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Emmerdale Live and Organized – April 25, 2017

I was lucky enough to watch the show live. So, this will be up earlier than usual, and a lot of it is reaction based and a bit clunky. I now get to see those famous McCain commercials people are talking about! Anyway…on with my thoughts! (Groans across the land).


That opening scene of the necklace open with the kid’s pictures? Pierce acting like everything is ok? Rhona going along with it like she deserved it?

That broke my heart into a million pieces.  I want Pierce dead. I hope Rhona and Vanessa deal the final blow.

Oh wow. I didn’t think she would go to the police this soon. Interesting. OH. I think the show is going to cover marital rape. Which is a topic a lot of people don’t talk about or don’t understand. Yes, it is real, and it happens to lots of people. Women and men. If the show goes down this route, I would be impressed. You would be surprised how soaps (American at least) have brushed this topic aside too many times.

STOP HUGGING HIM PADDY! How can no one see the evil?!?! He literally has evil theme music attached. Does Pierce know where Rhona went? How is this all going to go? Will people start blaming Rhona when this all comes out? People do that all the time. Especially in marital rape.

Zoe Henry is amazing. I’m with her all the way. My heart is broken for her.



Why is Adam hanging at the bar when he ‘broke up’ with Victoria? What? Oh, Victoria is acting crazy too. This all makes sense. These two broke apart way too easily for my taste. You would think Victoria would fight for him seeing as everyone’s emotions are still so raw and everyone is jumping to conclusions. I guess it wouldn’t be a soap then. Still frustrating on a lot of levels.

I do see Vanessa still trying to talk sense into Adam. How does what is coming happen then? It’s all odd. Another odd storyline. Yay.


Again, don’t care enough about Jai and Nell. I want to care, but I distracted by other characters and their stories.  I think its less about the writing and placement of the story and more because I’m not attached to this family yet.  The Sharma family. I need to find more story on YouTube for them.

It’s Just Speculation!

I don’t have anything for today. Just a warning. STAY AWAY FROM MESSAGE BOARDS. That speculation is intense and will bring you down paths you don’t have to go down.

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