Emmerdale Live and Organized – June 6, 2017

Surprise! I was excused from Jury Duty so I am here watching live. I’m sure you all are sighing with relief. I know. It’s exciting for me too. Let’s see what everyone is up to today?

The meerkat commercials freak me out. Don’t know why.


I’m really into the Marlon and Laurel pairing.

Vanessa? Shut up. You don’t have room to judge at all. That’s right Vanessa. You feel bad. You had no right to judge anyway.

Bernice is such a drama queen.  I can relate to her.  I love her.

Oh, Marlon. I think someone needs to give him a hug.  A big hug.

I do find it odd that Carly never called Bob later. Saying what happened and where she is and that she is ok.


Faith works in the business? Oh. OH. This business is going to fall apart. Chas is going to kill them all. One by one. It will be fun to watch.

“Watch out? You will get drunk on her fumes!” – Never change Charity. Never change.

OH NO. Faith already did something to the car. It was four days? Oh, I guess not.

Nicola/Jimmy and the Attic Characters

Beaver. Oy with the Beavers already!

“I don’t want to be human.  I want to be feared.” – Nicola. That was a perfect description of Nicola in general.

OH, MY GOD. There is a dancing Beaver outside. I can’t breathe I’m laughing so hard. It’s Kerry, isn’t it?

YUP. I’m right. It was Kerry.

Whoops.  Nicola. Fired. (I’m not making that stupid joke today)

“Jimmy-Bob” OH Kerry!

OH NO. Drunk Jimmy!

OK THEN. Let’s out of the bag.  Lets move this story along now! I love how there is a lovely little village pow-wow happening now. Love this. Nice mix of characters talking about this storyline. I miss having random characters talking about a storyline.

Jimmy is so easy to rile up.


Ross is an idiot. Film at 11.

Why is Ross wearing a Robert type shirt today? *tin foil hat back on*

I can’t stand Ross, but I won’t lie. He makes me laugh.

Oh my god. Here we go. Finn the escort. Did they just say twink? Did anyone else hear that? Also, Finn being an escort might be funny. I’m kind of into it now.

I guess Tracy isn’t available. I thought that was Finn’s best friend. I’ll take Finn and Leyla. OH. Finn is the reason why they are falling apart.  Figures.


Welcome back, guys. Here comes the fall.  I hope Pete is more interesting than Rakesh.  Sigh. Yes, lets. More cheating. Fun times.

Poor Rakesh. He is going to lose everything. Take that as a lesson kids. Never set something on fire for the insurance money with Nicola King inside.


CAIN IS BACK! Welcome back, buddy! I missed you. Now kick Lachlan’s butt for me. Please and thank you. I assume Harriet had you tied up in bed for the last couple of weeks (wink wink nudge nudge).

Lachlan sucks for messing with Belles’ head. That is all.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

So, I was really down yesterday. Upset over spoilers and feeling let down.  I have since bounced back. Why? We have named POWER COUPLE Robron joining forces to take down Ross Barton. YES. A thousand times yes. This is something that is different and exciting. I can’t wait to see it. Nothing better than a Robert and Aaron team up. Bring it on.


What do you think? Tell me below or you can tweet me @amandaj718.  Until next time, I will see you in Emmerdale.

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