Eating Crow: Riverdale Edition

I’m someone who can admit when they are wrong. It isn’t easy, but I can do it.

I was wrong about Riverdale.

Last year around this time I wrote a blog post about how the CW had picked up a show updating Archie and how it was going to, for the lack of a better word, suck. I was so confident about that assessment, I stood by the blog post I wrote. I stood by it when the posters came out, then the trailers and then the first episode premiered.

Slowly I started to see the reviews of the show pop up on Twitter and Tumblr as did the gifs of the episodes. I became intrigued. Well, part of me was intrigued the other part still held onto the idea it sucked. I opened the CW app on my AppleTV and watched the show ready to mock it especially on Twitter. Ahem. This is the part when I eat the crow by the way.

After marathoning the show in two days (five episodes at the time) I seriously thought I should take the original post down.

The show is great. The showrunners understand who the base characters are and change them to relate to the current climate of 2017. The atmosphere is great. In Riverdale, it is always hazy as are the lines between each family and character. The women are strong and don’t go after it other over a guy (not yet at least).  I can see the Betty and Veronica friendship will

There is one complaint, though. Archie. Oh, Archie. I feel like Archie is starring in Dawson’s Creek while the rest of the cast is on Veronica Mars. He is too separated from the action. I’m assuming that will change, but for now, it makes Archie the weakest character out of the bunch. Which is sad because Archie should be the leader of the group.  Not off in weaker storylines like sleeping with a teacher and wanting to be a musician.  Until that changes, I’m calling him Dawson aka the boring one.

Other than that all the other characters are great. The references are excellent. I like how characters who haven’t been fleshed out in the comic books are now. There is a lot of promise with this show, and I feel terrible for judging it so quickly.

Which leads me to realize that I must stop judging something because of old childhood memories.  It is ok to hold onto those memories, but you can’t let it ruin the future either. I am excited to see what can do, and with the order for a second season, I get to do that.

Until next time.

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