Emmerdale: Live and Organized – May 30, 2017

Welcome back! It’s Tuesday in this village. Let’s see what everyone is up to today!


April is adorable as per usual.  I love the beautiful relationship between Marlon and April. This is going to hurt them so much when Carly leaves.

Marlon has every right to be annoyed. Carly you were flirting.

Bob is great. As per usual. Yes, Bob! I’m Team Marlon too. I know he doesn’t stand a chance but yeah. Team Marlon.

Oh, Bob. No. Marlon isn’t going to propose anymore. Eek. A thousand times eek.

Marlon. Sigh. I just want him to be happy for five minutes. Why can’t anyone be happy for five minutes? That is all I ask.

Matt and Carly working together? That will end well for Marlon. *sarcasm*


I love their friendship. Paddy is a bit out of it lately, but sooner or later he will be brought in to talk to Rhona and Aaron. At some point.

Paddy. You suck. Stop talking. “Have you licked his face yet?” LMAO


Lawrence is going to have a heart attack. Isn’t he?

I’m sure Rebecca rode a lot of things. I’m going to hell.

Lawrence, like everyone else, got over this anger quickly. I don’t even know any more people.

Chrissie acting dumb isn’t a good look on her. Just saying.

“Something has happened. Something has changed” DUDE. We are hoping something has changed or happened with Rebecca. Fingers crossed!

Lawrence is just as hot and cold as everyone else.  This story is confusing. Also, Ronnie does nothing. Why is he here?

Oh, look. The poor little victim again. I hate her, even more, when I push this stupid victim act. Stop it. Make her own up to her crap. Robert took responsibility. Time for Rebecca to do the same.


Again, I like Nell. I see a lot of promise with this character. I’m sure she isn’t long for the show because I like her, but you know. Welcome to my life. I can see Nell looking for her kid just to see if she is ok. That could be quite emotional. Good soapy goodness.

Oh. Hey, Nell. Look at you. She does look a little more healthy than when we met her.

Robert vs. The Whites

Oh, Robert. I love you and your smart ass mouth.


“Let her go. It’s for the best.” God. Everyone is so damaged. Everyone is a mess. Sigh. Aaron is sad again. I hate seeing him sad. I hate seeing Robert sad. I hate this whole thing.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

How I currently feel about block storytelling.


Tell me what you think! Leave a comment below or tweet me at @AmandaJ718. Until next time, I’ll see you in Emmerdale.

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