Tropes that Need to Die in a Fire

Welcome back ! Last week I talked about the tropes that I adore and have changed my life (go with it). This week, I’m going into the deep dark vault. The place where I store all my hate. That is right. This time, I will be talking about the tropes that need to die in a fire. People need to stop using these tropes before it is too late! Don’t feed the trolls people!


Anyway, here are my top three tropes that need to die in a fire! Let us begin!

Trope #1: Love at First Sight

Ted. You Suck.

I’m someone who believes there is someone for everyone. However, I never bought the whole idea of looking at someone and knowing you both are destined to be together. It feels off, and you end up ruining a television show by following that trope (I’m looking at you How I Met Your Mother). Love at First Sight never felt practical and usually produced annoying characters. No. Just go away already. Like that crappy ending to a great television show (Swarkles FTW).

Trope #2: Take the Glasses Off/Look she is beautiful

Yeah. Taking off your glasses didn’t make you cute. Mac makeup and a push-up bra did.

I am a proud glasses wearer. I love my glasses. Glasses are a part of me. I HATE with a passion being told by the media that girls who wear glasses are nerds and antisocial.  The only way a person will get popular and receive love is if that person takes their glasses off. That is crap, and that type of trope needs to die. Die horribly.

Trope #3: Temp Love Interest

Poor Emily. She never had a chance!

I always hate when shows break up the main couple and give each or one of them a passing love interest. Sometimes they are pure evil or perfectly sweet. Either way, it sucks. It either becomes too obvious and you feel like you are wasting an episode watching this two act out of character or you feel sorry for the temporary love interest being stuck between a former couple. It isn’t fun for the audience to watch and is insulting to bring in characters for that small run. No. Die in a fire trope.

Whew. That felt better. I hope never to see those tropes again. I need to close the vault. The darkness is creepy, and I like to stay positive. Tell me about the tropes that you want people to stop using on television shows in the comments below. Don’t forget to hit me up on Twitter. I like to talk about anything so come on over!

Until next time, the randomness has ended. I hope you enjoyed!

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