I had a feeling I could be someone, be someone, be someone… (Goodbye HBO’s Girls)


After six seasons the polarizing television show, Girls, ended its run on HBO.  I’ve been watching since I day one.  I remember seeing the articles and the commercials and getting excited. I felt like I found a show that might relate to what my friends and I were going through in our twenties.  I wasn’t wrong.  The show did cover how different being in your twenties was compared to when our parents were in their twenties.

Sure, I didn’t always relate. I had a different life in my twenties (I’m 29 going on 30 in July).  I wasn’t running around New York City. I was trying to get my bachelors/graduate degree. I was tethered to my small-town world.  I was living vicariously though the show sometimes. I hated a lot of my twenties and man did I hate quite a few seasons of this show.


I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me explain how I feel about this show now that we have a final episode.  I see this how as a character study.  We, as an audience, joined these characters at one point of their lives, stuck around for six years and then moved on.  We were never meant to see any final decisions. It was just a slice of life. We had six years with these people, and we know as much as they do.

That is what Girls was.

We are left with so many questions because life leaves us with so many questions. To tell you the truth I felt like everyone had a better ending than I expected.  My favorites, Shoshanna and Ray, got their happy endings (not with each other which surprised me).  Jessa is still looking for a reason for her existence, but she has a grounding source in Adam. Adam is grounded but can still be crazy with Jessa. They work together.  Elijah finally started to grow up by finding his own path.  Marnie, being the eternal optimist, is still searching but perfectly ok with that.

Which leads me to Hannah.  I’ve been seeing lots of posts saying that the show set a dangerous precedent by saying that the only thing to make Hannah happy was a baby. I didn’t see it that way at all. This character runs from everything. That is her own arc for the show.  She is always searching for something to make her stay.  Each season she would set her sights on something and the minute it doesn’t fit she ran for the hills. She was constantly looking for something to make her stay.  She found it in the one aspect of life that requires you stay.  She found it in someone she can’t leave behind. If that works for Hannah, good for her. It was time for Hannah to quiet her mind and just settle.

This show also covered the idea of friendships, female and male.  As much as we wish it were true, the television show Friends isn’t a great representation of friendships. I’ve had so many friends over the years. Some stuck around, and some have left. Some have left great memories, some make me angry, and some don’t even get to be remembered. Friendships are fleeting or forever, and that is ok. In fact, I’m convinced that my oldest friend, she won’t read this, Erin and I are a mix of Marnie and Hannah. Depends on the situation. We can go years not talking, but then if something comes up, we are back in each other’s lives. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn’t. Either way, we aren’t going anywhere, but we have to lead our own lives. That requires not talking for years, so be it. That is fine. That is our friendship. This show talks about that, and it is refreshing. It acknowledges that friendships aren’t meant to be forever. Those friends you make in college, or high school isn’t always going be there regardless of what those movies and books tell you.

Sometimes you need someone for a particular time, and that is ok. That is something people talk about in entertainment, but Girls did, and I will always appreciate that. Speaking of which, Girls was a show that I needed for a time.  Sure, I’ll come back and visit, rewatch my favorite episodes, revisit a few friends but then move on because that is human.

I’m very happy this showed existed, but I think it ended at the right time.  So, goodbye Girls. I appreciated our time together, but it’s time to move on.

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