Emmerdale Live and Organized – April 24, 2017

Yup. I’m back (groans heard for miles).  Here are my feelings on today’s episode. Enjoy!

Rhona/Pierce – Emmerdale’s version of ‘The Red Wedding.’

I got the ‘Red Wedding’ connection from the lovely ­Lee Meyer on Twitter (@leemeyer26).

Yeah, I knew that last scene was coming, but it still upset me. Hearing Rhona scream ‘I don’t want this!’ went right to my gut.  As I write this, I am still affected by what I saw and heard.  My gut (it’s getting a big workout today) is also telling me that Rhona is going to think everything is her fault and my heart will break into a thousand pieces. Here is hoping Pierce gets killed in a specular and terrible way. God, I can still hear her screaming in my head.

The minute she took off the necklace Pierce got her and put on Paddy’s, my heart sank.  Rhona and Patty are very sweet together. Too bad Paddy can’t see the evil in front of him.

In an utterly vain note, I love how Marlon was filming everyone. I won’t lie, I act like that at weddings sometimes too. Yeah, I’m that girl.  I film and take pictures of everything. I’m an emotional film and picture taker hoarder.

Belle/Lachlan/The Whites

I see only one gay couple is allowed on screen at a time (Hey Ronron! That was for @dasoni ). I see Chrissie still hasn’t learned that just handing over everything to Lachlan isn’t the answer. The Whites old tricks won’t work here.

What is up with Belle and Lachlan? That came out of nowhere. Also, what is up with the pushups? Was that an inside joke for the show or is that just Lachlan’s way of flirting. I sense a Romeo and Juliet story except Romeo is a deranged weirdo. Belle is in danger. As are the pigs. I won’t lie, I was anxious about the pig’s well-being after Lachlan ran the car into their pen. NOT COOL LACHLAN.


Right after I complained about dropping characters in a mini-essay this weekend, they all appeared in one scene together! What the hell Emmerdale?!? Did you leave the attic door open and they all spilled out? (In case you don’t know. I say that shows put characters in an attic when they aren’t needed).

I won’t lie, I don’t care about Jai and Nu-Holly, oh crap, Nell. So, those scenes just took away from the dramatics that is Rhona and Pierce.


Yup. Just the two of them making sure we, the audience, know that they are still a mess. Thanks for the update.



I love you. That is all.


Totally Vain Talk

I thought everyone looked beautiful today. I wanted almost everyone’s outfits. Rhona’s dress was beautiful. Everyone looked good today.  Except for Pierce. He looked like a madman, even in his wedding attire.

It’s Just Speculation!

Nothing to say here. Things seem to be at a stand still while other stories go back into focus. Stick around because I’m sure spoilers or more ‘reveals’ on the DS message boards will appear this week.

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