Emmerdale Live and Organized – May 29, 2017

Well, another week in Emmerdale. What are these lovely people up to today? Let’s see!

This will be a bit different from my normal post. I couldn’t watch the whole episode live so I had to wait. SO, these thoughts will be a lot more coherent. Well, as coherent I can get over a soap opera. I’m only concentrating on the Robron story since the Jai and Nell story was such filler it isn’t even funny. I like Nell so glad to see her back on my screen. Anyway, lets go.


Ok. I really wanted to hear Aaron tell of Rebecca after leaving us with that cliffhanger on Friday. Alas, it is a new day. So, we don’t get a response. That’s ok. I didn’t expect one. What is confusing to me is the whiplash. How did Aaron become ok with this baby? He doesn’t have to be ok with this baby. In no way shape or form does he have to be ok. Now he is pushing for it? Ok, show. Ok.

I know why Victoria is pushing. Mostly because she has baby on the brain and if can’t have one with Adam she will make sure her brother has one? Eek, this brings me to another topic.

Can Robert make up his own mind please? He has every right to decide what he wants to do.  If she gets to so does he. I see apprehension there. He thinks he will be a bad father. Aaron says he will help him which I noticed seem to make Robert smile. However, let Robert have a decision. Let him have agency too.

I did like the talk of Robert and Aaron having their own family. When they think it is right. How they want to go about it. I would love to see this storyline. There is so much drama there. They can’t find an adoption agency to work with them because of Aarons record. Surrogacy has its dramas too.  Robert and Aaron can do the baby story, just not this way. This way is dirty and wrong.

Why is Aaron so ok with everything? Did Adam (let Adam and Robert become friends! Please!) talk him into it. Also, Aaron, you didn’t see what Rebecca was up to while you were in jail and then when Robert was dealing with everything behind your back. She isn’t an angel.

Don’t let her get into your head. Not for one second.

Rebecca and Family

That whole hospital scene was making alarm bells ring in my head.  We don’t get a doctor scene. We don’t get a scan. We don’t get dates. We just have to take things at Rebecca’s word. LIKE THAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. Also, one minute she wants an abortion. Next she wants to keep it. Then everyone blames Robert for her indecision. NO. Stop that show. Robert is not the villain here. It takes two to tango. If Rebecca would take responsibility for her actions we can talk. Right now, she blames everyone like a child would. What a great mother.

Chrissie wasn’t in the room either. So, who runs off on a plane after being told to stick around to rest. Why did she have her passport ready to go? There are so many questions here and Emmerdale just made it worse. Good news. She will be gone for two weeks. Lets have a mini celebration. Shall we?

Alarm bells people. Let this story go Emmerdale. Let Rebecca grow as a character away from Robert. That is the only way people will like her again. Yeah, she has her fans, but lets not kid ourselves. She isn’t liked. She is confusing and annoying to people. Come on. You can do better than that.

Unless…my theory is correct. (evil laugh)

‘It’s Just Speculation!’ 

Did anyone else hear about Finn and his future storyline?


What do you think? Tell me below or tweet me @AmandaJ718. Until next time, see you in Emmerdale.


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  1. This entire baby storyline is dire! The only ‘twist’ would be for there to be no twist and Rebecca does indeed end up having Robert’s baby. It’s becoming more and more obvious that there is no baby but I’m just not sure how long they feel the need to drag out the storyline before it’s revealed. I’m sure Rebecca did think she was pregnant at first but my prediction is the false positive test result was caused by another medical condition and Rebecca knows it. Her words and actions are so inconsistent it’s can’t be purely down to bad writing. Don’t get me wrong, the writers do sometimes miss the mark, but never this spectacularly and rarely for a Robron focused storyline.
    The whiplash from Fridays episode to today’s was crazy but hopefully they will continue with the awful storyline at the same speed so it can be over soon.

    • Hi! Thanks for reading!
      I still think there can be many twists. They have left so many plot holes open. They just need to pick one and jump through. Follow through on their plans and we as an audience will deal with it.
      I still have faith that the writers know what they are doing. Yes, they will misstep and screw things up but at the end of the story, I think we will see the full picture.
      There was whiplash because that episode on Friday was so bad, the next writer had to jump through some hoops to bring people back into their true selves. Aaron forgiving and helping out Robert is weird but I think its just shock. Things will fall apart and get better. We just got to hold on for the ride. No matter how bad it is. It will be ok. 🙂

      • I have faith it will work out in the end and I agree with you completely that the need to pick a route they’re going to go with and get it moving. The storyline stalled for so long when Aaron & Robert were offscreen that it feels we are still at the same point we were 3 months ago (which is a long time in soap time).

      • Same! They just need to pick a story and see it through. Put us out of our misery. You are completely right. The pacing has been dismal. Everything has been dismal. I have hope things will heat up this summer. Close out. Move Rebecca away from Robert and Aaron. Right now, they can rehab the character but they need her to break away from Robrons orbit.

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