Emmerdale Live and Organized – June 7, 2017

Welcome to Emmerdale Live and Organized. The place where I react to what happens on screen and try to entertain myself and others with my thoughts. Yeah, I finally explained what this whole experiment is about.


Let’s see what his happening in the village today!

Meerkats! Maybe Beavers should start sponsoring Emmerdale.

STOP IT MCAIN WRITERS! Don’t do what Days did in their show! DON’T GIVE THEM IDEAS!


We have all been there Jimmy. Yup. I’m having memories of my graduate school celebration. (ouch)

He doesn’t remember calling the police! Oh no! Jimmy. Oh no. (laughs)

Oh, Jimmy. Protecting Nicola is quite sweet. I think wanted to protect Nicola and was egged on by Kerry.  Dangerous situation.

Attic Characters

Nell protecting her new little “family” is sweet.

Kerry is a shit stirrer. I know many people like her.  I worked with lots of people like her.  You just need to put her in her place to shut them up for awhile.

The kids are adorable. Let’s all bask in their adorableness.

I adore Faith with all my heart. I’d like to see her breast cancer storyline come back. I guess we are waiting for Chas to come back for that.

LIES ALWAYS COME OUT. That should be the title of the Summer.


A storm is coming guys. Get ready.

I think Rakesh is on his way out. Right? Or is he just on reoccurring status now?

Here we go. That crack in their relationship is now breaking. Bring on Pete, I guess.

Bye Rakesh. *waves goodbye*


A letter from Carly? Nice. Better closure? Let me have it show! Will it help April stop hating Marlon? I don’t like to see it.

Awwww. Good. I’m glad that the letter helped April forgive Marlon. No one was the bad one in this situation. It just happens.  A innocent child got in the middle of it which sucks.


“Your mom is a bad judge of character.” – Belle (Lachlan agreeing is funny and possible plot point?) What are we kidding? We all know Chrissie judgment blinds her.  How far will it blind her in the upcoming months?

Lachlan is being creepy again. Film at 11.

Chrissie in the background holding the wine like a super villain. I LOVE IT. She is so obnoxious but it works. Going full on annoying/super villain works for the White Family.  It’s in their blood. It’s in their soul. Let it happen writers. *whispers* Let it happen. *whispers*

Barton Family

Pete is the least annoying Barton and he is about to cheat on the lovely Leyla. Boo!

When does the escorting start?!? At least that will be more interesting than what is happening here. I know, foundations are being built but its being built so slowly.

I want Leyla’s wardrobe. Its awesome and hot pink. Just my style.

Pete and Ross look like brothers. Finn…not so much.

Fabulous Fellas? (Stop laughing Amanda. Stop laughing)

‘It’s Just Speculation!’


So, I have nothing to talk about here. The story I’m most interested in doesn’t come back until next week. I’m excited to see Robert and Aaron on my screen again.  Yeah, I heard Rhona might be coming back too. Thank God. I want to see Pierce get his butt kicked. So, this section will remain empty today.

That means I won’t address a certain interview that has spread over the fandom like a damp blanket full of farts.  It doesn’t matter in the end. What matter is what is shown on screen.  Let’s go with that.

As per usual, STAY OFF THE MESSAGE BOARDS. They don’t have sources. They don’t know more than us. Don’t validate their misery.

What do you think? Tell me below or tweet me at @AmandaJ718! Until next time, I’ll see you in Emmerdale.


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