Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – December 29, 2017

Welcome to the preshow and the last ‘Live and Organized’ of 2017. It has been a crazy year for the show and our favorite ships. I know there was a lot of bad but there was a lot of good too. Let’s keep building on the good and move forward into 2018 with a positive attitude!

I wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year Celebration!

Alright! Let’s crack on!

Gerry, Bob and Gary love triangle?!?! GET ON THAT WRITERS! STAT! (Who is Gary though?) *wink*

Home Farm

Chrissie being all nice to Lachlan creeps me out. He threatened you! Mother of the Year. *eye roll*


Lachlan is playing everyone now. This is the villain we deserve. Go, Thomas!

The Café Crew

Bernice and Daz. I don’t know about them yet.

Oh, poor Brenda. I’ve been there. The bad hangover. Eek *sends some coffee*

Oh. I guess…Harriet and Cain are still together? What? Seriously. LET’S END THIS NOW.

Ah, the Coira magic strikes again.

Aaron in another storyline. Thank god.

So, Daz has taken over Bob’s job at the café of talking to people? Cool.

The Wishing Well

Oh hey, Jai! Whats up! Welcome to the Wishing Well crew. They have cookies.

Belle. What is going on with your hair? It confuses me. You are beautiful and that hair…no. Just no.

Lachlan is evil. RUN FAMILY RUN.

OH. We are blaming mother now. Geez Lachlan! COME ON.

The King Family

I have a theory about Jimmy, the Christmas Dream, and the scrapyard. Someday I’ll write it down. I think everything thinks the same thing though.


Adam is lying to Aaron now. Hmmmmm.

I don’t think Aaron buys it though.

Two to eight years or life. Nice. Gives him two years to come back! (if he goes to jail)

*Sings the breakout song*

All of this sounds familiar. Lie to Vic. Lie to Robert. Put lots of pressure on loved ones. Hmmmm.

The Golf Course Fight Meeting                                                                          

Woah. Jimmy. You knew this was coming. Being called Scum. *conflicted*

Poor guy. At the same time, he is trying to take down wishing well. *CONFLICTED*

Nicolas support of Jimmy is adorable. *ducks*

This makes me want to curl up from the anxiety of it all.

The Pub Crew

Gabby sighting. Exciting.

Aaron hanging out with Cain again. I see we are setting up next week. *wink*

“You are being honest with me.” “Of course, I am.” *Narrator: He was not*

Unlimited Backrubs? That was kind of cute. Oh god. Daz. Stop talking. He is kind of funny though in a weird way.

Revenge? Zak. ZAK. This can’t end well.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718.

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – December 28, 2017

Welcome to the preshow. I don’t have much to say. I’m pretty chill about a lot of things. I’m excited for the stories to finally come to a close (in general). I’m excited about Robert being front and center. I’m excited to see other stories start developing this January (I think Jimmy’s has started already).

So, yeah, I’m pretty chill today. I might be getting a cold. That’s annoying. Anyway….

Let’s crack on.


Harriet wants to tell on Moira. Ok then.

I love the hoodie and jacket look. How old school for Cain.

“She had no choice.” “She had a choice.” – CHOICE COMES BACK UP AGAIN. Choice is  big theme now. For a lot of characters. Our choices. Right or wrong. Put us on a path that even we can’t control. Not for long.

Are Cain and Harriet still a thing? I don’t…think so? *Shrug*

The Sugdens

I love that the two of them working together. Robert and Victoria. I LOVE THIS.

He is still in pain. That breaks my heart.

The Café Crew

Gerry’s ID is missing? Hmmmmm. Anyone check Lachlans pockets? This family uses Gerry for a lot in the past. Just saying. *Protect Gerry*

Bob. HEY. HHEEEEYYY. Don’t yell at Gerry.

Rodney and his nonsense is back. I’m good with that. *waves*

The Kings have money problems? Oh boy. Here we go. Jimmy’s story is starting after all? *HIGH FIVE*

What’s up with Belles’ hair?

Jimmy. JIMMY. Oh boy. This won’t go well. Jimmy. Get away from Morris.

Oh Jimmy. JIMMY. NO.

Hey Morris. Lisa will fuck you up and I will cheer her on.

Oh Lisa. I want to give you a big hug. I adore you.

The Whites

The Whites are too stupid to live. He can’t walk but he can push someone. Come on.

Good for you Robert. The legal way first.

Blah. Blah. Blah. Robert is so fucking evil. *Snore*

Good, Robert can put all your secrets out there too.

All of you are so paranoid. Makes me think something is going on. *NEVER TRUST THE WHITE FAMILY*

Again, if you have nothing to hide. Why run? Seriously. Fight for your kid. Isn’t this kidnapping since she is taking him without the father’s permission? SoapLife strikes again!

Oh my god. Robert is a safer choice than you fuck ups. Lachlan would kill Seb for fun! Robert would love him. Not fuck him up too much. (We are all fucked up)

What is this? The Whites Greatest Hits? They missed a few. Setting up Andy? Hiding paternity. Killing people. Rebecca coming back to fuck up her family. I mean…you all are the WORST.

“Business with Alicia.” He sexually assaulted her. WHY IS THE SHOW ACTING LIKE IT WAS JUST LIKE HE BUMPED INTO HER OR SOMETHING. Geez. I don’t know if the show is aware but the #MeToo movement is big for a reason. Fuck this.

I thought she had no money. Sleeping on couches. Sleeping at Victoria’s. What? She can move to Australia.


It’s called an attic you fuckwits. I mean…is this what the super rich act like on a normal basis? I think I might be lucky because I have character, warmth and smarts growing up middle class. (Smarts is debatable I know)


Whew. Thank god. He did the right thing. Gerry can live now in my story. *wink*


Gerry. RUN. Go back to the Mill. Go back to those lovable idiots.

