Life is Short. Talk Fast. (A Review of Gilmore Girls Revival)


I remember seeing the commercials for this show.  I was wary since it looked a bit hokey. A show about a single mom and her daughter? Ok, WB, I guess my teenager self will be excited by this.  Little did I know I would stick with this show till the bitter end of seven years.  Since the announcement of the revival, I’ve been cautious. I even wrote a blog entry on why I was so careful. After I had been Black Friday shopping, I sat down to watch the show.

Here are my likes and dislikes. Enjoy.




This is what makes Gilmore Girls what it is. The townspeople of Stars Hollow are better than ever.  They still live in their worlds and enjoy doing so. Whenever Rory and Lorelai were too much, the show would cut to a town meeting that lifted my spirits.  Much like in the original series, I feel like the heart of the Stars Hollow set was these people.



Emily’s journey was great to watch. She made mistakes, tried new things and even kept the same maid (and her family) for a whole year.  Emily Gilmore has always been my favorite character. She is a survivor and will continue to survive regardless what is thrown at her.

Rory’s Journey


Nothing made me happier than to see Rory Gilmore struggle. No, I’m not a masochist nor do I hate Rory. Not even close. I just liked to see a character that normally had things come easier to her struggle a bit. As someone who has struggled with school and then with life (don’t we all), I was comforting to see that Rory was in the same boat. Though, Rory, I feel like you screwed up when you didn’t parlay that gig following future President Obama into something bigger. Same for the New Yorker article.  Anyway, I relate to her on so many in this special.  I feel like a lot of viewers that grew up with Rory could relate.



This special made Stars Hollow look gorgeous. It felt cinematic and loved.  You could tell the town was loved and was shown in its best light at all times.  By the way, since when has Stars Hollow ever had a pool? It looked like someone’s backyard.


Logan/Rory/Jess aka Four Little Words


Alright. Here is my take on this stupidity.  Logan is not Christopher. Jess is not Luke. Stop with the comparisons. Logan is someone who, in the past, did give up his family for Rory. He grew from this annoying frat boy that would toe the family line to someone who rejected what was expected and became a loving, smart man.  Jess went from a self-sabotaging angry boy (this is me being nice. I hated Jess as a teenager, and I’m indifferent to him now as an adult) to a someone who is calmer and learned to love himself (enough to improve on certain aspects of his personality).

Jess wouldn’t stick around in the past.  He wouldn’t keep pining over a girl he dated at a very low point in his life.  Just like Logan wouldn’t let Rory raise their child alone.  It wasn’t a fling. They lived together. He proposed to her.  I feel like all three characters are losers in this storyline. So, knock it off Team Jess and Team Logan fans. No one won. We all look dumb. I also think this is what happens when the creator (Amy Sherman-Palladino) doesn’t watch the last season. Characterizations are all off because of it.

All these characters, separately, are great.  Putting them into these roles just limits their possibilities for real development. I hated it and those four little words negated all the good the special built up through the previous  episodes.

Summer (Just Summer.)


Man. That Summer episode was terrible in general.  The musical sequence (while it started funny) went on forever.  We get it, Daniel Palladino. You have a bone to pick with the current state of Broadway.  Moving on.  Rory taking over the Stars Hollow Gazette and her lack of success was stupid. Rory, who has experience running a paper at Chilton and Yale, couldn’t get this local newspaper up and running. It wasn’t realistic. I don’t understand the body shaming either at the pool. It wasn’t funny. Why were kids being used as mini helpers? There was no explanation and it was odd. The whole episode was a waste of everyone’s time. You can even argue that you could skip it and be ok.

Not a bad effort by a show that is still growing a fan base through Netflix and cable television reruns.  I’m ready to move on from this show, but my guess is people want more.  If it happens and we get another ‘Year in the Life’ I will wait to see if Rory will break the cycle after all. Until next time, enjoy your binge watching.

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