Emmerdale Live and Organized – April 28, 2017

Here we are! Another crazy week in Emmerdale. Here are my thoughts on today’s episode. Let’s go!

More Attic Characters

Sam is adorable. He feels guilty about going on that date. Which makes me feel bad. I love that he borrowed Megan’s sunglasses. Oh hey. Sam and I are kind of the same. I tend to feel easily for people. Lydia is something else, isn’t she? She doesn’t annoy me when she is with Sam. NO! I liked them together! Damnit, show! I liked them.

Speaking of Megan, I think Megan is still mad at herself for leaving her kid in the car. It does happen. Since the little one is ok things will be fine.  Leave it to Bob to have a story about locking one of his kids in the car. Oh, HEY. Megan. I think Frank has something going with Charity or have we forgot that?

Marlon remains adorable. Let’s keep that up show.

Oh, hey, Leyla and Pete! I think we are seeing a few storylines from January being picked back up? Good to know they didn’t forget about Moira and Pete. Unless…they did?

Leyla is cute. Everyone knows that though.

Still, don’t care about Nell and Jai. Still waiting to care. I want to care. Still waiting. Oh, hey. More babies. Can the show get away from bringing in more babies? Victoria can adopt that one! Ha! Oh. Oh no. Is that where this is heading?

Glad to see the teens are still around. I still miss Liv and Gabby. Hope she comes home soon.


Nothing to say here. Stay awesome.



HEY! Welcome back, guys. Where have you been? Anyway, Emmerdale is the only show I am watching where cows have been stolen. OH, this won’t end well. Moira is accidently going to shoot someone, isn’t she? Oh god, there is a gun. Moira’s got a gun. MOIRA. Oh no. This is going to end badly. *evil laugh*

Faith remains awesome. I like her, and I want her on screen more. Possibly friends with Robert. I think Faith and Robert would be great together. Funny as all hell.


“Cain is doing some work for me.” Yeah, Harriet. He is doing a lot of work for you. He is also cheap. Ha. Ha. Ha. I love this, and I love them. I know they aren’t long for this show, but I’m going to enjoy them while I can.


I see Emma is still walking around with her god complex. That is building to something big. I can tell. This will be good.

‘It is Just Speculation!’

Whew! It has been one hell of a day for Robert and Aaron spoilers. It is driving people to grasp at straws and think the worst. Let me say this. You are allowed to be bitter. I understand completely if you feel bitter.


Don’t stay bitter for long. If you stay bitter for too long, you can’t enjoy the good that is coming for Robert and Aaron. We are getting a big hour long special. We will get another wedding. We will get an end to this storyline. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. It feels good. Please stick around. I still have faith that this will end and we can move on to a much better storyline.

So, with that, we have a direction this story is going which just makes things easier.

I’m not going to comment on the Rebecca stuff. I know how I feel about Rebecca and how she was written. I will say this. I’m convinced, other than Chrissie; the White Family is on their way out. That is what I’m speculating today.

So, with that, we finish another week in this crazy village. It has been fun being able to watch live. Don’t know if I can do that every day but it has been a lot of fun.

Tell me what you think below, and I will see you again on Monday in Emmerdale.

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