Woah. WOAH. Chrissie. Come on. That wasn’t normal. You have to be wondering what he says about Robert now. COME ON. Your son is a horrible crazy person.

I’m glad they are highlighting the two great actors of The White Family. Thomas and Louise. They have great futures. Can’t wait to see them shine…somewhere else.

Moira’s Farm/Harriet/Cain

Isaac is a cutie. *wants to pinch his cheeks*

Isaac is judging his dad in that shot. Love that.

“If you have any feelings for me you would keep your mouth shut.” – WOW CAIN. FUCK YOU.

I think we are seeing a Moira/Harriet team up. Maybe? I’m good with this. *high five*

Cain can easily throw Adam to the wolves. Interesting. The love of his life’s son is going to jail for life (more than likely) and he is like…EH. Anything to protect Moira.

The Pub Crew

Simple but eloquent. Chas is there though so…eloquent is out the door. She is never simple. I’m being a bitch to Chas. Let it go.

“Show them there’s life in the old dog yet!” – Nicola to Bernice. *SNORT*

Brenda is having a moment. Getting drunk won’t help but I get it.

Bernice looks beautiful. Damn. Go girl.

Daz. *snort* Your hair looks good.

Oh. Poor woman. *sends over my bubble wrap blanket*

Chas was a bit too judgmental for my taste. I think she is being set up for a fall. She has been a bit hard headed and pompous for a while. Thinking she has it all figured out. That means its time to send her falling over the edge.

I also know that Chas is liable for anything Brenda does, right? Overserving? Is that a thing in the UK? It is in a few states in the USA.


“She was drinking for Britain.” – Nicola *LOVE THAT. I’M USING THAT FOR THE USA*

Yeah. Robert just funds the place and kept it running when Adam and Aaron ran off. *eye roll*

I do find the Robert/Nicola relationship interesting in a funny way.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718.

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – December 27, 2017

Welcome to the preshow! That was a nice break. We got ourselves a great Christmas special and then…*looks around*…no new episode after that! *just kidding*. This is the beginning of the end for a lot of storylines. Starting with Adam and then The Whites. We are almost at the end and instead of fighting it lets go with the flow. New stories are coming soon!

Alright, let’s crack on!

In case anyone is asking, yes, I still don’t like Dr. Alex. However, as many wonderful people have pointed out to me, their relationship is on super speed mode because it serves one purpose and should be done by mid-January at the latest. So, we wait and sip our tea while waiting. Our boys need to clear up their stories because working on getting back together.

Today I’m in a good mood even though I know he and the Whites might be on. However, they are almost gone. So, bring it on.


The Mill

Superspeed couple on superspeed. Shocker.

The Café

Backdating beef orders? Eek. That’s not ethical at all. I think Zak is in trouble in more ways than one.

Oh. ROBERT. MY BABY! *bubble wrap blanket*

Right.  I know that people hate the baby, but I don’t. I don’t think SJ is the problem in the slightest.

Moira. Poor girl. Worst year ever.

You two need to break up. It’s a mess. Wait till she finds out its Laurel Bob slept with. EEK. ALL HANDS ON DECK FOR THAT EPISODE.


“Did Moira kill Emma?” – Harriet


I got that hat for Christmas! *HAT TWINS!*

Why does Harriet need to know about Moira and Emma? To satisfy her own guilt?

Home Farm

Belle is a fool a sweet fool but a fool.

That baby is very cute. I love he is making more noise now.

Countdown to The Whites death: TICK TOCK TICK TOCK


Wait. Lachlan still works there? I’m confused.

Rebecca is the female version of Alex. I hope those two run off together. *HA*

I’m going to enjoy seeing Lachlan die. GET AWAY FROM ROBERT.

Lachlan and Alex look alike…don’t they?

SERIOUSLY. SERIOUSLY?!?! Robert can barely walk. Right, The Whites are dumber than a Trump supporter. Geez.

Lachlan. Thanks for making The Whites interesting though. You are the only one I’m rooting to go nuts. I’m excited now. It all comes down to Lachlan.

Oh. Emily almost showed emotion there. Better late than never! *slow claps*

The Pub Crew

Odd. Some of the dreams came true?

Jimmy is listening to Zak. Oh god. Is this the beginning of Jimmy’s story?

Poor Robert. Chas is a bitch but what else is new. The Dingles have been horrible this year.

The giddier they get, the worse they look to some so…go on. Keep going. Misery loves company.

Why haven’t Liv’s words played back yet? She wished Robert dead too and nothing on Christmas. No reaction from her? Was her scene cut or was it just Liv being a super brat? I’d like answers, please!

Love the little Robron smiles. Hey, best friends! What’s up? *wink*

Calm down, Faith. You don’t even know your own grandson.

How can he be in love after four dates and a fuck? Superspeed couple strikes again.

Keepers Cottage

You know that Victoria is a Sugden, you idiot.

Also, god forbid Robert get to see his son. God, Lachlan. Really can’t wait to see your death.

Robert wants to be a good dad. He can’t start unless he sees SJ. Crap. Seb. SEB. I like my nickname better.

Love the Sugdens working and hanging together! *YAY!*

Robert is speaking the truth. It’s not SJ’s fault.

I will always think Rebecca is up to no good. *LAUGHS* She could be dying, and I would be like…I don’t like her game. *BIG LAUGH*

Cain’s Garage


Oh crap. Harriet is going to do something bad. CRAP.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

A Very Robert Christmas – A Live and Organized Special Edition

I wasn’t going to do this. I swear. I planned to watch, freak out and reblog all the gifs while crying. I plan to still do that, but I have so much to say about a lot of things. This episode felt like a palette cleanser. Almost, like, we were spun into a new direction. I’m going to go person by person. Family too (Ok, I have a lot to say about the Dingles) and then of course…my hearts…Robert Sugden. Aaron Dingle. Robron. (Also, this episode just gave me a great idea for my fanfiction since…it kind of came true today).  This is full of spelling mistakes. My hands were shaking with excitement so excuse the poor execution please.

