Emmerdale Live and Organized – June 2, 2017

Happy Friday! Let’s see what the villagers are up to today.


Wow. April and Paddy are here. Marlon is going to feel pressured to say yes to her. Not good. Not good at all.  I think Carly thinks she should want Marlon because he is a good man.  Sometimes the heart wants what it wants. That isn’t Marlon for Carly.

April will be devastated. My heart hurts for her. This is why my mom didn’t bring around anyone unless she was serious. I only met two, and one became my dad who raised me. You can’t do this to children.

“You are the girl of my dreams.” “The wife of my nightmares.” Damn. Great lines. Perfect for Marlon to say because he isn’t wrong.

Zingles? Tingles with a Z. That is very sweet. Not in this situation but it is sweet.  Marlon isn’t wrong. He is handling this better than I would be.

Can Laurel and Marlon have zingles now? Please. Some kind of happiness on the show. Something. We need something because the show feels so dark and heavy especially since we are going into summer.

Oh, Bob. I LOVE YOU.

Goodbye Carly.

Nicola/Jai/Attic Crew

Factory drama. “What do Beavers have to do with Nicola?” I must not make the joke. Don’t make the joke. Don’t do it. Must stop myself from making the obvious joke.

“We all have a touch of the beaver fever.” STOP IT SHOW. STOP IT. So many jokes so little time.

This is filler. Stupid filler.


Belle. You are so much better than Lachlan. Don’t listen to Chrissie. Don’t let her make you feel less than. Please don’t.

Wow. Lachlan. Idiot. Belle is a ten. You are at most a two. You are lucky she even cares about you. Is he doing this on purpose to mess with her? Dude. You don’t have to do that with women. You should be excited when someone cares at all.

Lachlan you are an ass.


Wow. Charity. That car is beautiful. WHAT DID YOU DO?

Oh, Charity. You are trying. It’s wrong but you are trying. I love how you are getting rid of Rebecca. You can stay. (wink)

I want Charity and Debbie to have a better relationship.  I love Charity. She won’t always be happy, but I want her to be. They are going to lose the pub. The new guy coming in fall is going to buy it, isn’t he?

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

Have you seen this theory! It’s my favorite this week. Enjoy!


What do you think? Tell me below or tweet me @AmandaJ718. Until next week, I’ll see you in Emmerdale.

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