Emmerdale Live and Organized – April 27, 2017

I decided to brave the hour-long Emmerdale episode and watch it live. I’m writing this as the show airs so once again, slightly clunky but organized by characters. Let’s go!


Pierce is a piece of crap who doesn’t deserve to breathe anymore. Plain and simple. Trying to scare her by using “facts” about rape and then use the tape against her? First, what happened before doesn’t change what happened after. She didn’t consent to what happened after the wedding. Plain and simple. The police do have her exam results, so that is safely tucked away. She just needs to let them go after him.

Using Rhona’s child and calling it a lie? Nope. I…no. I’m at a loss for words.

I just want to protect Rhona. Give her a big hug and protect her.



Oh, look. Once again Adam is allowed to get away with something or maybe not? It was just a kiss. Suck it up and tell her. Use the Ross from Friends excuse, Adam. We were on a break. Do you know what annoys me? Adam gets away with too much. Robert isn’t evil. Adam isn’t a mixed up saint. We need to stop doing this show. I mean it. It’s not just because I’m a Robert fan. I’m an Adam fan too. I just need this to stop.

The Attic Door is Open

Still, don’t care about Nell and Jai. I enjoyed seeing other characters and leaving the pub for a while. I want to care about Lydia, but I’m still annoyed about other things. Maybe down the line, I will change my mind. I did find the Nicola song funny as all hell. Even funnier she didn’t seem to mind too much? I think?

I kept yelling at my computer for Megan to remember her baby in the car. Someone did though. At least someone saved her. It was a mistake though. It happens all the time. Doesn’t make her a bad mother. I think Megan is more upset with herself than Nell. Nell did save the baby but why did she leave with her to walk around? That is weird.

Long live Sam and Lydia. That are perfect for each other.


I like Ronnie. I like Belle. I don’t like Lachlan. Why is he attached to Belle now? Future storyline I guess. We shall see. I know Belle and Lachlan has a history that I don’t know well enough yet, so I’m reserving anymore comment on them.

It’s Just Speculation!

With that big press event, today there will be lots and lots of speculation and spoilers coming our way. Sigh. Remember to think of the sources and DON’T GO ONTO THE MESSAGE BOARDS.  Let’s just say Tumblr has very smart people coming up with very plausible theories. Stop there for spoilers and speculation first.

One thing we do know. Lawrence is on his way out. Please show. Take Rebecca with him. Chrissie can stay. Rebecca needs to go.



What do you think of today’s episode! Tell me below, and I will see you tomorrow in Emmerdale.

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