Let’s begin with the easy stuff.

(Get a snack. Its long and full of errors.)

General Overview of the Episode

Ryan is amazing. No holds barred here. Ryan Hawley is an amazing actor. The show knows this too or else he wouldn’t have given him his own episode to carry. Before anyone argues, he carries this whole episode. Everyone else (even Danny) is his supporting cast. He is amazing. So was Danny (crying…he always gets me to cry. Without fail!).

This was well written, well paced and VAL. I loved that Val was the surprise guest. I was so sure it was Katie and so was most of the GA and Robron fans. SURPRISE. I love Val so it was nice to see her.

“You got a lot gayer after I died.” – *SNORT*

The Dingles

*DEEP BREATH* They were just…terrible this year. While I would love to sit here and bad mouth Charity and Paddy about wishing Robert dead (What the frack?!?!) but I would expect that from Charity and Paddy. They are just…mean these days. Not even funny. That might be something else the show is setting up.  Same with Chas. She knew/knows how Aarons feels but she wants her son to move on so she pushes. I get that. Doesn’t mean I like it. Also, bad karma my friends. WISHING PEOPLE DEAD. Just saying.

I want to talk about the Christmas Day celebration. The Dingles and Christmas should feel warm and welcoming. Tight like last year. Everyone was close to each other. The colors felt warm and welcoming. It felt like a family. Everything was shot tighter and with a tinge of old school Christmas cheer around the edges. Touches of green and gold. Some red too. There was a lot of love in their house that night.

This year? It was shot in wide shots. People weren’t sitting as closely. The place felt impersonal and even a bit gaudy.  When the wanted a close shot, it was still a still and front facing two shot. It felt cold. Dark even. The Dingles were all there, but their hearts were long gone or have gone dark.  They were wishing people dead, some were inviting themselves to the party (We will get to Alex later) and Aaron was in his own personal hell.  The Dingles weren’t the warmth this year. They were the cold. Hint of things to come?

The Sugdens

The Sugden Family is a dying breed. They were once the main family (legacy family) but now they feel like an endangered species. I really felt this way after they started writing Victoria this year that the family was seriously in trouble.

I don’t anymore. I’m glad that one of my favorites, Victoria, was back today. I felt her again. She was worried about her brother and her husband. She was a friend to Aaron. She had her worries, but she knew her family, who was in her reach, needed her. It was nice to see complexity come back and not just be a plot device. I loved it. Welcome back Victoria.

Diane felt the same to me. Doug surprised me. I figured he would be a bit cruel or say something stupid, but he showed up with food and he seemed to care. There was a feeling of family. It was small, but it was there. It was nice to see. I felt more warmth with them than the Dingles today.

Lawrence White

Praise John for acting his butt off today. I love how Lawrence still showed up to talk to Robert. He didn’t yell. He didn’t accuse. He was just there to listen. Give Robert his ‘in’ too.

As for dream Lawrence. I think, that Lawrence represented some of the audience as well as the other characters in the village. I noticed he said some stuff I’ve seen written by the general audience and even a few anti’s.  Which, didn’t upset me but showed that the show is aware of what others are feeling outside the fandom. Did I agree with everything he said about Robert? No but I think even Robert feels that way about himself sometimes. Also, Jack’s influence is in there with Lawrence’s appearance.

Rebecca White

Emily Head. I’m not a fan but when she gets to play black widow, she shines. Victim? She looks lost. Not so much. I don’t buy it. Especially in her scenes with Robert as he laid there.

‘Is he dead?’ COULD THAT HAVE SOUNDED MORE FLAT AND UNCARING? I don’t know if it was scripted that way but my god. It was bad. Bad line read. Also, bringing Seb over to see his father on the ground? What the frack? It was odd. Detached. Like she was fine showing Seb something that sad.  Which…woah.

In the dream, her attitude towards Robert, talking about how he approaches business (once again hearing some GA comments and even antis). She was good and seemed to care about what she was saying. She plays black widow so well. SERIOUSLY. That is her strength.

The Seb thing. I mean, Justine and I have wondered if a medical emergency could bring into play paternity. I don’t know. It might have been Robert’s own fears as a dad. It might have been his mind who was in a dark place. I still think something is up there. I just don’t know what yet.

Lachlan White

Lachlan is the more interesting White as per usual. Robert sees him as evil and up to something. He will always be doing something to him. Which, might have been foreshadowing. Killer Lachlan is rising? Maybe? Dream Lachlan and Real Lachlan didn’t have any changes. Also, he was attached to Alex shocking him back to existence. Which…well…. Lachlan might be the shot in the arm to get this story going? Maybe. Either way, he was the most direct and most obvious from dream to real life.

Chrissie White


Alex Mason

It’s not secret that I don’t like Alex. I find him plotty. I find him annoying. I find him needy. I find him pushy. I don’t like the guy. Today, I found him all those things at once. He shows up to the Dingles without being asked. He was a bit harsh with Robert and didn’t seem to believe him when he said to fight for Aaron. We know how this ends with Aaron tomorrow but yes. Even after all that, like my friend Kat said, he wasn’t a factor. Yes, he was in the episode and had an impact but not really. He was just…a non-factor. He was there to push along a tiny plot thread that I think will be tied up by the second week of January and not by Robert but by Aaron.

