Rebecca White: Playing Everyone?

Ok. Here is something I have to get off my chest. I’m sure no one will be surprised by this statement. This is something I’ve talked about with a lot of you. Including my dear friend, Justine (@BeautifulHusbands).

Rebecca White isn’t a Victim.

Whew. Shocking, right?

Next statement.

I think Rebecca White is playing everyone in the village.

Here is when things get a bit tricky and possibly straw grabbing. This revelation started when I came across a written out theory from Vicky (@aviewfromtheclouds25). Please check it out here and then come back. I’ll wait.

I’ve had the same idea in my head for awhile now.  She just wrote it much better than I could have. Here are some dots we (Justine and I) have connected to support her theory. They are not in any order just things we noticed. This is more Robert focused than White family focused.

Dot #1: The Conversations

Rebecca has conversations with Liv and Aaron. One on One conversations. They seem to come out of nowhere. With Aaron, it is about Gordon (which we will get to that), and with Liv, it is about things Robert isn’t comfortable talking about with her.  On the outside, it looks like she is just trying to be nice and innocent. If she wants revenge on Robert, she could be collecting information on the two people he loves the most. I always found it odd that Aaron would open up so easily about Gordon to her of all people. Someone he didn’t trust. Liv was more about her fears and issues but still something she could use (less likely, but I always found it an odd scene. Victoria could have talked to Liv. Not Rebecca).  She now has some inside information. Hurt the people Robert loves the most.

Dot #2: “I Passed Out.”

I know everyone is sick of me talking about consent and how the show seems to be dropping it. We all have eyes. We saw what happened that night. Robert drunk. Rebecca sober. The sober one should be the responsible one. We all know this. The show seemed to imply to us to let this go. If they wanted us to let this go, why have that line in there.

“I must have passed out, and she left”

Robert doesn’t remember passing out? He doesn’t remember in general? Why leave Rebecca if you “know” Robert wants you. If we are to forget about it why bring it up in the biggest Robert and Aaron episode. One could argue Aaron saying, “Don’t blame the drink!” was the show’s way of telling us to let go, but I don’t think that is the case here. Aaron was rightfully upset.

Dot #3: No Reaction to Lawrence/Overreaction to Aaron

This one is small but noticeable in Friday’s episode. When Lawrence yelled “NO!” at Rebecca, he was in her face. He was loud. He was angry. She didn’t even flinch. She just stared at him. Flash forward to Aaron having his conversation with her, and he raises his voice, and she immediately acts like he hit her covering her stomach in fear. What is the difference? Lawrence wasn’t meant for this part of the plan? She didn’t need to play up a reaction yet? She needed to make Aaron feel bad. Question why he even came to talk to her.

Dot #4: The Rebecca Speech to Aaron

That whole speech made my skin burn. It made me want to throw a chair at her head. That whole speech about how Aaron should dump Robert was her version of what Gordon must be saying in Aarons’ head. Since she knows about Gordon and what he has done to Aaron from their previous talk she knows how to get inside his head. She was measured in how she spoke. She was trying to get to him. Break them up for good. Since that is part of the plan. Hurt Robert. Take away, Aaron. She just didn’t count on their inability to cope without each other.

Dot #4: Whiplash

She always changes her mind. It’s whiplash for us. Twitter user, @AmanaJRooney wrote this out:

She changes her mind so much because she is trying to control the players in the game. She will say one thing to Robert and another to her family. She has to keep them on their toes if she is going to get revenge. Hence why we feel like she is insane. She is just saying what she needs to say to keep it going.

Dot #5: The words of a Victim?

Please click on the link to see the video that I can’t get to embed because technology hates me today. Click the link and come on back after you are done watching.

Is this the same Rebecca that we are supposed to see as Roberts victim @emmerdale? #robron #bexit

She is the worst. The worst. These words are what she is bitter about. Why she wants revenge against Robert.


All of this could be grasping at straws. However, we can see it. If others can see this happening. There must be something there.  I don’t know what Emmerdale is up to but if the tables turn and she becomes the big villain? I will be ecstatic. We are aware they can build up a story for months. Maybe we are getting a villain story after all. Just poorly acted and badly written.

I wrote this in haste. Please. Blow it apart. Hate it. Love it. Sorry if I give someone too much hope. Sorry if I offended. This is just something we noticed after reading that theory from the lovely Vicky.



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  1. I’ve had a theory going round in my head all day that kind of fits in with yours. I randomly remembered a storyline from an old soap that would actually fit here. What if Rebecca is having a phantom pregnancy, where she thinks she’s pregnant and has the symptoms and the positive test, but it’s actually all in her head. There have been allusions to her not being all there mentally, so it would fit for me. I think she is obsessed with Robert and still thinks she has a chance with him, she just doesn’t want anyone to know about it. He obviously doesn’t want anything to do with her or the baby, so then it becomes about revenge, from her, Chrissie, and Lawrence.

    And since they are so keen to parallel the Vadam story, they could have her leave and show up again in 6 months with a random blonde baby, let Rob and Aaron bond with it and then reveal it’s not his. Then, Robert would have the breakdown everyone’s been waiting for and Aaron would help him through it. They would be completely done with the White’s and happy for a few minutes until the next drama.

    None of this will actually happen, but a girl can dream.

    • Hi! Thanks for reading! I have entertained the phantom pregnancy theory too! I mean, that works just as well. I always thought that if they were going to do the baby storyline it should have been a baby from the pre-Aaron years. That would be interesting. Not this storyline. They have left this so open that is why so many theories work. LOL It is driving us up a wall!

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