Emmerdale Live and Organized – May 4, 2017

Another day. Another drama. Let’s see what is happening in an hours’ worth of drama today in Emmerdale!


(Thanks to @thewoolieweekly for the gif)



I can’t believe they used David’s picture as the Standee for the book. That’s a bit NC-17.

“Please let today have a happy ending!” – Famous last words David.

Tracy’s writer’s outfit cracks me up. Every writer has glasses, right? (wink wink)

Oh no. Davids butt has gone viral. How do they know its David? Did Tracy tell her ‘fans’ online at some point?

I want all of Leya’s clothes. Just felt like throwing that out into the universe.

SETS UP A CHARITY FOR DOLPHINS?!?! WHAT? I need to read this book! Emmerdale! Get on that! Publish this masterpiece!


I feel like Debbie can’t be all high and mighty considering what she has done in her life. I’m still convinced Moira is using Debbie as a substitute for Holly. That won’t end well. Especially when Debbie will act out.

WOAH. Emma is stirring the pot. Seriously honey. Your time is coming. I sense it is coming soon.


Are they setting up a huge battle between Emma and Moira? For some reason, this feels like a lot of buildups. Moira is the sane, stable one while Emma is losing it and getting people to hate her.  Oh boy.


I’m hoping Ashley’s memorial doesn’t get ruined down the line. That would suck. Also, is Arthur being bullied by the same kids?!?! They get around, don’t they?

Arthur! You did something no kid is supposed to do when they are home “sick”! We all had that moment as kids though.

Awwww! Ashley sighting! Ashley roasting Doug from the beyond. LOVE IT.

OH, MY GOD! What was that?!?!

“Nobody can hide forever!” – The clock is ticking for Emma now.


Emma got Charity all upset. This isn’t going to end well.

Faith! Oh god. Faith is going to make them fight. OH MY GOD. That’s a lot of blood. Sigh. This doesn’t solve anything.

Wow! It’s dump on Charity day on Emmerdale. Robert appreciates the break.


Liv has a good sense of character. She knew those guys were trouble. Too bad no one else noticed. OH WAIT. They only showed up randomly for the past couple of months. Guess its time to give them a story too.

Why is he baiting them? Just give them the money! God! Come on! Dan didn’t even do anything. He hid behind David’s butt.

Jacob to the rescue! I can’t believe that they forced him into a garbage can.

Seriously. Dan is a grown man. What are two kids going to do to an adult? Seriously. COME ON.


Emma. Stop. Your crush on Harriet is embarrassing now. Emma is worrying me with her throwing herself into religion. Everyone is doing something else to fill up an empty hole inside. (Makes secret joke about Cain and Harriet).

Wow. Laurel got to Cain. Interesting. I feel like his time with Moira has softened him in general. That kind of love has effects.

What is Emma’s endgame here? What would Charity going after Moira do for her? More wacky Emma stuff?

Attic Characters

Lydia needs to hang out with Sam again. I really enjoyed them. Here is hoping they find their way back for some more.  We need more Sam anyway. I like him. Is Lydia running around hanging out with random characters happening for a reason? Is she filling space? Eek. I don’t dislike her as much though.

What do you think? Tell me below and I’ll see you in Emmerdale tomorrow! 

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