Emmerdale Live and Organized – May 3, 2017

I got to watch live today! Let’s all dance in happiness and see what is going on in Emmerdale today!


Faith. Oh, Faith. I don’t know why I like you. It cracks me up. I kind of find it funny that Moira finds it funny that Faith is hungover. Sarah could have been really hurt.

Charity and Ross. I’m oddly ok with that pairing. *ducks* Ross. Seriously? Ratting out your partner in crime? Not cool.

That was a sweet moment between Moira and Debbie. Is Moira using Debbie as a substitute for Holly?


So, the whole point of Ross blackmails Ross for money was meant to set up Ross steals from Moira? All that for that? Alright then. That’s a lot to set up.

Moira has every right to kick Ross out of the deal. He is stealing her livelihood! Team Moira on this one.

The Attic Characters

Who steals a crappy book? I see those boys Liv and Gabby were hanging out with are back. *yes, I know the spoilers* This should be interesting. Crime comes to Emmerdale. UM. Well. Crime from teenagers comes to Emmerdale! UM. Wait. Nothing has changed here. Crime is always in Emmerdale.

Leyla helping out the Bartons. I love how Pete defended her. She was a pole dancing, not lap dancer! Good distinction there Pete. 😉


Well, at least Laurel told her away from Kerry. I wouldn’t expect any less from Laurel. She isn’t a gossip. Harriet and Cain got lucky. I just want Laurel to be happy this year. She has been through so much. Please show, treat Laurel well this year.

“This is Cain Dingle, a criminal!” “A gorgeous one.”  Harriet! I understand completely. Cain is a cutie. Dangerous cutie.

I understand Harriet completely right now. Sometimes we all get a little numb. As much as I like Harriet and Cain, I know it isn’t healthy to use someone to feel alive. That will fade too and then what are you left with? There won’t be feelings or love since they didn’t start out with feelings.  They are just using each other to feel better or forget about problems.

Laurel vs. Cain – Round One: Laurel Wins.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

I was told people are complaining about Rebecca on a hashtag called #Bexit. That’s not funny. No. Not at all. (Use it. Use it often.)


What do you think about today’s episode? Tell me below, and I’ll see you in Emmerdale tomorrow!

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