Super Soap Week Theory – The Feet in the Sand

Super Soap Week brought us lots of drama and intrigue that lead us to the death of James Barton.  With that death saw a few stories play out throughout the year.

Rhona and Pierce.

Laurel and Ashley

Robert and Aaron

Emma and James.

You would think that is it. Those were the people in play.

Did you forget Lachlan?

Lachlan who was tied up and locked in Aarons trunk got out alive. Then nothing. He went to jail. Right?

Not so fast. We have one more story left untold from Super Soap Week.

Lachlan and the Feet in the Sand

Justine (@BeauitfulHusbands come on over and say hi to her too!) had noticed something during a rewatch of the Super Soap Week festivities.  What Lachlan was doing once Robert jumped into the water to pull him out of the car boot.

Watch the scene here (should be cued up to the right spot but if it does not start there go ahead to 1:56)


This video got both of us thinking. Lachlan was not alone. He stood on a hill of sand with three other people.

Who are these people? Where did they go? Why did the camera decide to pan over their feet and only show Lachlan’s full body?  With all the crazy happening at the scene did they just walk away?

There was never an explanation of how he got out of that trunk. There was no explanation of who was standing next to him. All we have is this, and then his story disappears from the screen. Was that the plan? How does this fit into the Robron story?

While we cannot answer all those questions here is some speculation as to who the feet in the sand belong to.

Possible Owners of the Feet




Belle/Chrissie (we are a bit unsure about this too)

Rebecca (who wears lots of hippie looking clothes like the fringe above? Yeah.)

What does all this Information Mean?

Our guess, playing off the Super Soap Week and what we think of these characters, the people in the sand with Lachlan are the people who plan to get revenge. What kind of revenge?

Against Robert Sugden.


Rebecca wants nothing but to be accepted by her family. She screwed up with Lachlan and his jail sentence by aligning herself with Robert, but she can help him now, on the outside. So, the best revenge is to take away what Robert has built for himself. His little family.  Robert would completely lose everything and breakdown. Something Rebecca might want for him. Especially if she feels trampled.

Rebecca was the one to start first. After the big accident, she pushed herself harder into Aaron and Robert’s life. She is seen in the background of their scenes at the pub and even at The Mill.  She started having personal conversations with them. Acting like a friend to Aaron while throwing herself at Robert. Any reason to make Aaron feel insecure. She was hoping Robert would fall back into old habits.

Nothing worked until Robert got drunk and called her over. She saw her chance.  They make out, and Robert takes off his jacket but passes out. After he passes out, she pretends they slept together. Ready to use it against Robert. However, she found out she is pregnant. It is Ross’s but why not use it against him. In her eyes, Aaron would leave Robert if he found out about the baby.

She did not’ count on the two to come through and stay together. Now she is stuck with a kid that could easily be proven to be someone else’s. She runs.


Ross and Robert have a complicated history.  Ross shot Robert. He knows about Katie. Aaron and Ross don’t have a great relationship either. After he meets Rebecca and sleeps with her a few times, she might have opened to him. Upset about how much she felt Robert used her.  So, he helps her out with her plan in little ways. Anything to get back at Robert who he seems to not like. Also, he could get some much-needed money by blackmailing him.


Here is where we get stuck.  We aren’t sure who these feet are supposed to be.  We thought Chrissie, but she seems to be surprised by everything Rebecca throws at her.  I feel like she would know if Rebecca was going after Robert. Mostly because she would help.

Belle is a wild guess because out of nowhere she is now in Lachlan’s/Chrissie orbit.  Apparently, if our research is correct, Belle and Lachlan have been here before.  So, Belle might have helped with a few things; we aren’t sure. This is where things get a little tricky. We also think we might not know who that is supposed to be yet.

Even we don’t have all the pieces.


