Emmerdale Live and Organized Thoughts – April 19, 2017

In case you aren’t aware this is a live reaction to the British soap opera, Emmerdale, that airs on ITV at 7 pm.  I’m just an American with too much invested. Enjoy my live and organized review of today’s episode.


Tracy doesn’t know who JK Rowling is. That made me laugh my butt off. I don’t know where the ‘writing fake reviews’ story is going.  I personally feel like Tracy should have marketed the book as a satire to save face. Oh well, we are stuck with little white lies and a weak comedic story.


I guess the big triangle for the summer is Moira/Cain/Harriet. Harriet will be the one that gets hurt because Coria is the big ship (I adore them too). I am going to enjoy Cain and Harriet for the time being. If that garage could talk, geez. Does any real work get done there?


No. Adam. No Chumbawamba. Just say no to Chumbawamba.

Adam feeling sorry for himself made me roll my eyes. Yes, he is allowed to feel sad about what is going on, but he is acting like a child.  I thought Victoria was trying to handle it the best she could. I’d be worried about the side effects if he does have that gene problem. I’m beginning to think maybe Vadam shouldn’t have kids till Adam straightens himself out.

Adam is supposed to cheat or kiss Vanessa right? I am going to wait to see people attack him the way they attacked Robert. Oh look, I bet it won’t happen.

OH. OH LOOK AT THAT. REBECCA TAKE NOTES. That’s how you handle a drunk, sad, trying to blow up his life man. You give him a coffee and send him home. I’m not bitter at all.



I want Pierce dead. He creeps me out. I don’t like him. Let Vanessa and Rhona have the honors. I’m not looking forward to the wedding considering what I read about what happens. Sigh. Oh, I’m glad the person that was calling/left the note with the friend isn’t Rebecca. I don’t like her, but we don’t need her attached to Pierce.



BONUS THOUGHTS on Speculation 

People seem to be thinking Aaron will donate some sperm to Victoria to help out. I’m very conflicted over that speculation. One part of me doesn’t see a problem and then another part of me sees it as being a little too weird to consider.  Is that where we are heading? How does that connect to what is happening on screen right now? Speculation will be the death of me. Way too many theories and possibilities. It is driving me up a wall.

Oh. Let’s say goodbye to Theory 2.0. You were a great theory, and it would have been fun to see play out on screen.

The Original Theory? You are officially number one on my list again! Congrats! Let’s do this.

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