Knock. Knock.

I wrote this quite a while ago. The grammar and syntax are a mess, but the sentiment is there. Check it out and tell me what you think!


Knock. Knock.

Annabelle stood in the hallway. Her fisted hand raised to the door.

Knock. Knock.

She never expected to be here. She did not think she would see this door again.

Knock. Knock.

Her pristine white dress dirtied on the bottom. Remnants of a run she never expected to make.

Knock. Knock.

She was always the good girl. She always did what was expected of her. Always got good grades. Got into the right college. Picked the right major. Found the proper boy with the proper family. She did everything she was taught right.

Knock. Knock.

Did she want him? Did she want James?

Knock. Knock.

Her head did. Her heart.

Knock. Knock.

He wasn’t him.

Knock. Knock.

He didn’t listen. He didn’t try to make her laugh when she was down. He didn’t care about her ridiculous theories on life. He didn’t even notice her faults. He never called her out. He never smiled at her the way he did. Like he knew all her secrets and still loved her.

Knock. Knock.

He wasn’t him.

Knock. Knock.

All he had to do was open the door.

Knock. Knock.

Answer her knock.

Knock. Knock.

A knock that would change everything.

Creak. Swoosh.

Cold air blasted her face as he came into view.

“Annabelle?” He asked surprised. His shirt unbuttoned and a tie in hand. She smiled and lowered her hand.

“Ethan.” She replied a smile growing on her face.  He smiled back and leaned against the doorframe.

“Shouldn’t you be married by now?” He asked her his eyes trailing down her body towards the muddy bottom of her wedding dress.

“I…I couldn’t do it. Not when you exist on this earth.”

Ethan snapped his eyes back up to her face. “Isn’t that a little dramatic?”

Annabelle sighed in response. “Only you could ruin a romantic moment such as this.”

“That is my best talent darling,” Ethan replied. “This is literally something out of one of your books.” He said to her pushing off the doorframe and throwing his tie around his neck.

“I don’t think Topanga or J.D. would have the nerve to do this.” Annabelle quickly grabbed onto Ethan’s tie and pulled him towards her. Her mouth inches away from his. She could feel his heart pounding and his breath hitch. “Can I…kiss you?” Annabelle whispered her eyes trained on Ethan’s mouth.

“I thought you would never ask,” Ethan whispered back. Annabelle licked her lips and tilted her head. She could smell his mint soap as she tentatively pressed her lips against his. She felt a spark go through her body. A spark she always wrote about but never felt. She felt his hands cup her face, his thumbs gently rubbing against her cheeks as he deepened the kiss. She let go of his tie, wrapped her hands around his waist, and pulled him closer. She could feel him groan and start to pull her through the door.

Creak. Slam.

He slammed the door with his foot. She broke the kiss and placed her forehead on his. She felt lightheaded.

“That wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.” She said in a playful tone. He smiled as he let his hands brush down her arms. She shivered in response. “I ran. I couldn’t do it. Not while I knew you were here. You are my person Ethan.”

“Only you could quote a television show at this moment. You sure know how to ruin a romantic moment.” Ethan joked as he grabbed her hands. He moved his forehead away from hers and looked into her eyes. “Too bad the show sucks.”

“As usual you are wrong.” Annabelle shot back.

Ethan huffed in response. “Grey’s Anatomy is an overdramatic mess. I can prove this in four parts.” He told her a smirk on his face.

Annabelle smirked back as she pulled off his tie and let it drop to the floor between them. “Oh, this I have to hear.”

“Ok. Part one. No hospital would tolerate sex between employees,” Ethan said as he reached forward and took off her veil letting it fall to the floor, “there will be no sex in the champagne room my dear.”

“Right. I am sure that is not true. Part two?” Annabelle asked as she laid her hands on Ethan’s chest and slowly slid them up pushing off his shirt. He let it fall to the ground. She slid her hands up and around his neck resting her arms on his shoulders.

He coughed. “Part two. No way would so many people die in a short amount of time. I think in the time I watched this show with you at least a million couples were broken up by a crazy death.” Ethan told her grabbing her waist and pulling her closer.

“It wasn’t a million couples. That show has been on for a long time but not enough for a million couples to die dramatically!” Annabelle argued as Ethan’s hands reached behind her for the zipper on her dress. She felt her body grow hot. Every nerve ending was on fire. He slowly pulled it down. She could feel his breath on her ear. Once the zipper was down the dress naturally, fell to the floor. She gasped at the feeling.

In her ear, she could hear him start to whisper into her ear. “Part three. Meredith and Derek have to be the worst type of couple.” Her breath hitched.

“Not cool. Meredith and Derek are the heart of the show.” Annabelle whispered back. She could feel her heart start to beat as she moved her arms and let her hands travel down to his belt buckle. She began to pull the leather strap out from the buckle when she felt his hand stop her. She moved back slightly to see his face.

