Emmerdale Live and Organized – May 11, 2017

Ah, the Thursday episode. The day of the week in Emmerdale when everything explodes and the carnage pushes us into the next week. Kind of into the next week. Anyway, here are my thoughts on the villagers in today’s Emmerdale!


Rhona is scared. I hate this so much.  She doesn’t deserve this at all.  It is breaking my heart. If anything, I want Vanessa to know and have her take care of Pierce. *Distant sounds of the Dixie Chicks song ‘Goodbye Earl’ plays*

Good. The boys are getting Vanessa involved. Let the ‘Protect Rhona Crew’ rise!

I would have thrown out everything from the wedding by now. That is my reaction to everything when I’m mad. I throw stuff out in fits of anger. Speaking of anger. WOW.

Vanessa to the rescue! Please, Rhona! Please tell Vanessa everything. PLEASE.


Paddy. Let her talk to Vanessa. She can’t talk to you yet. Just let her talk it out. I’m still into the idea of Paddy and Rhona again. I’m also into the idea of Vanessa and Rhona too. Just saying.

I have nothing to say about the confession. It was just…Zoe Henry? She is amazing. AMAZING.

“There is no, and there is NO.” Oh, look. Emmerdale does understand a bit about consent. Hm. (I’m going to get blowback for that)

Victim. That word just…that word. It holds so much weight these days, doesn’t it?

I understand why Rhona is saying what she is saying. She is scared. She wants to move on. I’m glad the police have that info so when she is ready to do what is right, the police have their evidence.

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Oh. I think we are getting Carly’s exit storyline. Here we go! Marlon isn’t going to marry Carly, is he? I may be making a sad face as I type this.

Wow. The father didn’t know. I sense he is coming back into Carly’s life and maybe take her away to a different life. Which means a sad Marlon. Making another sad face.

Sometimes everything can change with the click of a button. Here we go.


Adam shows up and my stream freezes. Figures. Adam, you can blame the world, but you have to accept that you screwed up.  Victoria messed up too.  In her own way. Everyone is a mess in their story.  Communication an issue here too.

Victoria sharpening her knife is hilarious. I’m sure she is thinking of using that on many people.

Is Adam leaving the show or are they just mixing things up for the summer before they get back together? Since when does Victoria hang out with Finn? Did I miss something?

Things are moving way too fast with them. Something is up, or they needed to destroy this couple for another or for the summer only?

The Attic Crew

Frank and Megan are back. So is Jai. Still, don’t care about this story.  That is all I will say.

Nell and Jai (SNORE)

Eric is still upset which his understandable. I’d be upset too.

Charity filming the Dan and David fight is funny. I love Charity. Give her something to do already! Other than Frank. How often does Charity film things happening in the bar?!?

Tracy. Shut up. You are such a gossip. I mean this in the nicest way possible.

Nicola and Jimmy. Love them. They are nuts but perfect for each other.

Emma and Sons

They all have their secrets. Don’t they? Emma can’t talk about anyone. Geez. Why do I think Lachlan and Emma will work together? Then turn on each other at the end?

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

I’m excited that things are starting to move. I believe we are seeing the closing out of winter/spring stories and heading into the summer stories. Let the old plots die, and new exciting plots grow in its place! As per usually, STAY OFF THE MESSAGE BOARDS!

What do you think? Tell me below or tweet me your thoughts at @AmandaJ718. See you all in Emmerdale tomorrow.


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