Emmerdale Live and Organized – April 26, 2017

I watched live again (I’m a masochist) so here are my thoughts! (groans heard along the shores). Enjoy! After you read my thoughts tell me what you think! I am open to all types of interpretations of what is happening in this crazy village.


Rhona is breaking my heart but you already know that.  I do love that she isn’t falling victim to what Pierce is doing to her. She is attempting to fight back. She still has some fight left in her. I have Pierce. I hate what he is doing to her. I don’t know how long this can hold out.

I was worried about this.  I was worried that Rhona would be afraid of public reaction. I was afraid she would hide away because of public reaction. Which just shows you how strong people have to be when they come forward and deal with public scrutiny of an event that traumatized them.

Once again, Zoe Henry is amazing.

Attic Door is Open

Oh! I see other characters are allowed out again! I guess Zak got custody. We spent quite a bit of time on that storyline just to have it resolved in one line. That’s odd.

Still don’t care about the Jai/Holly story. Sorry.

So, um, Lydia and Sam? What’s up with that?

Marlon is adorable with the kids. You all knew that already though.

The White Family

Oh look. Ronnie repeating what I always say. Again, Rebecca isn’t even with her family. What was the point of her character exactly? Other than to be shoehorned into Robert and Aaron’s orbit?

I don’t like Rebecca. I’m allowed to not like Rebecca. So, there you go.


“Hey, we have to stop meeting like this!” It’s almost like the writers are making us hook up or something? Yup!

Forced. Forced. Forced.

Speaking of forced. Victoria and Rebecca’s “friendship” is forced and I don’t like it. If they built it up then I’d accept that. However, bad writing makes me angry and no so accepting of it all.

Oh, I see Rebecca does know how to sober up a Sugden. I guess she doesn’t need to take advantage of Victoria. (I’m all types of bitter today people).

Vanessa has been good but now she falters? All because of alcohol. Alcohol is dangerous in soap land. Makes the sanest person insane.

HA! Vanessa is in love with Rhona. Pass it on.

They just kissed. That is nothing in soap land. They made it sound like he slept with her. Unless that is still coming?

It’s Just Speculation!

Long time waiting for certain characters to come back makes the worst-case scenarios seem possible and everyone is starting to get on each other’s nerves. Stay calm. Stay open. STAY OFF THE MESSAGE BOARDS.

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