Emmerdale Live and Organized – April 21, 2017

Warning: This is me just venting. Sorry in advance if I annoy anyone.


The show itself commented this story went from 0-60 in a matter of three days. They are setting up how tortured Adam is and how pushy Victoria is being. Yeah. A lot of this doesn’t sit well with me.

Why is Victoria so pushy on having a child at this moment? Why is Adam so anti-adoption and sperm donor? When both families are highly aware of how important and fulfilling adoption can be.  It is just odd.  Again, this is moving so fast. It is framing Adam as someone who we have to pity. I pity both was freaking out so quickly.  It doesn’t make sense to me.

I enjoyed the Moira and Diane scenes. The only sane ones in the group. Of course, they weren’t heard, but here we are.

I have a lot to say about that final scene in the episode down in the ‘It’s Just Speculation!’ section. Please go down there for more analysis of that breakup scene.



How is it that Paddy is so anti-Robert (who is an idiot at times but not purposely evil) but can’t see Pierce for what he is? I mean it comes down to experience. Robert did try to kill Paddy. However, since then things have changed. Pierce walks around like such a villain he should have a song that plays. Like Darth Vader. This storyline is just barreling towards a terrible finish if the papers were right. My heart is aching for Rhona. She is blinded and stuck. I hope she figures it out soon.



Leyla is queen. All hail Leyla.

Chrissie is throwing money at Lachlan because that is all she knows. I assume that is how mistakes were always fixed in the White House. That is all Chrissie knows. I hope she is learning a big lesson with her son, who is beyond that type of help.

Oh, yeah. Leyla is Queen. All hail Leyla.

It’s Just Speculation!


Alright, everyone! Did anyone else see that last Vadam scene? See how Adam was like, I need to leave you to make you happy? YEAH. That is what I was expecting for Robert and Aaron. So, I know the scene would work, and it would be heartbreaking. HOWEVER, now that it has been done with Vadam, it won’t be done again with Robron.

So, I now officially have no idea how we transition from this crazy storyline to a new storyline without that type of fallout. I can’t understand.

Oh, what about the random friendship between Rebecca and Vadam. What was the point of that? What was the point of Victoria holding onto the pregnancy test with someone else’s urine? Are these all red herrings because the show itself didn’t know where it was going? It was leaving clues that could pick up on later on just in case something goes wrong?

Discuss among yourselves.  Hope you enjoyed my overemotional odd review of Friday’s episode. Is the Tracy book/writing story really our only comedic storyline happening right now? REALLY?!?!

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