Aaron Dingle

There has been a lot of talk about Aaron and choice. His choice. Family choice. Robert’s choice. The show addressed that tonight and that made me realize that the Robron/Aaron fandom was right on point. Aaron and his choice. Aaron has a been a bit passive lately. He did things for himself but mostly let his family dictate things, let Robert make a few decisions and even let Liv move him along. I had a lot of problems with that.

Tonight, Aaron made his choices…kind of. Ok, this might feel jumbled because my mind is still very jumbled about my favorite bearded bunny.  Ok…let me see if I can get out what I am feeling about Aaron and choice.

I think Alex is being pushed on to Aaron by his family.

Victoria kind of pushed Aaron towards Robert.

Chas pushed Aaron to leave the hospital faster.

Ok. Aaron has three choices. Go with his families choice. Go with Victoria’s. Go with his own. This is when it gets complicated. I think Aaron hit his limit this Christmas. I think listening to his family, Victoria and then Robert’s opinions set him over. I think he had decided and then Robert and what he said, changed that again. If that makes sense.

Aaron loves Robert. They are soulmates (more on that in their own section) and I think he went in there ready to pick Robert but at the same time…he still wasn’t there or sure. He fought Robert but still backed off quickly. So, Aaron makes his decision, but he makes the easy one?

I’m so confused by what they are trying to accomplish with Aaron. I feel like Aaron will get his taste of a normal relationship and grow bored or find what he doesn’t want. Then he will start making decisions (Robert is his best friend but he isn’t going to be pushing anything onto him) that will lead him to support Robert in a quiet way (healthier way?) that leads us to reunion.

I’m very confused about Aaron right now. Obviously. I love him but Aaron…baby….honey…you can design your life the way you want. I wish you would learn that you can be happy with your choices. Support is great and needed but you have to make the decisions in your life. Time for you to do that.

Robert Sugden

Robert has had quite the ride today. I think Robert’s dream was an over exaggerated version of how he feels about himself and a mix of what he thinks others think about him. There were quite a few truths and Val’s section was less about how he feels but what could be if he continues down this road he has been on all year. 2018 will be a different year for him. He won’t change completely (no soap character does) but I think a lot of his worse qualities that have been played up all year will calm down and Robert will learn more. LISTEN more. Val keep saying listen. Robert needs to listen. He has already started. He listened to Victoria. He listened to Alex. He listened to Diane and Doug. He listened to Lawrence between talking to him about Seb.

Speaking of Seb. I think Robert will focus on being a dad now. He made the choice to concentrate on being a better dad to his son which I know is a sticking point for a lot of fans. It needs to happen even if Seb doesn’t stay.  Robert does love his child. Don’t take that away from him fandom. Yes, it is a representation of a very bad year for Robert but in time…those memories fade. Believe me, they will on a soap. Again, I’m still not sure this kid is sticking around. They still haven’t cast another baby and even weirder they didn’t cast twins outright. Something is going on there and we aren’t allowed to know just yet.

Robert isn’t a bad person. He isn’t the worst soap character on that show (Charity and Cain spring to mind) but now Robert has been given an episode. He was given a chance to better himself for himself and no one else. He is being given the chance by writers to make himself an even deeper legacy character. This is good. I like this. Did I mention how much I LOVE RYAN HAWLEY?!?! Ahem…yes. He was good. GREAT. He was great.


WOW. Do those two idiots love each other. Beyond just love. They are soulmates. My heart was beating a mile a minute and I was holding my breath. Bad combo by the way. HA. Those two. Man. They just gave us a nice highway to reunion and marriage. Yes, they did. Hear me out.

Robert knows that holding onto Aaron isn’t healthy. Not in the state he is in. He needs to get better for himself. Get himself together and then be a dad to Seb.

Aaron wants to hold on, but I think even he knows holding on isn’t healthy. He needs to go off and do something else. Date Alex for instance.

Both don’t want to let go but they must. They have to do what is best for themselves while being friends (lets kid ourselves…they will never be completely out of each other’s lives…maybe in death and even then they will haunt each other).  They need to rebuild and to rebuild with a foundation of friendship…that’s good. That is strong. That will last longer than just build a new relationship with old hurt and memories still lingering in the background.

This was clean break. A clean slate. A reason for them to build again. I might even get my wish. A reverse of last time only healthier. Aaron gets to do what he needs to do. Finds his way and then stands in the background as Roberts support as he deals with final White drama.

Friends. Best friends.

It hurts like hell. It hurts so bad. That cheek kiss broke me. Aaron crying. Robert crying. It hurt. IT HURT LIKE A STICK ON A BUTTCHEEK. It was needed and we are on the way. WE ARE IN THE FINAL ACT PEOPLE. LETS DO THIS.


That scene with Gerry and Aaron walking down in that nice suit. I’m going to echo my dear friend Justine here. Maybe that was foreshadowing for a wedding. Aaron’s wedding suit? MAYBE?!?!

My fanfiction touches a lot on what was touched on in this episode today. Not as great as the real thing but I feel like I’m not wasting my time sticking around and being positive. I’m not too stupid. *wink*

Gerry is a great addition. I can’t wait to see him be fleshed out.

I loved Jimmy and his boxers (WHAT DID THAT ALL MEAN?!?!) I can’t get a handle on what they were trying to do with Jimmy other than the obvious. I wonder if that was a hint at things to come for Jimmy. He is getting a storyline. He kept mentioning having a good idea for the scrapyard. Which is…worrisome.

Small thing in the hospital. Robert’s name was always placed above Alex’s. Yes, its protocol but I think that was a wink that Robert will ALWAYS be above Alex. *LET ME HAVE THIS*

Whew. I know not everyone will agree. I may have overthought or not thought through enough.  That episode gave me so many feels and I still have feels writing this. I loved it. It hurt like hell but I know…its for the best. I see people think this means Robron are over but not at all. This is a new beginning. Exactly what they need for 2018.

