Emmerdale Live and Organized – May 25, 2017

Well. Here we are. This review might be mostly gif reactions. Sorry in advance.

I’m not sorry, this is going to hurt. Hurt bad. Ignore spelling. I’m a mess.

Alright. Let’s DO THIS.


Robert looking at the picture. God, the feels. THE FEELS.

Christen every room in the house. God, how long fans have wanted to hear that and the drama is attached. Sigh.

Ok. It’s out now. Let’s scream, yell and cry. PLEASE. Oh god.

Ok. It’s screamed. He is crying. Let’s keep going. Talk it out.

YES! BOTH ARE BEING CALLED OUT. They both screwed up. Robert worse than Aaron but they both broke their vows.  I love this. Everything is out on the table. I love this. This conversation needed to happen.

Well, no. She didn’t stop you at all. You passed out.  Come on. Consent is an issue. We all saw it show. We all know he drank a whole bottle of whiskey. She was sober. THIS IS RIDICIOUS.

Wait. He doesn’t remember, does he? He doesn’t remember sleeping with her? He even said he passed out. That was it. Something is up here. Something weird.

The ring is off. THE RING IS OFF. I kind of called that though. They always take their rings off.

Good. They are sitting down and really talking. Good. I like this too.

Thank god someone said it. Aaron turns inward, and Robert turns outward. FINALLY. I love this is officially in canon.

Maxine totally hangs out on Tumblr. I see you! I see you. Wink.

This is perfection. ON SO MANY LEVELS.

Don’t think Robert is off the hook. The trust is completely gone now. So, it’s time for them to build it back up.

“People don’t’ stay with me.” “People don’t forgive me.” Wow. Powerful.

“I love you.” “I love you more.” *DEAD* *I’m Dead*


What is up with Moira? Is she pregnant? OH. It’s Hollys birthday. Damn. Oh Moira. Well, Moira has passed out. WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!

She is ok. Whew. It’s like she is on contract or something, right? (wink wink) I kind of forgot they were fighting. Whoops.

So, it’s ok with Adam screws up. Got it show. Got it.


Welcome back guys! Haven’t seen you in awhile. Glad to see you.  Oh hey! Laurel has a new roommate. Adorable. Love it. Lydia and Laurel! Yay!


I guess we are all good now? Even though Rebecca should take some of the blame. How did she have time to make that many contacts? Seriously. I’m nitpicking. I’m just feeling very sad right now. I can’t even go after Rebecca today.


How would she know? We never saw her at the clinic? Its getting offensive now writers. Yeah, totally stupid. Taking advantage of a drunk man in pain. Good for you. Sure, that’s why you were running after him the whole freaking time. I’m so confused. Why does she care now?

Not everything is about you, Rebecca. Chrissie was trying to help you out. Be a good sister.  Ok, the White sisters are scheming. All is right with the world I guess? I’m even more convinced of a twist now. I’d love for Rebecca to take responsibility for her actions. Straight up say it.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’ 

Breathe. Just breathe.


Tell me what you think below or tweet me @AmandaJ718. Until tomorrow, see you in Emmerdale.

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