronnie will survive or leave after it is all said and done.

I like to see Jai angry. What does this say about me? Oh boy.

HA. You are over with this family. Bye Rakesh!

Oh boy. Here we go. Setting up the triangle. I’m trying to reserve judgment on this upcoming triangle. It might be handled well and might actually be fun? I mean, triangles suck, but if they are handled well, they can be watchable and even interesting. Trying to stay positive here people.

I have no connection to Rakesh/Priya, so this is odd to me. It doesn’t upset me. Odd connections to another story. Keeping that under my hat until I flesh out a new theory (Tin Hat Society rise!)

You know what Priya? No one can tell you what to do when it comes to Rakesh.

Lydia/Thomas Family

Lydia taking care of everyone.

“You look rough if you don’t mind me saying?” “I do actually” LMAO Lydia works well with anyone. I love this.

The grandfather always come through! Thank you, Sandy. 😉

Seriously love these Lydia and Laurel scenes.  Laurel needs a new friend. To help her out. Lydia can help.

I love this talk between Laurel and Lydia. It’s a good point. Someday Laurel will have to close that chapter and move on. You can remember, but you can’t dwell. She will go mad if she dwells.

OH. Lydia! Honey! She named her Cockatoo after her dead husband. That explains the attachment to the bird. Wow. Poor woman. I’m falling harder for her now. *hugs*

Lydia and Laurel: Friends! I approve this message!

Barton Family/Tracy

Ross. What the hell? Like you are a prize to be won. You are the worst. Ross, you are someone who has no room to talk. Not in a million years. Oh yeah.

Tracy is back. I guess the “YOUTHS!” will be back also. Yay.

Oh god, here we go. Escort time. PETER PARKER. Jesus. ROSS? COME ON FINN. This is going to be funny. I love this. Tobey McGuire or Andrew Garfield? Nerd code.

Nerd Talk: Escort Style.

Oh god. Finn. You are such a loser. Escorts sleep with people. Watch Pretty Woman sometime.

Wylie’s Farm. That’s not a good place to be. Bad things happen there.

“Oh, my days!” – You sound like Sandy, Ross. Just saying.

Is Emma growing pot? Seriously. Is Emma growing pot. That could be a great storyline if Emma is using pot to help ease the pain of cancer and anxiety patients. Maybe its Lachlan. Cain. Faith.

It’s Faith. Calling it now. Thank you to @EmmaDale022 for the suggestion! J

Ross isn’t a pretty boy. Just saying.

Oh god. Ross is throwing around money already. I think I know what Roberts plan is going to be. OH NO.

Ross is an idiot. Film at 11.


Lachlan messing with Belle is interesting. Is she on the list to die? When he goes all killer on us? A surprise death? I hope not.

YES. Go, Belle. Kick his butt.

I agree Charity. Lachlan is creepy. Film at 11 creepy.

There are moments like this that reminds me that Lachlan is a teenager. A freak but a teenage freak.

Lachlan is acting normal. I don’t like it. It creeps me out too.  Doesn’t matter what Lachlan does creeps me out.

“Oi! Norman Bates!” Thank you, Charity.

Eek. Does Lachlan kill Belle?!?!


Sarah is writing a book about cancer. Wow. Mature for a girl her age.

Charity and Faith epic battle. I’m so here for this.

What is Faith up to anyway? I want to know too.

Debbie’s hair bugs me. It is so straight. How did they do that? Is it extensions. A wig? Is she just lucky?


‘It’s Just Speculation!’ 

Danny. Danny. Danny. Danny.

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What do you think? Tell me below or tweet me @AmandaJ718. Not sure if I’m going to be watching live tomorrow so I will be around with a quick thought later on. Until then, see you around in Emmerdale.

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