Fatal Rebecca: The Victim and the Villain?

Here we are again. Back with a new theory. Theories are fun. Especially when Emmerdale feels so miserable right now.  So, after today’s episode (June 5, 2017) a new theory has arisen. For awhile now Justine (@BeauitifulHusbands on Tumblr) and I have been talking about Rebecca. Who doesn’t? She has taken over the conversation. She is a thorn in our sides (if you are a fan…turn back now. This theory is not for you).

So, Justine and I tried to see the story from Rebecca’s side. Even with the limited information we have, we tried to see her side.  It was tough to do, but ultimately it lead us to this conclusion.  No way is she the victim. Not after the scene in with Robert outside the courthouse on November 29, 2016.

Before that moment, you could argue that Robert was stringing her along. He was keeping her sweet, playing his old tricks and acting like the Robert she remembers to keep her around.  It didn’t last for long. Why?  He couldn’t keep the secret from Aaron of him kissing her for long. Robert had to admit that being with Aaron, being in love with Aaron has made him a better person. Yes, he still screws up and falls into bad habits but he wants to change, and he wants to be better because of Aaron. He wants to be a better man.

So, in that scene on November 29, 2016, these two lines are uttered:

Rebecca: So, you and me? Are we over?

Robert: We never even started.

Robert walks away from her and his old life and towards Aaron and his new life being with him.  That might be the turning point from Rebecca being used to Rebecca being spurned. Spurned and wanting that Robert she ‘loves’ back. Fatal attraction style.  She would make everyone Robert loves in his life turn on him. So, who is left to comfort him? Rebecca of course!

She thought she had him in December when she walked up to Aaron and announced in front of everyone that she and Robert kissed. Little did she know that Robert told Aaron and they were ready for this. It looks like a dress rehearsal for the big one a few months later, doesn’t it? Only this time, Aaron and Robert were hit hard in that pub when Chrissie announced she is still pregnant.

Rebecca just needed something stronger than a kiss. Hence, the incident.

This is similar to my other theory where I think Rebecca is playing everyone. It is just more direct now. I see a reason behind her actions now.

Here is how we think she is doing it. Turning each person away from Robert.

The Players

  • Her Family

This is easy to get her family onto her side. They already hate Robert for other reasons. She knows her family would blame Robert instantly.  They would be mad, but they would have her back. Which is what happened.

  • Victoria

Their friendship is weird. I hate it. I freaked out about it. Mostly because it came out of nowhere. Why would Victoria be friends with a White family member after Chrissie set up Andy?  Plot. It is all plot or is it? Robert loves Victoria. She is his little baby sister. Victoria is also baby crazy. Rebecca knows that, and her “pregnancy” will kick in feelings in Victoria that aren’t rational. Rebecca makes friends with her, lives with her and confides in her, she might turn on Robert for Rebecca.

  • Liv/Chas

As I wrote before, she had a nice conversation with Liv about understanding what she is going through as a teenage girl. This makes Liv think that Rebecca is nice before she left.  Chas, on the other hand, is someone who never liked Rebecca and doesn’t trust her. In fact, she is the only one to put equal blame onto Rebecca for that fateful night.  Chas will always be Team Aaron, but I think she will turn on Rebecca before Robert.

  • Aaron

Aaron would be the final turn. She already started with that speech to Aaron as she grabbed her stomach. Aaron had to save himself. He has to run from Robert. He is no good for any of them. They should become friends. It was terrible to watch, and there was nothing I wanted more than Aaron to tell her off. Sadly, we never got an answer from him.  Aaron is so desperate to be ok and make everything ok that he will try and be nice to Rebecca. He will try and see her side because he too might get caught up in the ‘blame everything on Robert’ train.  If Rebecca could get Aaron to turn away from Robert, he would have officially lost everything.

If Rebecca could get Aaron to turn away from Robert, he would have officially lost everything. Who could he turn to since Robert is afraid of being alone? Right. Rebecca and the “baby.”

The outliers

Ross and Adam are still outliers in this story. I won’t write them off just yet. Not when Ross was screwing Rebecca the night before, and he seems to keep showing up in Robron and Vadam business. Adam is understanding towards Robert and connected to Victoria. He could play a big part later in the story. Against Rebecca and working with Robert. This is all speculation.

Rebecca thinks that if she could take apart Roberts life, brick by brick, she can have him back. She can get back the life she thought he would give her. If he doesn’t, she is the victim of his actions. If he does, she won against her sister (who got Robert the first time) and Aaron (the man who got the true Robert).

Again, total speculation but now I have some emotional backing or rational to Rebecca’s twists and turns in personality.  Now it makes a little more sense to me.

Thoughts? Feelings? Tweet me @AmandaJ718 or leave a comment below! Until the next theory (believe me, this story will go on all summer) I will see you around in Denial land.


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  1. I believe that the plan is to take Robert down and not keep him to herself, she is going to ruin every real relationship he has: Aaron, Victoria and Liv (let’s face it there aren’t much more(maybe Diane too)). I don’t know how but I think when the killing spree begins in Emmerdale Robert will become the number one suspect, and he won’t have backup. Maybe then Andy can resurface and be there for his brother and help him restore his life and his loved ones. I don’t deny that I would like to see Aaron never leaving his side, not for one moment, but I am feeling that he will be tangled in Rebecca’s web.

    • Hey! Thanks for reading. Yeah, I can see Aaron already in Rebeccas web. That is interesting too. I’ve seen the Robert will be wrongly accused too. That would break my heart to see Aaron turn his back but it could happen. We don’t know. There is too much open right now. Hence why so many of us are theorizing. Easier than being sad over spoilers! 🙂

      • It’s getting harder and harder. But I think they survived worst already. I wasn’t around then, I only discovered Robron recently, but after the Lodge scenes, and Robert’s shooting, there was a Robron draught that must of seemed unbearable. Robron, and we, hopefully will survive this too. Wishing it will be resolved quicker because I love them together and happy, and was looking forward to see them become a strong couple with a beautiful family (Liv and maybe some child of their own) struggling but always choosing to face it together.

      • Same. I wasn’t around during the lodge scenes but watching it and seeing the chill happen after had to be really hard. If people can get through that they (and we) can get through this. I think they screwed up big time with this story but left loopholes to jump through to fix things. It is just up to them to jump. I want to see them as a couple fight through this. I know they can. Keeping a soap couple together instead of breaking them up is more interesting to me. They aren’t strong right now but they will be. This was the point of the story I think. It burn them down and make them stronger. It just sucks getting there. 🙂

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