Emmerdale Live and Organized – June 1, 2017

Hello! Welcome to June! I hope you are ready for some good old fashioned soapy goodness that is Emmerdale. Let’s see what everyone is up to today in the village.

Is that Paddy in the weird opening title opening with the horses running? Is that a random person? I’m so confused by that.

McCain needs to make up new commercials. Seen them all. Getting bored with them.


April is asking all the questions I have. What a sweet, smart child. These two are done so why get upset. I’m kind of here for Marlon and Laurel now.

We all know you are leaving Carly, so I don’t take these scenes seriously. Stupid spoilers.

Wow. They both cheated? Marlon kissed Laurel and Carly slept with Matt. My guess. That’s soapy.

Having cheating be the focus again is old though. I hate it.
Oh god. Marlon. His voice cracked. Ouch, my heart.

Laurel knows how to push away a man upset and on the brink. Hmmmm….learn a lesson Rebecca.

Oh god. This feels so desperate and sad.


I think they fell in love too fast. Jai has replaced Holly with Nell. Which won’t be the foundation for a healthy relationship.

This is so rushed. I like Nell, but she might be using Jai. Jai is using her as a substitute for Holly.


“I have my knickers on!” Oh, Jimmy! Thank god you do.

Nicola trying to turn it around on everything is hilarious.

Bernice remains my favorite attic character.


They are really hammering in that Debbie and Charity’s relationship is on the skids. Why? Is this building to anything important?

Charity! I love that dress on you. Why can’t Faith watch the kids?


What is up Chrissie’s butt? Belle is a million times better than Lachlan. He is lucky she even gives a damn about him.


‘It’s Just Speculation’

It’s cheating season in Emmerdale. Who knew Robert Sugden would be starting a trend. (Thanks to @kayceecruz for that dark joke).  What the hell is going on?

Shrug. No reason to get upset over things I cannot control or haven’t seen on screen yet. Since I haven’t given this warning in awhile, I’ll give it now. DON’T GO ONTO THE MESSAGE BOARDS. Save yourself some sanity. People are just living off negativity over there, and no one needs that in their lives. So, stay sane and off the boards!


What do you think? Leave me a comment below or tweet me over @AmandaJ718. I’m very friendly, ask anyone! (Where are you guys going? What do you mean you won’t lie for me?) Until next time, see you in Emmerdale.

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