*glasses up*

Lets hang on and follow this out. WE ARE ALMOST THERE. WE ARE CLOSE TO REUNION (my guess? February. Maxine episodes) and seeing AARON AND ROBERT GET STRONGER AWAY FROM EACH OTHER AND TOGETHER. Bring it on.


Emmerdale Live and Organized – A Very Robert Christmas

I would love to wish everyone a lovely and Merry Christmas! As I have written before I will be taking a break from writing reviews today and tomorrow. After that, the reviews will be spotty as I have family time planned.

I hope you enjoy your presents, time with loved ones and have all the food you can eat. Let us drink and be merry for there will be tough times ahead but keeping a positive attitude will get us all through. Stay strong. Stay positive. Keep love in your heart.

Merry Christmas! If you don’t celebrate, the above still applies. Stay strong. Stay positive. Keep love in your heart. I hope you have a great Monday! <3

Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – Decemebr 22, 2017

Welcome to the Friday Preshow. Some housework before I continue. I will not be doing a review for the Christmas episode. I will be watching it much later since when it airs I will be having Christmas lunch with my family. Also, depending on how I feel, I might be skipping a boxing day review. Again, depends on how I feel.

Now. I am embarrassed by my freak out yesterday. Wasn’t in a good place and then all that happened, and I just lost it. I know today won’t be any better, but it has Robert in it at least. I don’t think its much of a buildup but there are issues with pacing this year so I’m not going to get upset about it.

Yeah, in my opinion, Doctor Alex Mason is creepy and pushy to me. I know others see him differently and I am here to say that neither one of us is wrong. We all see characters different ways. I do know one thing. Alex won’t last so…enjoy him while you can supporters. I’ll be over here in my little corner of the internet waiting for Robert and Aaron to come to their senses.

Alright. Let’s get this second-hand embarrassment show on the road. (Team Robert FTW)

Another thought while I wait for the episode to start. Aaron is a grown man. He is smart and has grown so much since his days as a teenager selling drugs from Paddy’s business. The fact he can’t keep track of his personal bills and needs a 15-year-old to run his life now is laughable. Aaron runs a business on his own. He can run a household. Why does the show infantilize this character? The fandom does that enough. The show shouldn’t. UNLESS, this is what the show is trying to do for Aaron? Take him back to make him grow up again? That seems like a waste of my time to watch all over again. Same with worrying about his scars. He did this with Ed already. Why are we tracking backwards again? Is it because of the Gordon stuff being out in the open now? It wasn’t during the Ed stuff so that is the only difference. Sigh…I love Aaron. I do. I think of him as complicated and full of darkness and light. The show and certain parts of fandom are taking that away and making me not care. Which SUCKS. I love this guy and think he deserves to have layers. Not be stuck in teenage land because we need to dumb down the story to make it work with Dr. Alex and for certain fans.


That one guy with the glasses in the ads reminds me of Finn. Who I kind of miss. Who knew? *shrug*

Moira’s Farm

Cain is now Moira’s babysitter. Along with Isaac.

Well, technically Cain forced him to take the blame for this. So…yeah.

Moira seems more herself…kind of? Not really? I’m not sure. She is focused now.

The Kerry Crew


Also love how upset she got over the possibility of not getting presents.

Love to see how far this little family has gotten on the show. Cute.

The Mill

Yes, you two idiots. There is more than getting Aaron laid.

Gerry is the new Adam. Just saying.

Yeah, Aaron is focused on the doctor after his best friend is in trouble. Idiots.

It is a nice sweater Aaron. He gave you a personal gift. Sigh. SIGH.

The Bartons


Back the fuck off Pete. BACK OFF.

The Café Crew

Village gossip ahoy!

Brenda is trying to justify killing off Bob. *HA*

Did Liv call him again? Or did Aaron. Its unclear?

If its Liv again then my god. God, she fucking needs to get her own life.

The Pub Crew

The Whites are back. *Countdown to their death begins now* *smiles*

ROBERT! I hate that they only gave you one episode to build up to your big episode but its ok. I’ve made my peace with that.

Robert knows they are together. Ok then. Its not a surprise then.

“You can’t just turn your feelings off.” – Robert *No you can’t. Seems like Aaron is trying to though* *Alex is useless plot device* *Fuck him*

“Don’t punish him for what I’ve done.” – Robert *Fandom. Listen closely. I feel the same about SJ*

Now you care about him Diane? Sure, you do.

Robert is getting drunk with Doug? Oh boy.

I still find it odd. It would be an easy win White family. Just get a lawyer and get Rebecca full custody of the kid. What are you fuckers hiding?

God. Here we go. *braces myself for Robert being hurt* *It breaks my heart* *I’m a fan that doesn’t enjoy seeing Robert hurt* *side eyes*


That scene with Aaron. My HEART. MY HEART.

*pats my chest*


Adam is right. Moira can’t save him this time.

SO, how will the show fix this?

Not for awhile. *SNORT* *Starts the goodbye we will miss you song*

Cain is going to get his ass beat by Moira.



Love how they are spinning around on the playground. Interesting show. Interesting.


‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – December 21, 2017

Welcome to the preshow. Let me say this now. I hate Doctor Alex. I hate his fucking guts. I think all of this is rushed and feels like a stab to my stomach. Before everyone starts explaining things to me. I KNOW. This is required to show that Aaron wants and needs Robert blah blah blah. I know. I still don’t have to fucking like it. I hate this. I hate how Robert will be hurt badly. AGAIN….I don’t need to hear that Robert hurt Aaron badly blah blah blah. I KNOW. Two wrongs totally make a right in fandom. Anyway, DOESN’T MEAN I HAVE TO LIKE IT. No one is wrong here, but I don’t fucking like it.

