Emmerdale Live and Organized – May 5, 2017

Another week in Emmerdale. Let’s see how they round off this week in the village.


Dan has officially left my ‘attic crew’ to get its own section. Congrats. I’m starting to feel for Dan. He is hiding his fears and I know from experience (we all do) it is the worst feeling. How you want to be perceived to the outside world versus how you actually feel about yourself or a situation. It’s not fun.

Hey, guys! Don’t yell at Dan. One doesn’t know how they would react in a situation like that. To tell you the truth Eric was the one egging them on. Should have just given them the money and moved on. Money can come back. Lives can’t.

The Coffee Shop/WoolPack (EVERYONE IS OUT TODAY!)

Sam and Bob are adorable. Stop being so adorable. Sam? All kids think their parents are stupid at that age. They don’t know how valuable a parents opinion and experiences can be (the good parents at least).  I guess I just showed how I was raised. I didn’t realize the value of my parent’s experiences and opinions till I was in my early twenties.

Emma is front and center these days. I guess her story is finally coming together. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Her kids are mad at her, she set Charity against Moira, and she won’t leave Harriet alone. She is just picking at everyone. Oh good. She is going after Adam now. Emma is digging her own grave. All it will take is Arthur to show someone that video and she is done.

So, Adam and Victoria are already looking at adoption after all that drama? The fact there is more drama to come. That or Adam will get away with it again. I don’t know. I’ve suddenly turned bitter at the end of this episode. Why all the drama if it was just a kiss? I know it was with Vanessa but come on. Just a kiss isn’t a big deal in soap land. So, what is going on there?

Laurel and Family

Aw! Of course, Arthur’s design won! How long before someone sees’s Emma at the end of that one video. I’m sure there is more. (wink wink nudge nudge)

Are memories enough? I don’t know. Sometimes yes and sometimes no. Depends on the situation. There are times when I smile at stories about my grandfather, but when I graduated from graduate school, I wish he was there. Memories weren’t’ enough then. It’s tough.

Thanks, Emma. That ruined that nice experience for Arthur.  Geez.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

Nothing to write here after yesterday’s meltdown (that was omitted from the WordPress blog version). We know we have a possible picture coming up for Robron and we think that no one knows what is going to happen or everything is actually following the embargo put in place this time around.

Either way, don’t let certain word choices or harsh language make you think the storyline is going one way or another.  They don’t know anything. They reveal anything. Don’t let it get you crazy.  Leave that to experts!

Anyway, here is my formal warnings (clears throat) STAY OFF TWITTER, FACEBOOK, AND THE MESSAGE BOARDS. They only give you more drama than you need. Stick to Tumblr. It’s a fun place to hang out. We have smart and funny people hanging out there. Come join us!


What do you think? Tell me below, and I will see you next week in Emmerdale.

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