Emmerdale Live and Organized – June 5, 2017

Welcome to another week of Emmerdale shenanigans. What are the villagers are up to today?



That’s quite the bedroom. I’d totally buy that bedspread.

Marlon has skinny legs. Like a chicken.


Paddy waving at Marlon will make a few funny trailers. Paddy and Marlon are just the older versions of Aaron and Adam.

That low quiet ‘ow’ was great. So great. Those two are nuts. I love them. They are making me smile.  Nice to know Emmerdale remembers friendships. How nice.

“Pack it in you!” – Paddy (giggles like an idiot)

Awwww! Marlon went looking for Laurel.

OH, LOOK ANOTHER PERSON WHO KNOWS HOW TO SOBER SOMEONE UP! REBECCA. Is there a reason we got another person who knows to do the right thing when Rebecca doesn’t? Is the show being cruel on purpose now?

April. Honey. I want to hug her. I know she doesn’t understand.

“That’s an eternity in dad minutes.” – Marlon (My dad said that to me once when he lost me at the fair for 2 minutes once).

Vanessa can’t talk about cheating. Cough Adam Cough

Nicola/Attic Crew

Kerry? Don’t you have a story to be worried about? Like, your husband being caught up with the “YOUTHS!”.  Oh right, block storytelling. Great job Iain. *makes choking noise*

BEAVERS! SHOW! WHAT DID I SAY FRIDAY! So many jokes. So little time. Since I am a good girl (as far as you all know), I won’t make the obvious joke.

Lydia and Sam! Yes! Love these two. So much. Let them rise! We need happy. WE NEED HAPPY EMMERDALE.


Oh no. Rebecca’s ugly yellow clothes have infected Belle!

Lachlan is still an ass. Film at 11.


Oh god. Here comes the escort story. I don’t like Ross, so this isn’t going to be a great summer for me. Nope. Not at all. Do the Whites own all the freaking building in Emmerdale? Seriously?

Oh no. They lost all their money. Whatever will they do? (I know what is coming. I’m sarcastic).

Is Emma’s god complex gone now? OH RIGHT. BLOCK SCHEDULING.


Bernice is great. As per usual. I adore her. Isn’t she still married to Lawrence? I wonder if that plays in anywhere?

Oh. More Ross. Fun.

I’m positive the business will fail, and Chas will kill Charity. Off screen. It will end badly. Lots of blood.

‘It’s Just Speculation’ 

*Looks at spoilers* Who else is bored by the Rebecca spoiler?


She has been contemplating her future for so long that I just don’t care. Well, I do care when it concerns Robert and Aaron, but I don’t care about her. Emmerdale has proven to me that she doesn’t matter. She is a walking plot device.  She has no agency and her personality changes on a dime. If the writers don’t care to develop her in a real way, why should we take her seriously?

As per usual, DON’T GO ON THE MESSAGE BOARDS! They are a miserable bunch so stay away.

I won’t be here live tomorrow since I have jury duty (boo) but I will write up something quick when I watch the episode later on.

What do you think? Tell me below, or you can tweet me at @AmandaJ718! Until next time I will see you in Emmerdale!


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