What the Hell is Happening in Emmerdale (Theory Time!)

Get a treat and some tea folks, this one is long. I have been reading through different people’s opinions on what might be coming, running around after ‘spoilers’ left on the DS forums and using my general gut instincts.

What the hell is happening in Emmerdale? Here is what I came up with or Amanda Comes Up With More Theories to Add to the List! What the Hell is Happening in Emmerdale is shorter though.



Dropped Storylines

Charity and Frank

Last we saw them they had made out/possibly slept together and then everyone went on vacation for a few months. In fact, there is a Metro article implying that Frank is playing Charity, but then the two of them seemed to disappear and so did the interest in the couple. This was back in February.

Moira and Pete

They managed to kiss and sleep together and not reveal it till much later on in the week it happened. Then nothing came of it. Not yet at least. That was back in December.

Rushed Storylines

Robert and Aaron

We all know the story here, but since their engagement, they have been on a roller coaster ride.  Dealing with more issues than Vouge the two are always challenged and pushed forward too quickly.  I know they had to move things forward because of Lucy’s pregnancy and Isabel needing to leave for exams, but they could have easily held off and given the pair mini stories (even comedic stories) until Liv or Chas returned. Instead, we got a lot of rushing, drama, and sadness instead.

Victoria and Adam

This is still fresh. Everyone knows how I feel about this but yeah. Their marriage broke up within a two-day span. Just so Adam can pull a Ross and declare they were on a break when it all comes out that he cheats on Victoria next week. Sigh. Double sigh. That’s all we need to know about that.

Story threads Left Open


Emma seems to have gotten away with what she has done. Kind of. She hasn’t managed to get away from it in her mind.  In fact, she has turned to religion which is fine. However, as quite a few people have predicted, she is starting to grow a complex. She thinks she is about everything and is quoting bible verses all over the place.  She is cracking even further, and that might have consequences for not just herself and her family but the whole town.

Cain and Harriet

Their storyline with stolen phones, making money for the family, hiding it in the church and sleeping together are so general and random I assume they are just setting them up a big summer story. Not that I don’t enjoy seeing Harriet have some fun. She has had a rough year so far. Let her ride the Cain pony. Horse. Oh god, I can’t believe I wrote any of that.

Vadam friendship with Rebecca

What the hell is that about? Out of nowhere, Rebecca is friends with both Victoria and Adam. It was clunky, plot plop and just confuses me.  It is an open thread that could go anywhere. Rebecca is an open thread that can go anywhere. So….


Rebecca’s exist is an open plot thread. She has butted in on everything Robert and Aaron since she appeared. She isn’t connected to her family (where was she for Lachlan and his day to come home from prison?), and she seems to be attaching herself to random people at random times. Dropping random plot points like a little plot plopper.  Everything she says and her existence is suspect.

What does this all mean for the Summer aka Theory Time!

This won’t be as stunt driven, but it will be equally as quirky and interesting and probably non-linear.” – Iain MacLeod

That quote above (thanks to @mygodthefeels for finding the article for me!) is from a Radio Times article with Iain Macleod outlining what might happen this year.  Some of it has come true, and some haven’t but this line stood out to me.

Non-linear storytelling. What if all of these dropped, rushed and hanging story threads all lead up to one big event. Everything isn’t as we know it to be and we all have to sit back and wait for the pieces to come together in big summer event? I mean, it makes sense. We have had so many random events happen (except for Tracy’s storyline. She is the only one that is intended to be filler) they have to be connected in some way?

Here is Theory #1: This is All in Emma’s Head

We all know Emma is cracked. We love her but she not doing well mentally. She is starting to throw herself into religion which might give her a god complex. Just makes her mental break worse. She is thinking things are happening what aren’t happening. She is putting people together that wouldn’t be together. Her mindset is messing with what is truly going on in the town.

This theory falls under the ‘Dallas’ clause. Dallas used the ‘It was Just a Dream, ’ and it screwed up a lot of character development, and the spin-off shows stories.  Emma having a mental break and changing storylines could affect character development and what is happening in their lives. It would be hard to do without screwing up quite a few events (Ashley’s death and Rhona’s marriage to a monster come to mind).

Theory #2: We Don’t Know the Half of It!

As I wrote earlier, we aren’t getting the whole story as an audience. We are being told the story by an unreliable narrator.  Events that we should be seeing are happening off screen, character motivations are all over the place, and all the little plot threads and holes are there for them to fill out this summer in ‘SHOCKING TWISTS!’.

I mean, I wouldn’t mind this happening, but that is a lot of work for one big reveal in the Summer or even the Fall. Then again, the reveal could affect the future of the show for years to come. I would be impressed if this is what happened, that takes a lot of planning and hoping the audience sticks around to see the final result.

Theory #3: Things are as they Seem

Say this ‘non-linear storytelling’ MacLeod was talking about might be for something else altogether. What if they just screwed up the first half of the year and now they have to fix things in the summer to set the course right for Fall and the Winter stories? This could be happening, and we all need to guard ourselves for this possible outcome. They just screwed up royally. I don’t want to believe it, but it’s not bad to have in the back of your head.


Until everything that has been building explodes, I will hold onto so many theories. There are so many ways things can go, and I want to have hope that Emmerdale writers will surprise us at every turn. It has been a rough winter and spring for these characters, maybe the summer will reveal some of that pressure and give us some answers.

If you made it this far thanks for reading! What do you think?



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