Amanda get to the point.

I will…give me a minute.

What am I getting at here? I’m struggling to even watch today’s episode. I’m really struggling with whether I will watch the boxing day episode. I don’t want to write this review. I’d rather watch something that makes me happy, but I started this, and I have to see it through. Writing reviews. I hate myself for starting this. I’m not happy. I hate this. I hate every fucking part of this. I don’t have to like it. Nor do I have to agree with fandom.

Here is where I stand.

Aaron isn’t happy. Aaron is being pushed and is pushing himself to sleep with someone and move on. It’s not funny. It’s not cute. I think its pathetic and sad. I feel sorry for Aaron that he is being forced to do this. I feel sorry that he is forcing himself to do this. I know people in fandom claim Aaron isn’t forcing himself, but I actually have eyes, and I’m not clouded by Awwwron logic. He is going to shake the hand of someone he sleeps with in three show days time. THAT’S FUCKING FAST AND I FIND THAT WEIRD.  I don’t find it charming. I don’t find the doctor charming. I think he is a fucking creeper.

So, that is a warning that I will not be nice to the doctor and you might have to move on if you like him. This review is not for you. I’m not too happy with Liv either so…you might want to move along if you like her too. I won’t be kind.

I also might not be writing much in this review. I might find reasons to go get some coffee, do dishes or other things if I’m stuck watching this fucker on my screen.

Alright. Let’s get this shit show on the road.



Adam. That’s not helping. I know why you are upset but chill. CHILL.

God, I hate this. I feel a bit bad for Adam. He didn’t do it. LET THE IDIOT OUT. Please.

The way Moira said, “I killed Emma Barton” cracked me up. I loved it. Like she was ordering coffee or something.

Cain loves Moira so much. It’s beautiful to see.

Moira is telling all, and they don’t believe her. *SNORT*

Adam has a choice now. He knows he didn’t do it, but he won’t let his mother take the fall either. He is in an impossible place.

Well, Adam is going to jail. Yup. There it is. A cell. *sad face*

I know I was talking shit about Adam for weeks, but this is depressing. *WE NEED A BUBBLE WRAP BLANKET STAT*

Moira’s Farm


You will forgive him, Moira. You will.

“Trust me” – Cain

Cain has no chill which is weird for him. Usually, he’s good with the chill in situations like this.

Moira is different.

CAIN. She is going to FUCK YOU UP. As she should. This is getting creepy now.

The Mill

Liv. Shut the fuck up.

So, he will go Christmas shopping with Alex but get all annoyed when shopping with Robert. *eye roll*


Yeah, Aaron seems into it. He sleeps with him soon? Seriously? *creeped out*

Yeah. Such great chemistry. *eye roll*



Oh, Aaron. *OPEN BUBBLE WRAP BLANKET* You are allowed in only with Robert. Just saying. *wink*

The Café Crew

Bob. Hey. You should tell the truth now.

I’m convinced Laurel will say something in the end. Her conscience will come into play.

Brenda keeps breaking stuff. Is that just anger or are they building to something there?

This is what happens when people say the twins don’t exist. They show up everywhere. *HA*

Harriet seems to be all over the place lately. Which is interesting, to say the least.

Well, let’s be fair Victoria. You were acting crazy. I’d yell at you too.

The Pub Crew

Charity and Vanessa. I want to like them. I do. I need more scenes of flirting and time together. GIVE ME MORE OF THEM SO I CAN DECIDE SHOW!

Chas. Keep it in your pants. Geez.


There is no chemistry. That handshake cracked me up because it was just…lame. This character is lame. Aaron is lame because he is attached to this crap. Like how Robert gets brought down by being attached to The Whites. RELEASE THE ROBRON. RELEASE THEM FROM THIS HORROR. *quietly…release me*

Yes. He is a doctor. He is a vanilla wafer of annoying.

Is it just me or does this guy only want to fuck Aaron and not actually get to know him? A look, another fucking strike against this fucker. I hate this guy. He had to push FIVE times to get him back to the mill. THAT IS CREEPY AS FUCK.

Maybe that’s my main problem. I hate being pushed into things I’m not ready for or want to do and that makes me anxious. So when I see Aaron being pushed around by everyone, I get anxious on his behalf. I HAVE SO MANY ISSUES PEOPLE. I’M A DAMN MESS.

Vanessa and Charity kind of made me laugh. Ok. I’ll get on the Vanessa and Charity train. Let’s see where this goes.

Oh. Wow. Charity. That was cruel to say to Vanessa. I know Charity is guarded but damn. DAMN. Vanessa saw something there with you, and you just made it a joke.

The Soup Kitchen





‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – December 20, 2017

Welcome to the preshow! The place I say my peace, but no one cares! *waves hi*I see groupthink is taking over fandom today. People, I know spoilers are bouncing around out there. Doesn’t mean it is the worst thing in the world. Well, what the spoilers are saying aren’t the worst things in the world. Not the fact spoilers are out there. That sucks! Fandom shouldn’t have to guard itself against spoiler overload because some guy who wasn’t hugged enough as a child loves to ruin shows for people.


That will get me death threats again. Doesn’t matter. After Christmas things will change. For the better. We are building now, and things will work out. How they are written on paper doesn’t mean it will play that way on screen. Third-hand spoilers are never what they seem. Especially when the third-hand spoilers come from someone with an agenda.

Everyone needs to break out of groupthink and think for themselves. That includes how much they can tolerate and how fandom effects one’s mood.

I fall into the trap constantly, and I’m going to teach myself not to fall into the sad trap right now.


