Flynn Carsen is my Soulmate (Let Me Explain)


Flynn Carsen is my soulmate. No, not romantically (I’m not smart enough for him) but he is my emotional soulmate. Let me back this up.  Flynn Carsen is a character from The Librarians series.  It starts with three movies following the new librarian, Flynn Carsen as he learns about the ancient world of the Library and its artifacts. The television show continues the journey with Flynn, Eve (his guardian/girlfriend), Casandra (Librarian in Training #1), Jacob (Librarian in Training #2), Ezekiel Jones (Librarians in Training #3) and Jenkins (the Caretaker).

It’s a great show. Check it out.

Anyway, Flynn Carsen is my emotional soulmate.  He is someone who failed to launch. When we meet this character in the first movie, he is in his early thirties and still in school.  In fact, he has multiple master degrees and PHD’s. He is thrown out of school and must figure out his life.  He is a mess. He loves to learn, and he knows he is smart. He just doesn’t know where to start. He doesn’t know what he is worth out in the world.

That is how I feel right now.  I graduated with my master’s degree four years ago, I’ve been taking freelancing work but haven’t found a steady job. I’m floundering. This is something that I love about Flynn. Like him, I love to learn. I’m having trouble finding my way. I automatically felt connected to him.

We need more characters out there like that. We have enough of young teenagers-early twenties stories of finding their way. Let’s start talking about the people who took more time to get to a certain point. Not everyone works off the same time schedule. It’s time for our media to reflect that.

I know things are crazy and life is very uncertain for us all. Sometimes it takes a good book, movie or television show to help ground us and help us work out some issues. For me, Flynn Carsen is that person to do that for me.

I’m truly glad Flynn Carsen exists out in the fictional world. It’s good to know that I’m not alone.


Now it is your turn. Which character do you relate to out there in the fictional world? Tell me below!

Until next time.

This has been Amanda living in the fictional world.

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