Emmerdale Live and Organized Thoughts – April 20, 2017


Thursdays are the crazy day. Let’s discuss.

The Bachelorette/Bachelor Party From Hell

Where do I start with this? Awkward. That is how I will describe everything that happened to Rhona and Pierce. Pierce is still a creeper. A creepy creeper that is up to no good.  Rhona is blinded by something, I don’t think its love. Not at all.  Oh, my god! Pierce killed Tess. Whoever Tess is. He killed her. Someone save Rhona! Vanessa can’t do it all on her own! I know the wedding is called off, but we all know that’s not true.

Tracy and the Loved/Hated Book?

I thought Tracy was in on what was happening, but I was wrong. Do you know what confuses me? All the women in the village loved the book, but now they hate it? What is that about? Did I have too much to drink at the beginning of this storyline? Shrug. I did enjoy the branding/marketing meeting I just watched though. It was fun to see.

Adam. Adam. Adam.

Everyone needs to take a chill pill. I think they have to wait for the test results to come in before everyone considers the next options. Why would the two of them be so against adoption? They come from families that have adopted siblings. Victoria should be ecstatic about it. I guess they want to make Vadam explode so common sense is gone right now.

I still think they should slow their roll. Why is Victoria pushing this so hard? Why is Adam acting like his world is over? Everyone needs to slow down. They are so setting up Aaron being a sperm donor, aren’t they?

The White Family Has Been Around the Whole Time?!?!

It was nice not to see Rebecca, but that begs the question. How long have the Whites been in town and we haven’t seen them at all? You would think we would have seen them in the Woolpack grabbing dinner or a drink. Even in the café. They have been MIA but there the whole time. Odd. It was REALLY nice to see Chrissie again. Even if she is bowing down to her crazy son. Speaking of the nutter, Lachlan is back and as bitter as ever. Bring on the theory he is going on a killing spree. I have a list, I’ll drop it off at Home Farm for him.

I’m going to ask a weird question. Are Ronnie and Lawrence supposed to be an older version of Aaron and Robert? Um…..

It’s Just Speculation! – Robert x Aaron Edition


Here is my time talking Robron.  So, there have been a ton of speculation flying about on the DS message boards. Again, take everything with a grain of salt.  I still believe in Original Theory. Robert isn’t the dad/they never slept together.

Here is what I hope to see happen from this point on. I have talked about this with so many people on Tumblr, but I’m writing it down for reference sake. I’m very fuzzy on how the reveal will go or the fact that there is a lot of talk about the story being done by the end of May. So, let’s start at the end of May.

I would want to see Robert push Aaron away. Robert never did feel like he deserved Aaron, after all of the drama, he really doesn’t think he deserves Aaron or his love now. He keeps pushing him away, and Aaron keeps fighting for him.  It’s time for Aaron to get better while Robert slips into a hole of despair.

I’m sure because I want this it won’t happen. However, I’m leaving it to the internet to discuss.

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