“Are you sure?” He asked quietly. Annabelle smirked and pulled out the strap and pushed the post from the hole in the leather. She gripped the pants button and wet her lips. She slipped the button through the hole and slowly lowered the zipper. She moved her hands to his hips and looked up at him. His eyes were darker than before.

“What do you think?” Annabelle, mustering up all her bravery, asked him. Before she could pull down his pants, he grabbed her, picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. He walked them down the hall towards his bedroom. “I see someone has read my newest book.” Annabelle quipped as he walked them into his bedroom. A room she has been in many times but not in this position.

“Of course, I never miss an Annabelle Jones novel. Got to catch up on the adventures of J.D. and Lena.” He said back lightly smacking Annabelle’s butt. He placed her down in front of his bed. Annabelle laughed and smacked his chest in response.

“Real cute jackass,” Annabelle said to him with a wink. He laughed and pulled her in for a kiss. He ran his hands up her back and slowly lowered her backward onto the bed. He moved his lips to her neck, nipping at her heated skin.

“What about point four?” Annabelle asked running her hands up Ethan’s bareback. He stopped what he was doing and looked at her confused.

“Point four?” He asked breathlessly. Annabelle let out a chuckle.

“Point four of why Grey’s Anatomy sucks?” Annabelle said helpfully. Ethan rolled his eyes.

“Fuck point four.” He replied.

“Speaking of fuck…” Annabelle started to say when Ethan’s lips on hers interrupted her train of thought. She let her hands glide down to his pants, pulling them down as far as she could. She started to pull down his boxers when a loud sound filled the room. They both stopped, frozen in place.

“It’s the phone,” Annabelle said to Ethan. They let it ring long enough to have the answering machine pickup. “Who still has an answering machine let alone a landline?” Annabelle teased as the message played.

“Says the woman who likes to write longhand on any type of paper she can get her hands on.” Ethan teased back.

“Ethan. It’s James. I was hoping I would catch you before you came to the church. Guess not. Annabelle is not coming. She left us all a note and ran. We are all looking for her. Call us back. I’m…we are really worried. Ok. Bye.”

The machine beeped at the end leaving a room louder than before.

“You were right. I write longhand on any piece of paper I can find.” Annabelle said in response trying to quiet all the loud silence. Ethan looked down at Annabelle before rolling over to lie next to her. They both laid there in complete silence. She heard Ethan sigh before seeing him run his hand over his face.

“Annabelle. What are we doing?” He asked.

Annabelle turned her head towards Ethan. “I don’t know. Actually. No. I do know what I am doing.” Annabelle sat up in the bed. “I was sitting there in the limo in front of the church. I was looking down at my hand. At the ring, James put on my hand a year ago, I felt this sense of dread. Like, if I went through with this wedding I would just be letting not only myself down but James too. I couldn’t do it. Not when I knew I was in love with you. It wouldn’t be fair to James. I hurt him enough by saying yes and planning a whole wedding with him.”

“Why did you say yes then?” Ethan asked his voice heavy with emotion.

“I thought I didn’t have a chance with you. I saw how happy you were with Victoria and I wanted you to be happy. Why should I ruin that?” Annabelle told him not sure how he was taking this new information. The information she kept secret for so long.

“You had to know. You had to know that I have been in love with you since you told me off in the Plaza lobby. I didn’t say anything after you got engaged because I thought it was what you wanted. I want you to be happy Annabelle.”

“I hated you in the plaza lobby that night. Only you could be turned on by someone yelling at you.” Annabelle told Ethan which got a smile out of him. “I fell in love with you when you started giving me answers in parts. It only happens when you are either very passionate about a topic or just trying to annoy me. It’s hot.”

“Figures. Only you would be turned on by someone trying to annoy you.” Ethan retorted. “We are some pair. We are in love with each other because of our worst qualities.”

“We just bring out the weird in each other. Is that such a bad thing?” Annabelle asked Ethan. He was quiet for a moment.

“No. I think we bring out the weird and the best in each other.” Ethan finally said. Annabelle smiled. He continued, “You should go and tell James in person that you can’t marry him. It is only fair to do it in person and not let the note do all the work.”

Annabelle looked over at him and saw him sigh. She moved back down the bed and swung her legs over his body, so she was straddling him.

“I agree. I should go to talk to James’ face to face. First things first, though.” Annabelle said before dipping down to kiss him. He kissed her back running his hands down her back to pull her closer. They pulled their lips apart, and Ethan pushed a stray hair behind Annabelle’s ear.

“I love you,” Ethan told her as he slowly ran his thumb across her cheek. Annabelle felt that spark again, but it was so much stronger now.

“I love you more.”

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