Emmerdale: Live and Organized – May 31, 2017

Say goodbye to May and hello to today’s episode of Emmerdale. Let’s see who we run into today.

I think it’s time for Emmerdale to stop using block storytelling. Its killing them.


Poor Marlon. He is in hell. I kind of love how Laurel is the voice of reason. She doesn’t need anymore drama. Marlon! You aren’t the middle man. I want him to be happy for five minutes. He has gone through so much in his life.

I’m totally into the idea of Laurel and Marlon again. I like them. Come on show. Give us something sweet. I need sweet. GIVE ME SWEET. Marlon is lucky Laurel is the voice of reason. Paddy is helping no one.

Also, Paddy is being nosey. The older he gets the more he becomes an old washwoman. Don’t you have Aaron to help out or something? He can’t judge but he can listen.

Carly is flirting. Oh Carly. No. Stop it. Oh god. Yup. I hope there is a good return policy on that ring Marlon.  Well, there is the rub. Carly has her decision to make. Matt or Marlon/April. Yes, Marlon comes with a beautiful little girl that will be crushed.

Wow. Both kiss someone else at the same time. How soapy. Sigh.


I still find Nicola funny. Comic relief. We need that right now.  Also, they are quite cute. Nice to see among the sadness couples are going through.

Wow. Jai is laying it on thick. They are going to end badly. Aren’t they? Oh no, Nell won’t take this well. Oh no! Classic soap moment, Nell didn’t hear the good part of the conversation.  I like Nell but this relationship has developed into something weird. So weird. WHAT? You barely know her Jai! You are in love with Holly not Nell.

Also Moira being reminded of Holly all over the place? Moira with child? I think so. Its time for that seed from December to bloom.

Oh look. A couple the show doesn’t care enough about to break up. OH NO. There goes the order. Crap. Is it bad I’m laughing so hard right now.


I want one episode without her name in it. Is that too much to ask. Also, Lachlan is still creepy. Keep away from Belle. I’m not sure I care about Lachlan anymore. Can he just go crazy and we can call it a day? I mean….sigh. I don’t know anymore.

My friend Justine asked me if Zak might die this summer as a surprise death. I’m beginning to wonder that too.

Oh Chrissie. A little more ‘up market’. Like you don’t sit there with Rebecca to screw with Robert and Aaron. It is becoming your favorite pastime.

Why does Chrissie hate Belle so much? She is so much better than Lachlan. A million times better. Lachlan should be so lucky.

‘It’s Just Speculation’ 

So, I’ve heard rumors of a Robert vs Ross battle. Hmmmm, which side would I bet on?

Duh. (wink)

What do you think? Tell me below or tweet me @AmandaJ718. Until tomorrow, see you in Emmerdale.

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