Emmerdale Live and Organized – May 19, 2017

Hey! Welcome to the Friday edition of Emmerdale Live and Organized. Yesterday was nuts, but I’m sure things will calm down.


Ha! No chance. Let’s see what is happening today!

I think we should give the McCain writers a chance to write an episode. Just saying.


Of course, Josh said that. He doesn’t like you, Dan. He wants to get you back. I think it’s David. Just a thought. Dan. Stop talking. It may be time to stop talking and get a lawyer.


Again, I think David is behind the attack. He just lost it. OH. WAIT. Tracy? Is Tracy who did it? I love Eric playing detective. I see Eric is back in his right mind.

It’s Tracy. Tracy did it! That is my guess. Tracy is behind all of this. It was a moment of passion.  YES! I KNEW IT! I WIN AT LIFE.

Oh god. She recorded it. That is going to get around.

Debbie/Charity/White Family

Ha. I love you, Debbie. Until I don’t. But I love you right now. Why does Rebecca keep smirking at Debbie? Seriously. STOP SMIRKING. Smirking is not acting. Are you and Debbie in on something? Did Rebecca know about the Prawns in the car? What is the point of all this?

Debbie calling her hat ugly made my day.  Also, Debbie is playing Rebecca now. Is she still the ‘victim’? It is just weird. At the same time, let her and Debbie run off into a new storyline. Get her away from Robert and Aaron and try to build her up another way. Right now, she is dead in the water.

Debbie throwing in ‘Daddy’s Money” felt like a setup. Maybe this is the start of a triangle of sorts. Rebecca/Ross/Debbie? Whatever. Let it happen show. Just let it happen.

Also, Rebecca doesn’t look like someone stressed out by pregnancy or making the decision to abort. She sounds like she is just hanging out with her sister and her nephew. I’d be distracted by what is happening. Something is off here.

I’m glad Rebecca is spending so much time on a business venture. Is that all she is thinking about? Yes, women can have more than one thought, but hey, she could be carrying a married man’s child. A man who wasn’t in his right mind when it happened and doesn’t want anything to do with her. I’d be distracted by that. Not thinking up a new business.

I don’t like her cozying up to Aarons family either. That is just me though.



Charity flirting with Matt is great. Look at her with the cherry.  I adore her with all my life.

Victoria hiding out is adorable too.  I’d tell Chrissie where to go though. Since when does Victoria take anything from her regardless of what happened at that festival? Where is Victoria’s backbone?

Zak did try. He really did try.  Chrissie has a good name? LISA. HONEY. I LOVE YOU. Another mention of ‘Daddy’s Money”. Interesting. Is it the summer of fighting over Lawrence’s money?


Are they setting them up as Romeo and Juliet? Doesn’t fit with what I think might happen this summer or fall.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’ – Robron Edition 

Tell me what you think. Leave me a comment below or tweet me at @AmandaJ718. Until next week (it’s the big one) see you around in Emmerdale.

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