*coughs* Alright then. Let’s crack on!

I’M DECLARING THIS EPISODE ‘PLOTTY PLOT PLOT PLOT’. Also, it was like pulling teeth watching it. It felt long. Hope tomorrow goes better.

The Hope House


Laurel talking to Brenda is just…awkward. Helping her out in her house.

Laurel trying to save the Hope marriage. This is getting messy now.

Also, any time characters talk about cheating and relationships I think of Robron and how the show seems to be playing a dangerous game.



Does anyone else expect to see The Tardis to show up on here sometimes? No? Awesome. I’ll be in my bunk.

The Thomas Family Home


I love that Sam is protective of Lydia. Also, Lydia is the brains behind that relationship. Let that sink in.


Moira’s Farm

Does Cain live at Moira’s now? Just asking for a friend.

Robert doing this is looked down on. Victoria does it, and I bet fandom will applaud her for it.

Victoria is a mess. Adam isn’t worth all of this. Seriously girl. Not worth it.

Well, don’t give Cain any ideas Moira. *snort*

He is keeping Moira captive in her own house? Why is this stupid funny to me?

Adam hearing his mother scream doesn’t phase him. That cracks me up.

TAKE THE FALL BITCH. *Is what I just heard* *snort*

The Café Crew

Is it just me or do Victoria and Aaron care more about Adam than they ever did about Robert? Just saying. As a friend.

Why is Liv sorting out Aarons bills? WTF?!?! That is just wrong. A teenager shouldn’t have to worry about this. Also, why does Liv think she has to parent Aaron. I thought Aaron was all better now, according to fandom. * makes a face*

Bob and Laurel are falling apart here. Eek.

Bernice’s Beauty Salon

Bernice is trying to make amends. Eek.

Sam has the right to be angry. I don’t blame him at all.

DeeDee sounds like a sweet kid. She just wanted time with her mom. Not shiny things. New things. This scene is actually sweet. Bernice, you aren’t the worst mother. Not by a long shot.

Yeah, Bernice doesn’t know DeeDee. Time to get to know your kid. It’s ok. It will be ok.

Lydia is an angel. We don’t deserve her. *bows down*

Oh. DeeDee is leaving. What was the point of this? Seriously?

The Mill

“I used to do this kind of thing for Mom.” – Liv *this is getting sad now*

Aaron doesn’t nanny people. He sticks his nose in where it doesn’t belong. Much like every soap character since the beginning of time.

So, Liv is going to blackmail Aaron into dating Alex some more. Awesome show. Awesome. * makes a face*

The show keeps telling us that Aaron wants this through spoilers and then the scenes air and its like…Aaron is being dragged along by Liv, and then his family to move on. Shouldn’t Aaron want to move on because he is ready to move on? Not being forced by anyone. Not even Robert? Shouldn’t Aaron have agency over his decisions? We should want Aaron to be in control of his life, not a 15-year-old or a group of people who jump in and out of his life as needed. Aaron is going to be in a relationship with this doctor except I am not going to buy it in any sense. Don’t they want me to think Aaron is moving on and Robert is moving on? I don’t. I think this is filler at best. It bores me now. It annoys me so much that Aaron and Robert are stuck in this place now. I know good things are coming but god damn….fucking move from the drama for five fucking seconds.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – December 19, 2017

Hi! Welcome to the preshow! I don’t have much to say. Still actively looking for that Christmas spirit. I went on Twitter for a second and felt my heart break into a thousand pieces (not show related…real life related) and ran off again. Again, I really want to talk to my favorites, but I need to find a way to do this without having to be on twitter.

It’s a mental health thing at this point. I’m trying to get it together these days. Stop eating so much. Stop living on the internet. Start working out more. The usual. I’m making my New Years Resolution List early.

Anyway, is anyone else interested in those mistletoe boxers on Robert? JUST SAYING. *points at Aaron* *In another life he would love those*

Anyway, let’s crack on!

Gerry, Bob, and Gary love triangle? WHAT?!?! *Why am I down for that?* *Who is Gary* *Tom’s real name?!?!* *DUN DUN DUUUUNN*

The Café Crew

“Have you seen Bobs Warm Mince Pies?”  *Laurel has* *Snort*

Laurel. Oh god. Brenda is aware.

Laurel lied easily. Huh. Interesting. *raises an eyebrow*

I’m kind of into Laurel/Bob. *Haters to the left!*

“Keep your wig on!” *I’m sorry everyone is on their marks today. I’m dying of laughter*

Fur coat man is back.

“If it’s not the money, health it must be sex. TRUTH. Those are human main food groups. Is Money ok? Is my Health ok? Am I getting laid? *shrug*

Oh. Brenda. *feels bad*

Bob. It will get out that its Laurel. The truth always comes out in the end on a soap and in real life too.

I like that “Bob,” and “Brenda” are getting a lot to work with. Spread their wings a bit. Love it.

Bob lies easily. *eyebrow raise*

That or he has been cheating on her for awhile with different people, and Laurel is the last in a long line? Nah. I think it was just Laurel.

*OPENS BUBBLE WRAP BLANKET* Come on in Brenda. We got you.

“You haven’t said sorry.” – Brenda *Interesting distinction*


The Police Station

Adam sucks at interviews. This won’t end well for him. At all.

Wow. Using family history against Adam. I get it but…wow. Cruel much?

Adam going down for this. *dun dun duuunnn*

The B&B

Diane running up to Bernice and Bernice hiding her stuff cracked me up. Don’t ask me why. It’s so funny to me. *snort*

She lost some receipt.