The feet in the sand confuse us. Without Justine asking me my thoughts about the feet in the sand we wouldn’t have this theory. How could we have forgotten Lachlan? He might be the missing key. This could all lead to Lachlan going serial killer and the Ross vs. Robert spoiler printed in  Soap Life magazine. It also walks back the cheating (Robert meant his vows comment from Iain) and walks back the baby while still having soapy revenge on the table.

Even if none of this matters, in the end, you have to wonder about the feet in the sand.


Can you add to it? Do you think we are all officially losing our minds? Tell us below or tweet me @AmanaJ718. Until the next theory grabs our fancy, keep watching to see if we are right.


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  1. I’d forgot all about the feet in the sand! It really was very strange though that he was alone but it showed him as not being.

    • Thanks for reading! We noticed that too. He is on the sand with the other feet and then he is standing on the rocks near the water when Robert grabs him. So he must have walked down and the people exited to the right. That or…ghosts? 😉

  2. That scene has bothered me also…don’t understand the feet thing. Not to discredit your theory, but Chrissie & Bex confronted Lachlyn in the Home Farm kitchen about him skipping school and his doing the laundry after the incident. Both were shocked when they heard of the accident from Lawrence and Bex went running to check if Robert was okay. Their reactions after wouldn’t support either being there with Lachlyn on the beach front. Also, it wasn’t common knowledge at the time that Lachlyn was the culprit, and he was still skiddish with Rebecca. Ross was in Hotten, in the back of his cab snogging a woman when everyone was at the hospital which should eliminate him. Belle if memory serves was in the mental hospital down south being treated. For her being in Lachlyn & Chrissie’s orbit now, it is the same with all the recent pairings that made little sense (Aaron & Finn, Adam & Ross, Rebecca & Victoria). Emmerdale is in the habit of putting people together that have barely interacted just to advance a story. (Example – Finn was plot device with Kasim to put Aaron in position to be incarcerated and separated from Robert, so we could get the infidelity/baby story).

    On a separate note, Marlon & Paddy were a part of the original trailer for SSW, though Lachlyn was not.

    I gave up on the feet in the sand after I couldn’t make any possible scenarios fit, and decided it was just unfortunate filming that meant nothing.

    BUT, I do have a conspiracy theory I’m working on with Lachlyn for a revenge type plot for this year. It will impact Robert & Aaron, Chrissie & Rebecca, and Lawrence & Ronnie. Belle is a pawn to get at Aaron and Robert, is as far as I have got so far.

  3. Maybe the feet belong to the people who were going to die, leave or something along those lines:
    James we knew was going to die so our worries were about Rhona and Aaron. This was obvious on screen. But the first pair of feet could be Ashley (has died now), second pair Emma, and last pair either Rebecca or Chrissie (probably Rebecca)

  4. I just watched the scenes of Robert and Rebecca at the scrapyard the first day of super soap week, and she is carrying a black purse with fringe on it…

  5. I had to laugh when you said Rebecca is stuck with a kid that could easily be proven to be someone else’s. No one has suggested a DNA test, LOL! Since you wrote this, Robert made that “desperate slapper” remark but he didn’t follow through on it by getting a paternity test. It’s such a gaping plot hole that’s been driving everyone mad. Also, correct me if I’m wrong but Rob didn’t invite Rebecca over that night. Didn’t he text her asking if she was about and she interpreted that as a booty call? She overheard Vadam talking about Rob, she lies and ditches Ross and rushed over to the Mill.. When she got to the house, Rob asked her what she was doing there. Basically, she’s delusional and is shady af.

    • Hey Jenna! True. Bex did not invite her. He just asked what she was doing. She heard from Adam where he was and ran out of there like it was her job. She took advantage it was a total consent issue (Emily Head…men need to give consent too. Its not just women). The show treats this baby like Bex, a plot device we need to deal with till they either kill her off or send the baby off with someone else. Its annoying and is taking forever to get answers. No DNA test is weird and Robert couldn’t care less about her health or the kids health. I’m convinced its not his until we see a test done.

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