Emmerdale Theory Time: Pregnancy Confusion

Welcome back to Theory Time with Amanda (@amandaj718) and Justine (@BeautifulHusbands) and our tin hats.  This one is a bit different than our last two.  For once Rebecca might not be evil. SHOCKING. No, we still think she is evil but we have too many ways to prove it.

This is where things are different.  Justine came across a clue while rewatching a few episodes of Emmerdale.  Which lead us to spell out what we know about this pregnancy storyline that has gotten everyone hot under the collar. (Thank You, Danny Miller. You did not help last night with that firebomb of an interview. We think you all should see his other interviews. They were nicer and happier talking about the same topic.)

It all started with a pregnancy test given to Rebecca by Victoria.  She mentions she might have a bad batch at some point. Well, Victoria…you might be right.


An expired test.  Now per Google, “All pregnancy tests last approximately 2 to 3 years once produced.”

So. We have that new clue. Let us continue the timeline.

-She makes an appointment with the clinic. They claim she isn’t far enough for a scan or abortion (Cough bullcrap Cough)

-Six weeks go by, and we get no new scenes or reports on the appointments.

-We see a scene where Rebecca calls the clinic again to tell them that she isn’t messing them around and she will be in this time for her new appointment (this is in front of the “Prove it” sign at the pub). We are to assume no scan yet.

-She skips her appointment again and decides to keep the baby because she wants to be a mother now.

-She gets cramps and is rushed to the hospital

-Is diagnosed with stress and is told to stay overnight. She has no one in the room with her. We the audience are left in the dark as to what happened with the doctor.

-Instead of staying she runs away with her convenient passport and money. No suitcase

-We know she comes back to stay and moves in with Victoria (full circle)

Other things we know

–  We the audience have seen no doctors or scans being done.

– We have seen no paperwork of a blood test.

– We don’t know how far along she is.

– Is she taking her required pills?

Here we are. We are completely in the dark.  We have an expired pregnancy test. No scans or doctor appointments. A shifty hospital scene where no one seems to know what is happening but Rebecca.

Here is where we need your help.  What are your theories based on this evidence the show itself has presented mixed in with the new evidence we have found?

We want to hear from you! Reply below!

Our next theory covers death.  Be afraid. Be very afraid. Or happy. It’s about Rebecca’s possible death.  Until next time, keep those tin caps on and stay positive!


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