“You are sarcastic and overbearing.” – Bernice to Diane *Huh. Interesting*

DOUG! *LAUGHS* *I’ll Look!*

Moira’s Farm

I see Cain, Aaron and Victoria are meeting about Adam. Where is Robert? RIGHT. Everyone doesn’t care about Robert and his breakdown, so Robert wouldn’t be here either. *remembers something told to me* *smiles*

The Thomas House

Lydia and Sandy. *A GIFT FROM THE GODS*

Is Bernice buying her gifts?!?! To lessen her guilt?

The Pub Crew

Marlon is getting his colon flushed out? Good to know. *snort*

Charity mocking Ross makes me smile. Everything in this episode is making me smile.

Victoria is going to be full blown “Team Adam” when I think she needs to let him fly loose in the wind for awhile. As payback for all the crap, he did to her. *BITTER PRINCESS AT YOUR SERVICE*

Gabby made me laugh. Good for you.



“It’s fake!” “Just like you!” – DAMN LYDIA *THAT’S MY GIRL*

Jacobs Fold Crew

Sarah has attached to Tom already. That will be bad when it explodes. It will explode.

The tower thing Tom is holding is crappy popcorn. I’ve gotten them before form relatives that don’t know what to get me. It’s the thought that counts but eh. It’s gross.

Is sherry their code word for sex?

Debbie. You are going to bring your family down by accident…aren’t you?

Bernice’s Beauty

Nicola running from Diane. *SNORT*

I still don’t know why she lied to her daughter. Like, I wouldn’t care if my mom was a millionaire. I would just want my mom.


‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – December 18, 2017

Welcome to the preshow! I haven’t been on twitter but don’t think I’m not trying to check in. It’s just too much on there right now. I’ll try again soon. I’m currently looking for Christmas Spirit or something good to happen for the world or where I live. So, lets now have a silent prayer (or have a talk with the universe) that things will get better.

Anyway, let’s start the countdown to A Robert Christmas! It won’t be long now!

Let’s crack on!

Welcome to the preshow! I haven’t been on twitter but don’t think I’m not trying to check in. It’s just too much on there right now. I’ll try again soon. I’m currently looking for Christmas Spirit or something good to happen for the world or where I live. So, lets now have a silent prayer (or have a talk with the universe) that things will get better.

Anyway, let’s start the countdown to A Robert Christmas! It won’t be long now!

Let’s crack on!

Moira’s Farm

I see the convo is still going on between Coira.

I think that is what Emma wanted. She wanted Moira to feel guilt over everything that happened between them. Even after she was gone. Damn Emma. DAMN.

Adam being a dick. As per usual. Sigh. I haven’t even been the biggest Victoria fan, but that was too much.

Adam treating Victoria like crap not because she doesn’t trust him when she has no need to trust him…sigh…BIG FREAKING SIGH.

The Café Crew

Bob. Laurel. Could you two be more obvious? Seriously.

Brenda can’t figure this out? Really?

Victoria doesn’t want to eat.

HEY! Everyone is back in action. Hey Sarah!

Faith hits on everyone. I love it.

Also, TOM IN THE VILLAGE. We are almost there! *Dances*

OH MY GOD FAITH! She is on a roll today!

“Diddle the spuds” – HA I’m five years old. That made me laugh.

SANDY SIGHTING. I love it and his Christmas sweater.

Laurel can’t lie, and Bob is ready to lie about everything. Yeah, this will end well.

So many people in one spot. I LOVE IT. SO MUCH CAN O WRONG!

Oh. Bob has already done that Brenda. *SNORT*

I want a Christmas Crown. I want more alcohol, so I don’t have to think about the worlds issues. *OFF TOPIC*

Is Laurel on his phone?!?! What is going on there?

Bernice’s Beauty Shop

KERRY! I LOVE HER! She is awesome.

I love seeing Kerry and Bernice’s relationship. They are just funny.

LYDIA! MY LOVE! YOU HAVE COME BACK TO ME! I love this. Early Christmas miracle in Emmerdale.

Oh right. The money storyline. I forgot. BERNICE BOOO. Give Lydia her money!

Wait. Why are you playing for rent at Laurels and the one at Sams? Sam should be paying for some of it too. Unless he is?

David’s Grocery

David in the Santa outfit. *eyebrow raise* What’s up?

Brenda asking Laurel over for a Christmas get together. *sweats a bit* OH BOY.

Bob feels something for Laurel Brenda. *snort*

The Pub Crew

A random Aaron sighting.

The Bartons are a mess. WELCOME TO EMMERDALE! *does a song and dance*

What an odd set up of the pub by the way. Adam, Ross, and Aaron in one shot while Cain holds Isaac looking for Moira. Odd framing. Means nothing just odd framing. Hmmmm.

Aaron will always be attached to Adam’s goodbye because of their relationship. So, bringing him in now isn’t surprising.

Well, Adam has been arrested.

I have something to say about Aaron advice to Adam about Victoria. He has screwed around on her so many times, he has broken her heart and gotten her into trouble before. However, Aaron is always the one to say to him…”Talk to her. Try again.” TAKE YOUR OWN FRACKING ADVICE AARON. Seriously.

Ross looks guilty. Which is a first? *character change*

Wow. How dramatic. By the way, Aaron seems shoehorned into this story now. I know Adam is his best friend and we are saying goodbye to Adam but…shoehorned.

The Church

Harriet is waiting for the other shoe to drop while Moira wants to run.

Harriet going into vicar mode. *Vicar of Dibley theme song plays in the distance*

Good talk between Moira and Harriet. * makes a face*

We are now feeling the after effects of ‘Who Killed Emma’ and now gearing up for ‘Goodbye Adam’. So, things are in a weird transition.

We could also argue that Adam might have to go first and then The Whites can follow. Fallouts finish out the January month. New beginnings in February.


Money an issue again. Figures.


‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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