Emmerdale Live and Organized – May 8, 2017

Another week in the Emmerdale village! Fingers crossed things get crazy (don’t they always?) Anyway, here we go!

(Thanks to The Woolie Weekly for the gif)


Does someone go around spray painting messages? First The Mill and now Dan and Kerry home? Is there a service in Emmerdale? Seriously. Who doesn’t see this happening in the village?

There are rumors that the YOUTHS are related to Jason (Prison Jason). What do you all think? I think it might be true. Though I believe that this storyline is just filler.

Seriously. I feel like when a bunch of guys surround and threaten a woman someone would stop that? This is just weird to me.

I’m going to get crap for this, but the YOUTHS storyline feels like filler. Where is this going? Dan and his family being hurt? Oh, Dan! Honey! No! Stand your ground! You will get through this!

Laurel and Family

I want to give everyone a big hug in this family.  Arthur is quite the kid. He is handling things better than I did with death at his age.

That dream was about Emma. Wasn’t it?


They made it out of the Attic crew too! Congrats Sam and Samson!

I adore seeing these two on my screen. I don’t think we see enough of them.  I want Sam to be happy. Let him with happy with Lydia for a while. They were so cute.

Oh, Samson! Is he playing cupid? So cute. All of this is so cute. Please let Sam and Lydia have another date. It would be so cute! Seriously show! We need cute in our lives. Oh. Lydia didn’t react the way I thought she would. Believe me, Samson, you tried.


Adam. Adam. Adam. All the drama over a kiss? Just a kiss? Or did we not see something else happen? Adam is going to be in a permeant bad mood until Robron come back.  Then Adam will become super best friend again.

Wow. After all that time, you are NOW rethinking being parents?!? I feel like this should have come up ages ago when you decided to have a kid. All of this is odd to me. Do you know what would be funny? If the test was wrong and Adam is fine. Victoria gets preggers, and all hell breaks loose. That would be quite soapy.

Victoria and Marlon friendship! Yay for that.

Adam is going after Moira for being so judgmental. I may have enjoyed that. A little bit. Considering Moira did sleep with Pete. Will that ever come back up?

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

I have nothing to say here right now. Everything is so tightly wrapped for the big Robron one hour episode people are going a little crazy. Once again, heed my warning. STAY OFF THE MESSAGE BOARDS. Ahem, yes.

What do you think? Tell me below, and I will see you in tomorrow in Emmerdale!


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