Emmerdale Live and Organized – May 1, 2017

Here we are spending another week in Emmerdale. Let’s see what I have to say about it all now! (Groans.)


I don’t like how Sarah was looking at that gun. You know what they say, an unfired gun has to go off at some point (no one says this).  Oh god! I was right. Taking Penguins hostage. The penguin looks like Pete. Just saying. Moira being tired worries me too. Someone is getting shot. I assume it’s Ross or Pete. Let’s see if I am right.

OH NO! She shot someone! In broad daylight, too. Geez, Moira. Hold it together. No one is stealing anything in broad daylight!

If Charity is the one finding the injured party, it has to be Ross. Right? I just enjoy Ross being hurt because he annoys me in a good way.




Seriously. Emma. Harriet is busy. Her cheap labor is here. (laughs like an idiot). I know Cain and Harriet aren’t meant to be a major couple, but I’m really enjoying them. I will stay with them until they are over. They are too funny to let go of just yet.

Smooth guys. Talking in David’s where everyone is milling about. Nice. I love them.


Still, don’t care about Holly. I think the rest of the family needs some love though. I sense they won’t get it this summer.  I love how everyone can talk about each other when you are in the same room and only a seat away! No one can hear anyone unless it’s a plot point in soap land.

I still think Megan is embarrassed she was caught screwing up with her kid. Hence why she is so abrasive about the whole situation.

Don’t care about Jai and Megan either. Sigh. Jai. Buddy. I liked you during the Holly storyline, but now I’m just sleeping when you are on.



I’ll buy her book! I read all three books in the Fifty Shades of Grey. I hated every moment of that so I doubt reading Tracy’s book could be any worse. Watch, Tracy’s book takes off somehow. They are our comedy plot at the moment. Let’s see some funny Emmerdale. We need funny right now.

Go, Kerry! Someone understands how to correctly position a book! Let her be your seller and marketer. PR can go to your friends.

Attic Characters are Out Again

Stop. Messing.With.Sam. He is precious, and I don’t like to see him upset.

‘It is Just Speculation!’

This month is going to be insane for us Robron fans.  Let me just say that. I’m one of the positive people that are excited to see how this all goes. I pray that they have one long talk that includes crying, screaming and then actually movement to make their relationship stronger. Of course, they will have to break up for a while, but they will always find their way back to each other in the end.

My thoughts on Rebecca. Well, I’m still ‘Team Robert is NOT THE DAD’ and I’m convinced she will have a miscarriage and that is supposed to make us like her or feel sorry for her. Either way, It will take so much more for me to give a damn about her ever again. I don’t think she is long for this show anyway. The Whites (except Chrissie) are on their way out.

This month will be nuts. So, bring it on.

What do you think? Tell me below and I will see you in Emmerdale tomorrow!

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