Emmerdale Live and Organized – May 10, 2017

I’m behind but let’s see what the residents of Emmerdale are up to today.


I LOVE YOU. Never change. I made a threesome joke in my head too.


Rhona’s story is breaking my heart. She is hiding away the rape because she is afraid of feeling like a victim. I just, I want to give her a hug. Putting it on Paddy isn’t nice either, but he can take it until the truth comes out.  Let him be the fall guy.

I really like the idea of Rhona and Paddy again. Let Paddy be the one to guide her through this show. Please. That or Vanessa. She needs someone. She needs someone to help her. This isn’t going to end well.

Tomorrow is another day.


Chrissie having to deal with Lydia is so funny. Do we have a new comedic friendship on our hands? I’d be down for that. Oh, maybe give Chrissie a friend that will bring her down a few pegs. Give her advice about her psycho son.

Sam and Lydia are still adorable. LET IT HAPPEN SHOW.


Emma is being creepy again. I know she is mentally ill but come on people, no one is noticing something is gong on? I’d notice, then again, everyone is stuck in their own problems in their village. Much like life.

Vadam were overly sweet. You know what that means. It was just a kiss which makes it weirder that he is hiding it.  In my eyes, a kiss is nothing in soap land.

That line, “If he loved me he wouldn’t have done that.” That line hurts.  Mostly because I like them and I know Adam loves Victoria. It is just, ugh. That hurt more than I expected.

Adam. Adam. Adam.  Your mother isn’t to blame. Emma isn’t to blame. I don’t know if the reaction would have been the same if he told her sooner but it happened and now it’s time to deal with it.


I love how Moira figured out it was Emma quickly. That’s my girl.  Emma is the worst. Seriously, she is the worst.  Everyone in town will be suspect after she dies. Moira has to know why Emma is doing all of this.  Who will Emma mess with next? God help us all when she finds out about Cain and Harriet.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’ – Robron Edition (It is always about Robron)

Robron have their own house! Let us rejoice! They seriously have their own set, and that says a lot. I know they are giving us happy things because they are about to break our hearts into smithereens. One thing that seems to be confirmed (kind of) is that Robert is the one to tell him which is good. That is character development. 2015 Robert(TM) would have never done that. So, that is something.

Either way, the real fireworks for spoilers will start next week. Get ready. Oh and STAY OFF THE MESSAGE BOARDS!

What do you think? Tell me below, and I’ll see you in Emmerdale tomorrow!

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