Mistletoe Kisses

Oh, look. Another mini story that won’t make sense unless I sit here and explain it. Once again, grammar/syntax issues blah blah blah. Read and enjoy.


Annabelle hung the last ornament on her Christmas tree. It was her favorite. A popsicle reindeer she made when she was in the first grade. She had her mother’s decorations this year since her mom did not have time to do the tree this year. Wedding plans were taking over her life. It was up to Annabelle to keep the traditions that make the holidays what they are. She walked back to admire her work. The tree held pink and white twinkle lights and all of her childhood keepsakes. Placed on top was her great grandmother’s angel that held a special place in her heart.

“Dinner is served.” She could hear J.D. yell out into the living room as he opened the door. Behind him, Lena held the Chinese food up into the air like it was the Holy Grail. She presented it to the group carefully letting it settle on the kitchen counter. Ethan came in last, dramatically shutting the door behind him.

“Do you know what your children did today?” Ethan said sharply to Annabelle. She turned at the melodramatic sound of his voice. She raised one eyebrow in response. Ethan tore off his gloves and jacket and placed them on the kitchen chair, leaving his ratty old scarf around his neck. He ran his hand through his short brown hair in frustration.

“They aren’t my children…” Annabelle muttered to herself as she watched Lena and J.D. pull the food from the bag. Ethan looked up in surprise.

“Did you create them from your head? Did you create their looks, their thoughts, and personality?” Ethan asked as he advanced towards Annabelle. She watched him get closer as she considered his questions.

“Technically, yes. I did create how they look. However…” Annabelle faltered, as Ethan got even closer to her, a playful glint in his eye.

“However…I didn’t create their personalities. You know they say that the environment around them makes their personalities. It is not from DNA.” Annabelle said confidently even though she knew she might be completely wrong.

“I don’t think it applies to these two. These two are all you. Which…is a bit worrisome.” Ethan teased. Annabelle felt a rush go through her body. She didn’t know if it was anger, but some feeling was growing through her body.

“What is that supposed to mean?” The words came out of Annabelle’s mouth with a harsher tone that expected. Loudly too since J.D. and Lena stopped their pillaging of the Chinese food to look up at them. Ethan smirked at her.

“Touchy subject I see. Well, kiddo, those two in there came from you. We do not know why they are here among us, but here they are. They are a reflection of what you are and what you feel. Isn’t that what you told me once about writing?” Ethan jokingly argued. He had gotten close enough that Annabelle had to look up to engage with his eyes. She grabbed onto his scarf to pull him closer to her face.

“I don’t know if that is a compliment or a criticism doll face.” Annabelle hissed. Ethan looked down at her in surprise. Annabelle kept eye contact with Ethan. She could feel how thin the scarf was under her fingers as she held on tight. She could feel him place his hands on her shoulders gently rubbing them with his thumbs. Annabelle rubbed her thumb over the old wool. Both were silent for a moment.

“You need a new scarf,” Annabelle muttered breaking eye contact to look down at the scarf. Ethan stopped moving his hands and looked at his scarf confused. She continued, “how long have you had this thing?”

“It’s my dad’s,” Ethan whispered. Annabelle felt her breath catch in her throat at the answer.

“Hey. You guys! You are under the mistletoe!” Lena excitedly yelled from the kitchen. Both Annabelle and Ethan looked up at the hanging toxic plant.

“I did not put that up there,” Annabelle muttered.

“I did! I got the idea from those movies Ethan likes to watch on television! Hallmark…Hallmark Christmas movies!” J.D. announced as he took a big spoonful of rice into his mouth. Both Ethan and Annabelle looked back down at each other; Annabelle’s eyes naturally fell to Ethan’s lips.

“Um. Well…” Ethan stammered. Annabelle, taken off guard, looked back up at Ethan’s eyes in amusement.

“Come on. Kiss her! Dinner is getting cold, and we want this tension to end.” Lena said with an edge in her voice. She looked longingly at the chicken and broccoli and then back at them. She rolled her eyes in annoyance. “Like this dollfaces!” she exclaimed as she grabbed J.D. by his shirt and planted a loud smooch onto his lips. She pushed him away and gave a pointed look at Annabelle and Ethan. Annabelle let out a light laugh as she moved in closer to Ethan.

“Ok. Maybe you are right. My children are insane.” Annabelle whispered into Ethan’s ear before giving a quick peck on his cheek. She let go of the scarf and pushed herself away from Ethan.

“Alright my friends. What did you get to eat?” Annabelle asked as she traveled towards the kitchen. She noticed out of the corner of her eye that Ethan still has not moved from his spot. He had moved his hand to his cheek.

“Hey, Ethan. Do you want some white rice or do you want to keep standing there like a chump?” Lena growled out. Annabelle looked at Lena with alarm on her face.

“I need to review how I am writing you tonight.” Annabelle declared as Lena shrugged her shoulders in response. Ethan had moved back towards the kitchen, taking his scarf off as he walked.

“Like mother like daughter.” Ethan teased earning a light slap on his arm from Annabelle. He winked in response.

“So. What did the children do today?”

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