Emmerdale Live and Organized – May 9, 2017

Another day in Emmerdale. What will today bring? Let’s watch and find out.


Oh, Lydia! That voicemail message was adorable. Having Lydia attached to Sam has made me like her. Look at that!

Lydia working at Home Farm is interesting. Will this play into future storylines or are they just making Sam and Lydia work together? Either way, I like the idea.

I loved Chrissie’s face when Lydia started crying about her bird. That just made me smile so hard. Ronnie was sweet as per usual. Chrissie looked like she was in hell though. Love it.


I’m a bit over this storyline. A bunch of teenagers scaring off grown men is a bit hard to take. I know Dan has proper issues, but David could have taken them. Just saying.

That last scene with Tracy and Eric was upsetting. It might be time for Eric to get some help. Poor guy. He is so scared. If Emmerdale won’t allow Aaron to get, help let Eric get some help! Please?

Laurel and Family

The Thomas family continues to be adorable. I loved how Arthur taught him to send an attachment.

Oh my god! Porn on Emmerdale. Perfect. I love Sandy asking about the remote and if her television would ever get fixed! It was great. A great comedic moment.


Adam needs to calm down. I know he is allowed to act like an ass because it is Adam and he isn’t being treated like a plot device. I’m bitter today. Deal with it.

That punch felt good. Even if it looked like a little bop on the nose. Who knew I’d like Ross. WHO KNEW! By the way, Harriet is right.  If anyone could reign Emma in, it might be Harriet.

Emma is getting nuttier and nuttier. She has a mental health issue, and it will end up badly for her.

I don’t understand why Adam is so upset over a kiss? Their past history? It’s not like he can get her preggers again! Something else is going on here. All I know is Adam will get a pass, and that pisses me off. In general. I’m salty today.

Moira needs to stay in her lane. Acting like Vanessa is the whole problem here. I think they are setting her up for a big fall later on in the summer. At the expense of Emma Barton.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

So, yeah. I ‘m not going to go into any new theories running around (other than they all make me so happy) but I will leave this here so I can look back and see if I was wrong or not. I think we are about to see a big Robert Sugden breakdown. I say, bring it on. Ryan Hawley would be awesome, and I’d love to see Robert finally break down and finally talk to Aaron. Open up. Communicate.

As per usual, STAY OFF THE MESSAGE BOARDS. You will thank me later.


What do you think? Tell me below, and I will see you tomorrow in Emmerdale. Well, I will not be watching live tomorrow I have a dentist appointment, but I will make my comments later on in the day.

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